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自由文Blog is called fusionata. Cannot recall the exact reason why it's called that, but I believe it was something quite deep.

I'm (still) technically Japanese, but I've lived in the awesome city of Vancouver most of my life.

The blog talks about non-work related daily life occurrences, sometimes in English, sometimes in Japanese, sometimes in both, and sometimes in Japanglish.
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  • the sunshine coast
  • Quick Summary Decided to do something different over the weekend and went out to the Sunshine Coast! Weather was awesome, food was
    awesome....must admit that I had underestimated it's beauty.Only a 30 min ferry ride away (plus the bus rides....), Gibsons
    was a fantastic break from the urban city life. [続きを読む]
  • the ritual(新レストラン開拓編)
  • Quick Summary We took advantage of the DineOut Festival, and tried Ritual on Denman Street. The place was in the papers a while ba
    ck for being one of the few restaurants that had a 'no tipping' policy. Looks like they backtracked on that.... The atm
    osphere is very homey and welcoming. It's rustic, yet still modern. Love the contrast between the white and wood. They offer
    breakfast, [続きを読む]
  • the taiwanese noodle(台湾料理編)
  • Quick SummaryTaiwanese Beef Noodle: Vancouver is full of yummy locations. Went to one of my favourite places, Corner 23.Beef noodl
    e is made of stewed or braised beef, beef broth, vegetables and noodles. I enjoy the cold side dishes too. Deep fried tofu, seawee
    d, pork intestine & ear are delicious.Highlights / Key Points:Beef Noodle is the to go standard, but if you're going with a f
    ew friends, ord [続きを読む]
  • the aquarium(水族館編)
  • The Vancouver Aquarium was much larger than the last time I visited it. In addition to a new 4D theatre, there was a whole section
    dedicated to fossils. Don't remember why I ended up at the aquarium though.....the day started off with a picnic (yes, food
    related activity again!)It wasn't a full-scale picnic, just a few sandwiches. It was a gorgeous day, and the great Stanley Pa
    rk was calling us to [続きを読む]
  • the british pub(英国パブ編)
  • Quick SummaryAfter watching the BBC News Bulletin, I felt like continuing the Britishness by going down to the local British pub,
    the Fat Badger.The place was packed. Luckily we were able to get a corner seat on their patio.Loved how the beer menu specificall
    y stated that it was 'imperial pint' sizes (although that's the standard size here, it's a nice touch).To get
    the most variety of dishe [続きを読む]
  • the steveston(スティーブストン編)
  • Quick SummarySteveston is a small port city south of Vancouver. During season, the pier at the harbour is full of boats selling ev
    erything from live sea urchin, salmon to prawns.We went during the Victoria Day long weekend, and got live spot prawns, Ikura (roe
    ) and sea urchin (uni). The fish & chips and beer was awesome as always. Make sure you sit outside, so you can enjoy the scenery a
    nd do some [続きを読む]
  • the reflection
  • The year is slowly coming to an end.It was an year hard to comprehend.My best friend moved abroad.Of course, it was a brave decisi
    on worth applaud.Had a slight hitch with my mum and dad.But at the end at least no one was mad.Rhyming is not my strong point.I ho
    pe I do not disappoint.Why am I rhyming you may ask.I haven't a clue and can use a flask.Okay, so rhyming nonsense stops here.
    The year is co [続きを読む]
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