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  • Kizzania Tokyo
  • The late afternoon after Palette Town, where we went was Kizzania, about 5 minutes walk from Toyosu station.It was the climax of o
    ur stay in Tokyo. I had reserved the 2nd (evening) shift for that day in 3 month ahead, got to save 20% of admission.Kizzania is a
    smaller scale city for kids, where they get to role play a lot of different kinds of occupations and even get paid in the local c
    urrency,"k [続きを読む]
  • Odaiba,Tokyo
  • Second day in Tokyo, we spent whole day in Odaiba. Odaiba is a man made island in Tokyo Bay, has a lot of attractions for kids and
    adults. First we got one day pass of Yurikamome line which runs through Odaiba district, connects Shimbashi and Toyosu.東京2
    的なアトラクションが豊富なのです。まずゆりかもめの1日乗車 [続きを読む]
  • Travel in Japan: Odawara
  • Before moving on to Tokyo, we took a walk to Odawara castle in the morning, which was about 15 minutes walk from Odawara station t
    o the main entrance, though we took a lot longer with Bonzo.Inside the castle park, Bonzo didn't miss the comic foreground he
    re as well.東京へ移動する日の午前中、小田原城へ散歩に行きました。駅から正門まで歩いて15
    分ほどですが、ぼんぞを連れているため私らはさらに時間がか [続きを読む]
  • Travel in Japan: Hakone
  • Second day in Hakone, we started off from Kowakien Yunessan which is the hot springs amusement park in Hakone and spent the mornin
    g there.I didn't bring the camera to the baths so paste their website below..We stayed Miyama KaedeRin in their HP with 1 day
    Yunessan passport plan.箱根に着いた翌日は、まず小涌園ユネッサンで午前中を過ごす。お風呂のエリ
    アにカメラを持っていかなかったので、ここでまた以下 [続きを読む]
  • Travel in Japan 3
  • The next morning, we went to back to Arashiyama, just to visit Bamboo path.Since we came back here all the way, I wanted to hang a
    round Togetsubashi bridge but we had to catch the bullet train around the noon. Hard to carry out the plan as I desired.翌朝、
    たかったのですが、昼の新幹線に乗らねばならないので諦める。 [続きを読む]
  • 2017 Travel in Japan: Kyoto 2
  • The plan for Kyoto day 2 was to visit the Bamboo path in Arashiyama and Toei Studio Park in Uzumasa. Ideally, I wanted to visit Ar
    ashiyama first thing in the morning, but we didn't get out of the hotel until after 10:00 am, and the Studio Park was to clos
    e at 4:30 pm on weekday, so we had to go there first.After the entrance, the first thing we saw were a number of comic foregrounds
    . Bonzo was hoo [続きを読む]
  • New year 2017, Travel in Japan-Kyoto
  • This is the first time updating for 2 years this January 2017. We were in my hometown in Japan this winter holiday season. After s
    pending new years at my parental home, we took a journey to Tokyo by train, stopping over at Kyoto and Hakone before flying back t
    o Toronto.We took the bullet train from Kokura, transferred at ShinOsaka and arrived Kyoto after 1:00PM.Took the hotel shuttle bus
    from Hach [続きを読む]
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