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  • Album Review: Elias Black ? Reclamation
  • Reclamationis the latest album by Elias Black, this is a full length thatexplores themes of dependence and inability to break away
    from vices with use of droning guitars and industrial walls of sound, Reclamation is a dark catharsis of an album, something that
    is enhanced by the fact that Elias Black haverecruited the legendary producerSteve […] [続きを読む]
  • Foxing ? Nearer My God
  • Indie act Foxinghas premiered a new song from their next album. The disc will be titled Nearer My Godand is set to drop on August
    10, 2018 viaTriple Crown Records. The album follows their 2016 sophomore full-lengthDealer.The band has premiered t... [続きを読む]
  • Aspiga ? Beautiful Wounds
  • New Jersey alternative punk trioAspigahas premiered a new song from their upcoming collection LP, which will be released byA-F Rec
    ordson September 7, 2018. The disc will be titledDragged Through the Yearsand will serve as a collection that includes three new t
    racks and remixed songspreviously released digitally or on seven-inch’s. Listen to the song “Beautiful Wounds,” […] [続きを読む]
  • Criminal Mind Unleash ‘Two Faced’ Video
  • Criminal Mind have unleashed a brand new video for Two Faced, a track taken from their latest release, Pleading Guilty, their new
    six track EP that was released last month.The Pleading Guilty EP is available for streaming and download online, or for free downl
    oad when purchasing the limited 2018 remastered edition of their sophomore album, […] [続きを読む]