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Yetiさん: ぼっちサイクリング de GO!GO!! in LAO
ハンドル名Yeti さん
ブログタイトルぼっちサイクリング de GO!GO!! in LAO
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  • パークいきたい。
  • 久しぶりの更新そして、スケートボードパークへ行きたい。リバースライドが懐かしすぎて禿げそう。 After took an exam we went chill skateboarding in Shizuoka . ????Thanks for Shoot by @fu23j ??????????????????????? hope you come to go skateboarding in Numazu ????#skateboarding #boneless #shizuoka #aoba #converse #welcomeskateboards Kazuhito Louangrathさん(@khun_loua [続きを読む]
  • あ、帰ってきました。
  • Bye bye and I have to say thank you Melbourne , skateboarding and everyone who met me. I'm not going to forget the time of ye
    ar. Some people disagree with me but I'm pretty sure ,You guys are incredibly crazy awesome people. I want to say everything b
    ut I don't want to say anymore . It's enough. Have a great Melbourne life. It should be able to change your life but neve
    r change yo [続きを読む]
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