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The chronicle of a New Yorker living and eating in Osaka
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  • Kurofune
  • One late night after a hanami I ended up with some friends in the middle of Amagasaki. We were drunk and hungry, and we ended up a
    t the local branch of Kurofune, where I ordered the miso ramen.ある日に花見の後に友達と尼崎に行きました。よ
    ってお腹すいて、近くにある黒船に行きました。みそThe BowlIt was a generic miso, salty and very garlicky. The
    noodles were flat and long. Overall, I rate this as som [続きを読む]
  • Menya Yu
  • One nice thing about ramen shops that stick around for a while is that people who have been working at those shops for a while go
    and start their own shops. Such is the case with Menya Yu, opened by a former employee of Menya Taku. Just like Taku they focus on
    mixed soups, so I ordered the chicken seafood pork ramen with an egg.長くあるラーメン屋さんの影響で、似ている
    店が出てきます。終業した人がよ [続きを読む]
  • Uemachi
  • Time for a break from the Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle and return to form. On my way to a hanami event I stopped at highly regarded Ue
    machi, and got a bowl of chuka soba shoyu.天下統一ラーメンバトルが終わって、普通のラーメン活動に戻り
    を食べました。The BowlThis was sharp and salty in a way that was strangely addictive [続きを読む]
  • Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle - Day 7
  • Sadly, it's time for my final visit to the Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle. Seven trips isn't too bad. I ended with a bowl of m
    iso ramen from Misono Maruesu.残念ながら、天下統一ラーメンバトルの最後です。7回行ったんですけど。
    最後は札幌みそのマルエス北海道の「神の肉味噌らーめん」でした。The BowlMaruesu provided a cloudy mis
    o broth, made better by the splash of rayu they offered on the side. The noodles wer [続きを読む]
  • Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle - Day 6
  • Day 6 at the Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle. This time I just had Tokyo Sabar's saba dashi ramen.天下統一ラーメンバトル6日目。今回東京SABARの鯖だしラーメンを食べました。The BowlOn its face this was a light shio, but one sip made it clear how permeated with saba it was. The noodles were, like the soup, nearly clear, and covered with bits of the same taste. There was a piece of grilled saba as well. Even [続きを読む]
  • Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle - Day 5
  • More and more bowls at the Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle. first up was a rich chicken shoyu with barbecue pork from Junk Story.また天下統一ラーメンバトル!まずはJunk Storyの濃厚醤油炙りチャーシュー鶏そばでした。The BowlAs opposed to Junk Story's usual clear-as-day shio, this was a heavy chicken gravy. The medium-sized noodles glopped on to each other using the molasses-like soup as glue. As advertised [続きを読む]
  • Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle - Day 4
  • Another trip to the Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle! This time just a stop at Musashi.また天下統一ラーメンバトル!今回武蔵だけに行きました。The BowlThis was a standard miso, rich with the taste of the menma that came in chewy strips and was scattered about the bowl. The noodles were curly, yellow, and full of bounce. Overall this was no standout bowl, but it was a nice break from some of the other ramen [続きを読む]
  • Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle - Day 3
  • Day 3 of the Tenkatoitusu Ramen Battle! First up was Onomichi ramen Koh.天下統一ラーメンバトルの三日目!一杯目
    は尾道ラーメンの「康」。The BowlIt turns out that thin, hoison sauce-tasting shoyu broth warms you quite up on a cold d
    ay. There was just a bit of pork back fat, much less than the bowls I had in Onomichi. This worked out though, as it left me satis
    fied and hungry for another bowl.中華的な [続きを読む]
  • Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle - Day 2
  • Day 2 at the Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle. Let's get into it then.天下統一ラーメンバトル二日目。First up was golden chicken chuka soba from Yamagata Shinshunya.まずは山形新旬屋の黄金の鶏中華でした。The BowlA light, shoyu broth with the simple taste of chicken oil glazing the top, topped off with a dash of pepper. The noodles were fat and curly, and they worked well despite the simplicity of the broth. [続きを読む]
  • Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle - Day 1
  • Ramen festivals in Nishiumeda have started to become an annual event. They happen to be very convenient for me, so whenever they o
    ccur I make frequent trips to them.西梅田にあるラーメンイベントはだんだん普通のイベントになってき
    ました。すごく便利なので、よく行っちゃいます。First up was Ganja's seafood tonkotsu chashu ramen.一杯
    目は頑者の濃厚魚介豚骨炙りチャーシューラーメンでした。The BowlA nice, cl [続きを読む]
  • Tsumugu
  • Tsumugu is a famous shop, ranked in the top ten of Tabelog's country-wide list of ramen shops. I tried once before to make a
    visit, but was thwarted by a long line. Little did I know just how long that line gets. I have a new record wait time for ramen: t
    hree and a half hours. When I finally made it in I ordered the mature ramen with an egg.紡という店は有名で、食べログ
    の全国ランキングの中にかなり [続きを読む]
  • Fukushima Ichimen
  • One day I'll get to all the Fukushima ramen shops. One long on my list has been Fukushima Ichimen, a basement shop with a lar
    ge menu. When I entered I was recommended the seafood shio ramen, whose ingredients change when they feel like it. On my visit fir
    efly squid happened to be one of the primary ingredients.いつか福島を制覇できるだろう。「福島壱麺」という
    店にやっと行きました。入った時に海鮮塩ラ [続きを読む]
  • Niboshi Ramen Rarara
  • On one lazy Sunday I needed to get out of my house, and used that as an excuse to hit up a shop outside my normal radius. I visite
    d Niboshi Ramen Rarara, a shop founded by an alum of Tamagoro, and got their dried sardine ramen.だらだらとしている日曜
    ました。「玉五郎」で終業した人の「二星らーめん ららら」というダジ [続きを読む]
  • Daiki Men
  • Another day, another Taiwan maze soba shop. This time in the restaurant floor in a random building in Umeda Daiki Men popped up, and so I stopped in.最近台湾まぜそば屋さんが多いですね。今回梅田のどっかのビルのレストラン階で「ダイキ麺」が出てきました。The BowlA nice minor twist on the standard formula, the noodles here were flat and chewy, and the whole bowl had aromas of anchovy. This had a bit mo [続きを読む]
  • Menya Hanabi
  • This has been a month of traveling. This time I got a chance to visit Nagoya.最近いろいろ旅行しています。今回名古屋に行きました。Ogura toast小倉トーストMiso katsu味噌かつHitsumabushiひつまぶしChicken wings手羽先And of course a trip to a ramen shop. Taiwan maze soba has been big recently, so now I had a chance to go to Hanabi, the founder of the style.で、ラーメン。台湾まぜそばは最近流行っていて、 [続きを読む]
  • Sosaku Ramen Style Hayashi
  • One of my favorite shops Mitsukabozu has grown big enough to warrant one of its members leaving and forming their own shop. Tonigh
    t's shop was just that, Sosaku Ramen Style Hayashi. Like Mitsukabozu, they specialize in miso ramen, and though there were a
    variety of options, I went with the Hokkaido style miso ramen.大好きなみつか坊主で終業した人が最近独立して
    新しい店をオープンしました。今回「創作 [続きを読む]
  • Menya NOROMA
  • Another trip to Nara! This time I was able to stop at one of the most famous shops, Menya Noroma. We waited for about an hour in t
    he cold, so I rewarded myself with a an egg and shrimp wonton topping on top of the chicken soba I ordered.また奈良に行き
    じゃなくて味玉と海老ワンタントッピングしました。The BowlNorom [続きを読む]
  • Seimendokoro Kuraki
  • After my trip to Ehime, my friend and I visited nearby Kochi.愛媛に行ってから高知に行きました。Kochi Castle高知城Bonito tatakiかつおたたきAfter all that food I still needed my dose of ramen. As with Ehime, I chose the highest rated ramendb shop, Kuroki, and ordered their beef motsu tsukemen.いろいろ食べましたけど、やっぱり高知のラーメンを味見したかったです。愛媛と同じでramendbの一番評価がいい店を [続きを読む]
  • Hyota
  • On my second day in Matsuyama I went to see the sights.引き続き松山の観光をしていました。Matsuyama Castle松山
    城Dogo onsen道後温泉Ehime tai meshi愛媛鯛めしAfter my failed attempt to visit the previous night, I made it into Hyota, a
    highly ranked shoyu shop. I got the chuka soba along with some burdock root and tofu oden, which is apparently a thing in Ehime.
    前日に失敗しましたけど、今回「瓢太」とい [続きを読む]
  • Shuhei
  • More traveling! It's been a while since I'd been to Shikoku, one of Japan's four main islands. Continuing my quest
    to visit every prefecture, my friend and I embarked on a trip to Ehime and Kochi, two prefectures in Shikoku.We arrived at night,
    so we just had a few hours to hang around the city. I had picked out a ramen shop: Hyota, but unfortunately it happened to be clos
    e. The bartender at a bar [続きを読む]
  • Maction Planet Interview
  • This is a rare non-ramen post, but I was recently interviewed by Maction Planet, a Bespoke Tokyo Travel and Apparel provider that
    specializes in private tours of Tokyo. Check it out here:Mac on Tokyo: Benjamin Weber - MACTION PLANET [続きを読む]
  • Ramen Jin
  • One day I'll make it to all of the ramen shops in Nishinakajima. Today I made my way to Ramen Jin, a shop with a variety of o
    ptions that specializes in my favorite style: miso. I ordered their recommendation for first timers, Miso no Gyakushu.いつか西
    ろなメニューがありますけど、お気に入りの味噌が専門です。初めて [続きを読む]
  • Kibunya
  • Most nights when I head to ramen shops, I visit a shop I've deliberately looked up and am interested in. Nights like this one
    , though, have me visiting some random shop early in the morning after a night of drinking. Wakayama-style ramen shop Kibunya was
    the shop I stumbled into, just hungry enough to eat their choi-men small size ramen.普通はラーメン屋さんに行くと、
    いろいろ調査して、美味しそうな [続きを読む]
  • Ramen Kuni
  • Today's shop Ramen Kuni replaces shop Bikkuri Gamu Champon in a side street by Daikokucho. Kuni prides itself on Hiroshima ko
    ne, a cut of beef specific to the region. It is from a part of the cow's front legs, and is filled with collagen and gelatin,
    supposedly making it good for your skin. At any rate I was ready to try some so I ordered the standard shoyu.今日の店「ら
    ぁ麺國」は大国町の横道の「び [続きを読む]
  • Kitahachi Tantan
  • The Osaka Ekimae Buildings are always a good place to explore for food, ramen or otherwise. As much as I think I know the scene in
    Umeda, there are always shops in the basements of these buildings that I haven't heard of. Today I visited Kitahachi Tantan,
    a tantanmen specialty branch of the Kitano Hachibantei chain. I ordered their standard tantanmen, the Oriental Noodle.大阪駅
    前ビルはB級グルメの [続きを読む]