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sueさん: 世界一長い歌「ねがい」と私とケニア
ハンドル名sue さん
自由文夫とケニアの西部カイモシに1年半前に移住。有機農業を地域のケニア農民に教えています。3月にはHiro's Organic Shopも近所の市場に開店。メンバーたちが作った有機野菜やパンなどを売っています!
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sue さんのブログ記事

  • Korean ladies
  • 4 Korean ladies visited us. We went to see cherry blossoms in Ano, Kimigano and Mitake. Some are over but still we could see good
    ones.They enjoyed cherry blossoms, kimono and asociating with local people. They also cooked delicious Korean food! [続きを読む]
  • 室生寺
  • 車を買ってやっとドライブに。奈良の女人高野、室生寺へ途中かかしがたくさんいる田んぼがあった。道の駅ではシンプルなランチを注文、あっさり美味室生寺に到着五重の塔はbeautiful!ご本尊の如意輪観音は圧巻!!!!Small but very very beautiful!!これは絵... [続きを読む]
  • Kenia from Spain
  • A beautiful girl called Kenia came from Servas Spain. She has traveling one and half months in Japan and already remembers a lot o
    f Japanese words. She enjoyed Japanese cooking, wearing yukata, tea ceremony from my friend and Spanish cooking for us. Sh... [続きを読む]
  • Taiwanese guests
  • Jane, Michelle and her two boys came home through SERVAS. We stayed their house last February and this is the second meeting. The
    boys , called Shanshan and Kaikai are sooo cute and very similar. The smaller boy first couldn't eat vegetables but soon ... [続きを読む]