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  • Our Attic, Garden and Kitchen
  • While I do crafty staff in the attic,Miffy sits on one of the stepsso that she can be near meand see if my husband is coming home.私がロフトでソーングやらなんやらしていると、ミッフィーはロフトに繋がる階段に座って待つ。私のそばにいたいし夫が帰るのもチェックしたいしということでたどり着いた方法のようである。All her attention is on my husband, though.しかし目は完全に夫を待っている。Cute spitzy shadow. [続きを読む]
  • Clanmore Park, Our Garden and Our Kitchen
  • The doggies look happy in the sunshine (Monday).青空の下で犬達も楽しそう(月曜日)。The doggies look happy in the rain in our garden (Tuesday).雨の中でも家の庭で楽しそうな犬達(火曜日)。Still trying for the best recipe formy new breadmaker,but this bread looks the best.まだ試行錯誤中だが、今回のトースト用のパンは一番上手くいったかも。 [続きを読む]
  • England and Back
  • Went to England on a bullet tripto attend my husband's aunt's funeral.It is a sad occasion, but it is also an occasionto
    meet up with his relatives and cousinswe don't normally get to see.夫の叔母(姑の姉)の葬儀のため、イギリ
    た。It was very cold & misty on that day.This is the church which has the cemetery.4月 [続きを読む]
  • Portmarnock
  • On Sunday we had a some sunny period in the morning,so decided to drive to Portmarnock Beach.日曜日は午前中だけ晴れる予定だったので、その時間を利用して Portmarnock の浜辺までドライブ。A mother and a son were flying a kite.Reminded me of the time I did it with my father.お母さんと男の子が凧揚げをしていた。子供の頃父と凧揚げをした時のことを思い出した。 [続きを読む]
  • Killiney Hill
  • While my husband was going out for a long walk in the mountain,I took the doggies to Killiney Hill.夫が一人で長い山歩きに出かけている間、私は犬達を Killiney Hill に連れて行った。Not very sunny, not very warm,and quite foggy....晴れてもなかったし、暖かくもなかったし、霧も出てた...。At home, I baked some bread rolls.I prefer soft bread rolls,but it's a bit difficult to buyfreshly baked soft rolls in [続きを読む]
  • Easter Holiday 2
  • As I normally go to Japan at Easter time,I didn't know that most places are closed on Easter Sunday.And the weather wasn&apos
    ;t particularly great during the holiday,we didn't really do many exciting things with the doggies.イースターの時期
    いた。連休中は寒くて天気もあまり良くなかったし、犬達との楽しいお出かけは土曜日 [続きを読む]
  • Easter Holiday 1
  • This is my first Easter time in Dublin for a long time,as I normally go back to Japan using the long holiday.久しぶりにイースターをダブリンで過ごしている。例年はだいたいこの4連休を利用して日本に行ってるからだ。Lie in with the doggies in the morning.初日の朝は犬達とベッドでごろごろ。Breakfast at our local restaurant.その後は近くのレストランで朝食。The following day (Saturday),we drove to Ardgillan [続きを読む]
  • Making Efforts to Have Beautiful Things
  • I went to our local Marks & Spencer yesterdayand found a lovely linen blouse.However, they didn't have my size in the shop,so
    I just bought grapes and nectarines.昨日、最寄りのマークス&スペンサーで気に入ったリネンのブラウス
    を見つけたのだが、私のサイズがなかったので結局グレープとネクタリンだけ買って帰った。I ha
    d some of the grapes that night,and they were so tasty thatI decided I would have to buy [続きを読む]
  • A Dog Wash Day
  • I washed the doggies today.It's an exhausting task,though it has become easierto dry them since I acquired a good hair dryer.今日は久しぶりに犬達をシャンプー。私は実はあまり力がないので疲れ果てた。いいドライヤーを手に入れてから乾かすのは数段簡単になったが、やはり大変な作業だ??Before.シャンプー前。 Shiro with a sheep we bought in England.先日イングランドで買った羊のぬいぐるみで遊んでいたシロー。A [続きを読む]
  • Good Friends?
  • Waiting for a treat side by side.(This isn't all that unusual.)二人並んでオヤツを待つ。(これは特に珍しくない。)Shiro often lies down,as he believes "lying down" is better and more effective than "sitting down" for winning a treat.シローは「お座り」の代わりに「伏せ」をすることがよくある。何故ならシローは「伏せ」の方が「お座り」より礼儀正しいと思っていてオヤツをもらうのにより効果があると信じている [続きを読む]
  • Cotswolds Holiday 7
  • This day was dedicated to tidying the accommodation,and the journey home.最終日は宿の掃除と自宅までの旅で終わった。While we were cleaning the house,Shiro tried to get our attention by playing with my husband's slippers.一生懸命宿を掃除中、退屈したシローは夫のスリッパで遊び始めた??Before heading towards to Pembroke Dock,for the boat to Ireland,we dropped in Coleford for my husband's Geocaching.ア [続きを読む]
  • Cotswolds Holiday 6
  • In the morning, while my husband went on a Geocaching trekking,I stayed in the accommodationwith the doggies as I need to work.午前中は夫がジオキャッシングを兼ねたトレッキングに出かけている間、私は宿で犬達と留守番した。翻訳の仕事が入ったからだ。In the afternoon, we drove to Bibury,one of the most beautiful villages in Cotswolds.昼食後、コッツウォルズでも美しい村として知られているバイブリーまでドラ [続きを読む]
  • Cotswolds Holiday 5
  • Today we went out for a long drive.The first destination is Bristol.今日は長いドライブに出かけた。最初の目的はブリストル。The Cathedral spire and beautiful daffodils.大聖堂の塔と水仙をバックに。The next destination is Bath.次の目的地は英語でお風呂を意味する「バス」の語源となった地バース。Bath Abbey.バース修道院In front of the Roman Bath.We didn't get in as we were with the doggies.ローマ時代のお風 [続きを読む]
  • Cotswolds Holiday 3 & 4
  • On the 3rd day of our holiday,we went for a walk in the local forest in the snowin the morning.3日目は午前中には近所の雪に覆われた森を散歩。In the afternoon,we drove to the city of Gloucester.I went to the outlet, but didn't buy anything.午後からはグロスターまで出かけた。私はアウトレットに行って見たが何も買わなかった。My husband, who went for a walk with the doggieswhile I was in the Outlet,lost t [続きを読む]
  • Cotswolds Holiday 2
  • My birthday morning started with a big surprise--everything was covered with snow!My first snowy birthday in my not-so-short life!!誕生日の朝はカーテンを開けてびっくり。一面銀世界であった。人生初の雪のバースデイ!Drove very carefully to Symonds Yat Rock(which is supposed to haveone of the most spectacular view in England).雪の中を非常に気をつけながらSymonds Yat Rock というイングランドで最も景色の [続きを読む]
  • Cotswolds Holiday 1
  • As this weekend is a 3 day weekend,and 18th is my birthday,we decided to take a week holiday in Cotswolds in England.I initially w
    anted to go to France like last year,but I didn't want to put the dogs in the kennel on the boat,so we came to England as the
    doggies could stay in the carduring the 2 hour boat journey.今週末は 17 日が聖パトリックの日で3連休で、18
    日は私の誕生日なのでイングランドのコ [続きを読む]
  • Spring Is On Its Way
  • We had a sunny day today,though there is still some snow left.雪はまだ残っているが今日は晴れていいお天気であった。Miffy has recently started playing witha beaver toy we bought in Canada 5 years ago.最近ミッフィーは5年前にカナダで買ったビーバーのぬいぐるみで遊ぶようになった。Very unusual for her to play withsomething other than her favourite doggy toy.ミッフィーがお気に入りの犬のぬいぐるみ以外で遊 [続きを読む]
  • When My Husband Is Not Home
  • The snow hasn't completely thawed yet, but everything is back to normal now,and my husband goes to work as usual.雪はまだ残っているが、国はまた機能し始め、夫は通常通り出勤している。However, the doggies are unhappyto see my husband go to work.しかしながら、犬達は夫が家にいないので面白くない。Grumpy Shiroつまんない様子のシローI tried to make them happyby using treats.おやつを使ってご機嫌を取る。I ma [続きを読む]
  • The Snowiest Day Ever (for Me)
  • Morning walk with the doggies.犬達と朝散歩。 The footprints belong to "Tzar", Miffy's boyfriendand his friend.この足跡はミッフィーの彼のサモエド「ツァー」くんと「ツァー」くんの友達のもの。We walked in the snow for 30 minutes to a convenient storeto get some food at last!今日は雪の中片道30分歩いて開店しているコンビニに行って少しの食料をなんとか入手! [続きを読む]
  • It snowed even more overnight and the whole country is still at standstill.夜の間に雪は降り続け、今日も国全体の機能は停止したままだ。One of the convenient shops in the neighbourhoodwas open briefly.We ventured out in the snow to do some shoppingand this is what we found:近所のコンビニが1軒数時間だけ開店しているという情報を入手し、雪の中頑張って歩いて行って見たが、店の前にはすごい行列ができていた [続きを読む]
  • Looking outside....Miffy wore a coat during a walk todayas she seemed very cold.散歩中ミッフィーが寒そうにしてたので上着を着用。There's supposed to be "Storm Emma" on the way.明日は「ハリケーンエマ」も来るという予報。All the shops in the neighbourhood were closed.We have some food, but not much....今日は近くのスーパーもコンビニも閉まってた。少しくらいなら食料の蓄えもあるけど、何日も大雪軟禁状態が [続きを読む]