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The chronicle of a New Yorker living and eating in Osaka
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  • Saba 6 Seimenjo
  • Saba 6 at time of writing has blown up. It was successful and bought by a company that has expanded to all corners of Osaka. When
    I first visited, though, it was just a single shop, serving mackeral shoyu ramen.書いている時点に「サバ6製麺所」
    いるらしいです。でも、私は最初行ってみたときに、福島本店しかありません [続きを読む]
  • Tori Soba Kobako
  • I like when shops open up in Nishi-ku, they're slightly away from downtown but still easy to get to. Kobako is a chicken rame
    n shop in Awaza, and I ordered the chicken fish soba.西区で店が開いてうれしいです。難波とかからちょっと
    、そこで鶏魚煮込みそばを頼みました。The BowlI came in hungry and happily received the [続きを読む]
  • Kyo Tsukemen Tsurukame
  • A trip to Kyoto and a chance to try more Kyoto ramen! This time I visited Kyo Tsukemen Tsurukame and their Nishikyo miso tantan tsukemen.京都の日帰りプラス京都ラーメン!今回「京つけめん つるかめ」の西京味噌担々つけめんを食べました。The BowlJust as it looks in the photo above, this tantan tsukemen was more smooth than spicy. There was just a tickle of spice, which was fine since the sesame and rayu [続きを読む]
  • Marotei
  • A friend of mine had long suggested I visit Marotei, a shop that is not strictly a ramen shop, but a curry noodle shop. I ordered
    the standard dish, curry noodles.友達にずっと「まろ亭」というカリー麺の店にお勧めしてもらっていま
    す。厳しく見ると、ラーメンじゃなくて、カリー麺なんですけど、一応頼みました。The BowlUnlike ot
    her curry noodle dishes I've had, this was not sweet but rather savory, not too [続きを読む]
  • Joto Rekka
  • Yamagata is not a place you hear about a lot when it comes to ramen, but Joto Rekka is a shop that has brought Yamagata noodles to
    Osaska. On my visit to the Gamo Yonchome shop, I ordered not normal ramen, but a take on Yamagata's famous hippari udon: hip
    pari mazesoba.山形というと、あまりラーメンのイメージがしませんけど、「城東烈火」が山形の麺
    を大阪に提供しています。蒲生四丁目支店に行って、ひっぱ [続きを読む]
  • Jinjo Menya Gyukotsuo
  • It's not every day I get to visit a beef ramen shop. Jinjo Menya Gyukotsuo happened to open up in Nagahoribashi, though, so I
    stopped by to try the beef bone paitan ramen.牛骨ラーメンは割とレアなものです。人情麵家 牛骨王が長堀
    橋でできたので、牛骨白湯ラーメンを頼みました。The BowlIt was advertised that there was no pork or chicken in
    this bowl, only beef, and it tasted it. It was strong and syrupy, [続きを読む]
  • Chuka Soba Sen
  • One day I ended up in Abiko, and was able to visit one of those well-regarded shops in outer Osaka. Sen is a shop dedicated to chu
    ka soba, so I ordered the special shoyu and took a seat.ある日に、あびこにいて、好評しているちょっと遠い
    店に行けました。中華そば閃は名前通り中華そば専門店で、特製醤油中華そばにしました。The Bowl
    The bowl was made with a blend of shoyus, including some from notable island [続きを読む]
  • Fukuryu Wadachi Sohonke
  • Wadachi has been a recent favorite shop of mine, and on this day I visited their second shop in Teradacho. A change up from my vis
    its to the main shop, I ordered the sardine ramen.最近轍がかなり好きで、今回寺田町支店に行ってみました
    。本店の定番と違って、特製煮干ラーメンにしました。The BowlThis ended up being similar if a tad lighter to
    a shop I love, Nagi. The oil-covered broth was hot, and covere [続きを読む]
  • Seimenya
  • A while ago, a few shops in Namba and Nipponbashi banded together to start a stamp rally. The idea behind this stamp rally was tha
    t each shop would do a bowl similar to the ramen another shop serves. Though it was my first trip to Seimenya, I decided to try th
    eir Joroku-inspired shoyu.この前に、なんばと日本橋のラーメン屋さんが一緒にスタンプラリーを開催
    しました。参加する店が全部ほかの店のスタイルを [続きを読む]
  • Satsumakko
  • One chain shop I had never been to was Satsumakko. A kagoshima style ramen shop, the flagship shop of this chain is in Tenma, thou
    gh shops can be found everywhere in Osaka. I went to the Kitashinchi branch with some friends and ordered the standard ramen.薩
    けど、支店はどこにでもあります。友達と北新地店に行って、 [続きを読む]
  • Tai Dashi Ramen Kotone
  • Some areas in Osaka just have more ramen shops than others. This time I made my first trip to Nishi Kujo by bike to go to Tai Dash
    i Ramen Kotone. Kotone specializes in ramen made from sea bream. They offered shio, shoyu, and soupless abura soba, and I went wit
    h the shio.ラーメン屋さんがない場所にあまり行きません。今回初めていちゃりで西九条へ行って
    みました。鯛ラーメン専門店「鯛出汁らーめん琴ね」に [続きを読む]
  • Menya Joroku
  • I've visited the famous Joroku before when it was known as Marujo. Unfortunately, even though I'd been there a couple ti
    mes, I had never actually uploaded my experience to the blog. Any excuse to return to Joroku is a good one! I got the standard chu
    ka soba, which is done in the Takaida-kei style.「丸丈」と呼ばれた時代に丈六に行きました。残念ですけど
    、その時にブログに投稿しませんでした。でも、丈六 [続きを読む]
  • Tonkotsu Mazesoba KOZOU+
  • One of my favorite ramen shops decided to open an abura soba shop just around the corner. As soon as I heard about it, I wasted no
    time in visiting Tonkotsu Mazesoba KOZOU+, and ordering their tonkotsu mazesoba with a small serving of rice to mix in at the end
    ぜそばKOZOU+」に行ってみました。豚骨まぜそばとフィニ [続きを読む]
  • Sapporo Ramen Shishio
  • If Osaka is missing any one kind of ramen, it's miso. I was as happy as ever when Sapporo Ramen Shishio opened up in Shinsaib
    ashi. Without hesitating I ordered the rich miso ramen.大阪に味噌ラーメンが割と少ないです。ほんで、「札幌
    he BowlThe soup was a cloudy if oily brown miso. It was fatty and flavorful, and ev [続きを読む]
  • Mu Ramen
  • A visit back home to New York! I don't get to visit too often these days, so I like to eat a lot of food mixed in with some general walking around the city.ニューヨーク!あまり帰る機会がないので、行くときにいろいろ食べたり散歩したりするのが好きです。Black and white cookie黒白クッキーAmple Hills ice creamRainbow bagelAnd of course ramen! This time I visited a long heralded shop, Mu Ramen. Mu Ramen [続きを読む]
  • Katmandu Ramen
  • Today's shop is a bit different from the normal shops I go to. It was created by a guy who originally created a curry shop, s
    o Katmandu is almost more of a curry shop than a ramen shop. Since I love curry, I was pretty excited and ordered the special curr
    y ramen.今日の店は普通の店と違います。もともとカレー屋さんを作った人に作られた「カトマン
    ドゥ」はラーメン屋さんよりカレー屋さん2近いかもしれません [続きを読む]
  • Otsukaya
  • A couple of years ago, one of my favorite shops in Tokyo closed. Kururi was a great miso shop, with thick noodles and an even thic
    ker broth. Luckily, though, shortly thereafter it reopened only in its original location as spicy miso ramen sho Otsukaya. I order
    ed the standard spicy miso ramen.この前に大好きな東京にある店が閉店しました。くるりという味噌専門
    店の麺が太くて、スープはドロドロとしました [続きを読む]
  • Kiraku
  • Tokyo! I am happy living in Osaka, but I still miss the capital city. On my trip this time I made sure to hit a couple of shops, s
    tarting with conveniently located chuka soba shop Kiraku. In an old diner-looking restaurant I ordered the wonton noodles.東京
    初中華そばの店「喜楽」に挑戦しました。昭和っぽい見た目で、 [続きを読む]
  • Tsukemen TETSU
  • Every once in a while a bowl from Tokyo makes it down to Kansai. In the Hankyu Sanbangai food court, a tsukemen chain from Tokyo o
    pened up: Tsukemen TETSU. I couldn't make it on the opening day, but just the day after I showed up to try their tsukemen.た
    オープンしました。オープンの日の翌日に行って、つけ麺を食べ [続きを読む]
  • Chuka Soba Takayasu
  • Continuing on my first trip to Ichijoji, I finished my hike and was ready for dinner, i.e. round two. My second shop was Ichijoji
    staple Takayasu. Takayasu is known for their tonkotsu ramen but perhaps even more than that for their gigantic pieces of karaage.
    Even though I wasn't that hungry, I found myself ordering a set that came with both.初めての一乗寺の旅行をひき
    つづき、ハイキングを完了して、 [続きを読む]
  • Chinyu
  • One area I had been meaning to go for ramen since I first moved to Osaka was Ichijoji. Ichijoji is a small area in northern Kyoto
    city that is famous for not much outside of ramen. My plan was to visit one shop, go for a hike, and then make another stop at ano
    ther shop. With that in mind, I picked somewhere pretty digestible at first: chuka soba shop Chinyu.大坂に引っ越しして以
    来ずっと一乗寺に行く [続きを読む]
  • Shinpuku Saikan
  • I happened to be by Kyobashi with a friend who let me know that famous Kyoto shop Shinpuku Saikan had a branch in Kyobashi. I didn
    't know that place had branches, let alone one in central Osaka. Without too much deliberation we decided to check it out.友
    その近くにあるとはさらにびっくりしました。ほんで、行ってみま [続きを読む]
  • Moeyo Mensuke
  • A new standard bearer has opened up in Fukushima. Though there is already plenty of ramen of high calibur in that area, Moeyo Mens
    uke decided to open up shop with a selection of fancy bowls. The two items available are duck shoyu, or golden shellfish shio. The
    y both sounded good, but I had to go with the duck.えらい店が福島でニューオープンしました。そこら辺にう
    まいラーメンが多いですけど、燃えよ麺 [続きを読む]
  • Fusukake
  • Fusuma no Kakero, lovingly known as "Fusukake" opened up a new shop. Technically it's not a full shop. It's ki
    nd of small. Instead of calling it their second shop, they're calling it their 1.8th shop. Located where they used to sell Ni
    ku Dogs, it seats maybe five people, and offers only maze soba.「ふすかけ」と呼ばれている「麩にかけろ」が新
    しい店をオーウンしました。「二号店」じゃなくて、「1.8号 [続きを読む]
  • Tenchijin
  • A long time ago I had been to a Tenchijin, but recently a new one opened up in Den Den Town. It's easy to get to, so I decide
    d to stop by and try their Tenchijin Ramen.昔に、天地人に行ったことがあって、最近でんでんタウンで店が
    ニューオープンしました。行きやすいので行って、天地人らーめんを食べました。This place looks fa
    miliar...なんか見たことある気がする。。。The BowlThis was a kind of mediocre bowl [続きを読む]