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  • Week 279 - Felting Blue Point Birman
  • Hello humans and pretty kitties. How's your weekend? I used to be an indoor only cat, but I enjoy fenced backyard these day
    s. Since my human friend M and I moved in this flat, M has let me go out with her supervising. I smell grass and wind, feel soil
    and lawn under my paws and chase a butterfly. Remembering my kittenhood, I feel I am getting younger.This week M made a blue poi
    nt Birman with [続きを読む]
  • Week 278 - Decoupage Cat Figurine
  • Hi everyone, how are you today? It becomes cold last few days here in Christchurch, NZ. It's just like winter. Where is au
    tumn gone? I had to keep myself warm with my human friend. And I know she likes it. This week, M made a cute figurine with decou
    page.Decoupage Cat FigurineShe made this cat with old newspaper, tissue paper, cotton scraps pipe cleaner and decoupage glue.Shape
    newspaper 2 ba [続きを読む]
  • Week 277 - Cat Dot Shoulder Pouch
  • Hello people and fantastic kitties. It's a first Caturday in April. The daylight saving time finished on last weekend, but
    my stomach clock is still one hour forward. It is hard to adjust the stomach clock. Feed me one hour earlier.This week, my human
    friend M made a classic shoulder pouch.Cat Dot Shoulder PouchThe outer fabric is laminated cotton, and inner fabric is calico. S
    he didn't forge [続きを読む]
  • Week 276 - Cat on Moon Bag Charm
  • Happy Easter, human and sexy kitties. It is a festival for bunny and chicks, but it's okay. We, cats are generous as long a
    s we can have a festive meal. Good weather for naps today - warm and sunshine. I enjoyed a long nap after exploring our back yar
    d.This week, my human friend M made a gorgeous charm using UV resin.Cat On Moon Bag CharmM poured white resin into the cat part sl
    ightly, then ma [続きを読む]
  • Week 275 - Cat Paw Cleaners
  • Hi everyone. How are you enjoying your weekend? It's getting cooler here in Christchurch. I tried to keep myself warm on t
    he windowsill, but not much sunshine this week. For cats, weather is very important in order to live comfortably.Anyway, this wee
    k's project. Let's start to check my human friend M's work.Cat Paw CleanersActually, M made Leopard hand cleaners
    about 4 years ago. I checked [続きを読む]
  • Week 274 - Cherry Blossom Collar
  • Hi humans and noble kitties. How are you today? It is St. Patrick Day. My human friend M told me that she was going to make a c
    lovers collar, but she changed her mind and made cherry blossom collar. Human!Cherry Blossom CollarShe made a normal collar with
    pink cherry blossom cotton fabric. Then attached felt cherry blossoms. Of course, it is with a safety buckle.I tried. [続きを読む]
  • Week 273 - Cat & Rose Mini Brooch
  • Hello human and lovely cats. It's March. My human friend M got up around 2.30 am and went out with her camera as I observed
    . I wondered what she's doing in such an early morning. She was taking photos. Photos of super moon. We were able to see
    super moon last night. Taking my photo is not enough?Anyway, she made a cute brooch as this week's project.Cat & Rose Mini B
    roochM used a cat frame c [続きを読む]
  • Week 272 - Housekeeping Bag
  • Hi people and mischievous kitties. February is short. It is the last Caturday of this month. And 6 human years have past since
    I started this blog. Still not popular, but I'm quite satisfied.This week, my human friend M made a useful housekeeping bag.
    Housekeeping BagThis cute bag is good to organise small stuff. M attached the handles on the side. Handles are made by a fashion
    belt.Is this t [続きを読む]
  • Week 271 - Stripy Cat Clip Earrings
  • Hello humans and hard working kitties. How was your Valentine's day? I got a funky feast elegant medley on the Valentine&ap
    os;s day. What did I give to? Not special, you know, my existence itself is a great gift for humans.This week, my human friend M
    made a gorgeous clip earrings.Stripy Cat Clip EarringsM used covered button kit, and before assembling she took the hook from the
    back, but if you ha [続きを読む]
  • Week 270 - Valentine Chocolate Key Ring
  • Hi humans and elegant kitties. Are you having a wonderful weekend? I heard that the Valentine Day is coming next week. Hope you
    r human gives you a delicious meal on the day and for human, you should appreciate your cat always around you with love.This week,
    my human friend M made a fake chocolate and made it as a key ring.Valentine Chocolate Key RingShe made a fake chocolate with air-
    dried clay [続きを読む]
  • Week 269 - Bastet Figurine
  • Hello, humans and adorable kitties. How are you enjoying this weekend? There were a few extreme hot days in this week, then sudd
    enly the temperature dropped. Something wrong with this summer's weather.My human friend M seemed to be very busy. I was af
    raid of no project this week again, but finally, she managed to make something.Bastet FigurineShe made a Bastet Figurine. Bastet
    is Egyptian Cat [続きを読む]
  • Week 268 - Waffle Corn Cat Cream Charm
  • Hello humans and charming kitties. How are you? I heard that it is very cold in northern hemisphere, while we are having an extr
    a hot summer here in NZ. I like summer. My human friend M is surprised that I am comfortably sleeping in sunshine in a hot day.
    She told me that she feels 3 degree hotter only she watches me lying in sunshine. Yeah, I am hot!This week M made a cool summer
    treat.Waff [続きを読む]
  • Week 267 - Felting Lion Brooch
  • Hi humans and generous kitties. Are you enjoying your Caturday? It has been wet for a week here in Christchurch, but I can see t
    he clear sky at last this afternoon. My human friend M and I are spending usual Caturday. M are working for this week's pro
    ject, while I are taking a nap.This week M made a cute lion brooch.Felting Lion BroochThe lion face is shaped on the felt fabric.
    After felted t [続きを読む]
  • Week 266 - Cats and Friends Pins
  • A Happy Meow Year, everyone. It is a year of cats. Every year is for cats, actually. Hope cats take over the world peacefully.T
    he first project of this year is Cats and Friends Pins.Cats and Friends PinsMy human friend M made cute pins using polymer clay.
    The cat's face is made by millefiori technique.I am checking.Another year has started. [続きを読む]
  • Week 265 - Leopard Pompom Key Ring
  • Hello humans and lovely kitties. Did you enjoy Christmas? I got a pot of cat grass and cat nip toys as Christmas presents. Hope e
    verybody are having a great time whether you're working or not.This week, my human friend M made a fluffy pompom key ring.Leo
    pard Pompom Key RingAccording to M, this pompom key ring is easy to make. About 18 cm diameter fake fur, ribbon, key ring, stuffi
    ng, thread, nee [続きを読む]
  • Week 264 - Last Minute Gift for Cats
  • Hi human and adorable kitties. How's your Caturday going? Christmas is nest weekend and people seem to be stressed to prepa
    re it. We, cats only know Christmas is the time when a large tree comes inside with decoration. Unfortunately, my human friend M
    doesn't have a proper Christmas tree this year. She donated a small tree for Cat Protection when we moved in a new house.Ho
    wever, she prepare t [続きを読む]
  • Week 263 - Meowy Christmas Tree
  • Hello humans and elegant kitties. Unusual hot days continue here in Christchurch. People say it's too hot, but for cats it
    is very comfortable. It's already December. It's summer!My human friend M started a Christmas theme project. Let&apos
    ;s have a look.Meowy Christmas TreeShe made cat colour felt balls and assembled them to hanging tree.A felt ball is about 3 cm dia
    meter.Some have a tail.It's no [続きを読む]
  • Week 262 - Crazy Cat Lady's Shoulder Bag
  • Hello humans and irresistible kitties. How's your weekend? It has already summer here in Christchurch, NZ. It is 31 degree
    . For me it is comfortable, but for humans it is a little bit warmer.This week, my human friend M made a lovely bag for herself.C
    raze Cat Lady's Shoulder BagShe made a shoulder bag with cotton drill and fake leather. The liner is padded quilt. M made a
    inner pocket for con [続きを読む]
  • Week 261 - Cat Face Resin Brooch
  • Hi humans and hard working kitties. How are you all? I don't feel so good as my hairball annoys me. I munched cat grass, o
    f course. It helps me a little. Don't worry, I am okay. I must admit I am getting older.This week, my human friend M made
    a cute brooch.Cat Face Resin BroochShe used UV resin. As brown and amber resins are transparent, she put white resin first and af
    ter it was harden, s [続きを読む]
  • Week 260 - Decorative Cat Tags
  • Hello people and glamour kitties. How are you? I mourned for the NZ first cat Paddles who was killed on road last Tuesday. He w
    as still young and the hope for NZ kitty society. R.I.P. Paddles.This week, my human friend M made some cat tags to decorate her
    original craft work.Decorative Cat TagsShe designed and painted on cotton tape. She is planning to use them to her craft work.I a
    m checking [続きを読む]
  • Week 259 - Bow Collar and Hair Tie
  • Hi people and sweet kitties. It's already November. I am a bit annoyed of Guy Fawkes Day coming. I like a quiet and cozy p
    lace to sleep. Don't disturb me with noisy fireworks when I am sleeping. This is an every cat's wish. I insist animal
    s should get a right to live peacefully.This week, my human friend M made me a gorgeous collar.Bow Collar and Hair TieM made a col
    lar for me and a hair tie [続きを読む]
  • Week 258 - Leopard Mini Mirror
  • Hi humans and cute cats. It is Caturday. Wonderful weather here in Christchurch - blue sky, light breeze and comfortably warm.
    I enjoyed napping while my human friend M was doing something for this week's project. Let's check it out.Leopard Mini
    MirrorM made a mirror frame with polymer clay. Using millefiori technique, she made leopard pattern. The handle is just like a t
    ail of leopard. She [続きを読む]
  • Week 257 - Amber Cats Bracelet
  • Hello humans and well groomed kitties. How are you today? Sorry for an absent of last week. My human friend M went to a weekend
    trip and left me behind. A little bit quiet but I enjoyed my own time. M went to Waiau and Kaikoura. She said she did kayaking
    at Kaikoura.This week, M made a cute bracelet. Let's have a look.Amber Cats BraceletM made normal and cat shaped rings with
    UV resin. She [続きを読む]
  • Week 256 - Tiger Wall Hanging
  • Hello humans and adorable kitties. It's already October. Unfortunately this weekend is raining here in Christchurch. Good ne
    ws is my human friend M bought a new chair for me. It is cute pink velvet chair. M insists that the chair is for herself, but th
    e reality is whatever luxurious is mine.This week, M made a gorgeous tiger wall hanging by needle felting.Tiger Wall HangingShe se
    ems to be strug [続きを読む]
  • Week 255 - Decoupage Cat Brooches
  • Hi humans and beautiful kitties, how are you? It is the last day of September. The day light saving time has already started and
    adjusted to my stomach clock at last. My human friend M is still busy to sort out lots of things after shifting place. I don&ap
    os;t mind anything if I can get food, water, clean litter and cozy place to sleep.This week, M made cute brooches.Decoupage Cat Br
    oochesShe cut o [続きを読む]