Pidan Rouge さん プロフィール

Pidan Rougeさん: Pidan Rouge
ハンドル名Pidan Rouge さん
ブログタイトルPidan Rouge
サイト紹介文ピータン・ルージュ ピータンファミリーの赤いのです。
自由文Born in Japan, living in London. I am one of the "Pidans". Sometimes, I just feel like wandering away from my mundane life,,, to set out on a small adventure
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Pidan Rouge さんのブログ記事

  • 過去の記事 …
  • PANKICHI-KEN 13 : Policeman Hori is confused
  • Policeman Mr Hori, newly assigned to this town.During his first Patrol in the new town, he encountered a Panda who seems to be wor
    king for a Chinese Restaurant, Pankichi-Ken.Very strange... he decided to ask his senior about this...Will be able to sort out his
    question?To find out, please visit PidanOdysseyにほんブログ村キャラクターランキング [続きを読む]
  • PANKICHI-KEN 12 : Policeman Mr Hori
  • 警官ホリ。この町にきてはじめての見まわり。熱気あふれる警官、ホリ。そんな彼が、この街で
    出会うのは?気になる方は、Pidan Osyssey へ!Policeman Mr Hori.He has just been assigned to this town and set out for
    the first patrol.He is a very enthusiastic policeman, and very exited about his new assignment.What will he come across during hi
    s first patrol?To find it more, please visit Pidan Odysseyにほんブロ [続きを読む]
  • PANKICHI-KEN 11 : Pao the Pancake
  • 孤独なフカヒレさんでも、なにか、丸いヒトが話しかけてきた?あなたは誰?続きは Pidan Odyssey へFukahire san (Shark Fin) is feeling lonely.Then, somebody who looks very round spoke to himWho is he? To find out more, please visit Pidan Odyssey.にほんブログ村キャラクターランキング [続きを読む]
  • PANKICHI-KEN 10 : Pidan and Shark Fin
  • Finally this is when we first saw our lovely Pidan!!!ぱん吉軒には、ピータンがいます。でも、ピータンのお店のメニューにはありません。じゃあ、なにやってるの?気になる方は、Pidan Odysseyへ!Pankichi-ken does not have any Pidan dish. So, they will not be used... What are they doing, then?To find out more, please visit Pidan Odyssey [続きを読む]
  • PANKICHI-KEN 9 : Gondolier
  • お店のヒマな時間に物思いにふけるぱん吉昔の事を思い出したりして。しかし、ぱん吉の過去ってどんなんなのでしょう。気になる方は、Pidan Odyssey へ!When the restaurant is not busy, Pankichi gets lost in thought.Thinking about his past,,,, but, what kind of past does he have?Let's check it out in Pidan Odyssey!And,Happy Valentine's day! [続きを読む]
  • PANKICHI-KEN 7 : Delivery Boxes
  • 出前くんたち。ぱん吉軒は、けっこう出前があるのです。ちょっと懐かしい感じがする出前くんたちは、ぱん吉軒をささえるべく毎日がんばってます。Pidan Odyssey も見てね!Delivery Boxes, No 1 and No 2. They are working very hard! Please visit Pidan Odyssey website to find out more. [続きを読む]
  • PANKICHI-KEN 6 : Ren Kosugi
  • レン小杉。レンゲをこよなく愛する男。そんな彼は、ぱん吉軒でなにやってるんでしょうか?Pida
    n Odysseyで紹介してます。Ren Kosugi A man who loves China Spoons. But, what can he do with Chine spoons other than eating
    Chinese food? Please visit Pidan Odyssey website to find out more.遅ればせながら、あけましておめでとうござい
    ます。2017年はトリ年。ピータンの中からトリさんが!Pidan Odysseyゆるゆると更新 [続きを読む]
  • PANKICHI-KEN 3 : Shacho-san's Dream
  • ぱん吉軒の常連、社長。酔っぱらって、気持ちよさそうに就寝中。どんな夢をみてるのかなあ?気になる方は、Pidan Odyssey へ。Shacho san (AKA Managing Director) is drunk and fast asleep.It seems he is dreaming. What is his dream like? Let's find out!Please visit Pidan Odyssey website to find out more. [続きを読む]
  • PANKICHI-KEN 2 : Gyoza Suit 2
  • シュウくん、どうしてそんなボウシなの?尊敬するギョーザ男のなにげない一言に、あせりまくるシュウくん。さて、シュウくんはこの難局をどうやって乗り越えるのか?気になる方は、Pidan Odyssey へ。 One day, Gyoza Otoko asked Shu-kun why his is always wearing his misterious hat? Shu-kun is very, very agitated by his respectable teacher, Gyoza Otoko's remarks. So, how is Shu-kun will sort out this situation?Pl [続きを読む]
  • PANKICHI-KEN 1 : Gyoza Suit
  • ギョーザ男。ぱん吉軒のヘッドシェフ。得意料理は、もちろんギョーザ。毎日ギョーザ作ってます。そんな彼には、ギョーザスーツを着ているのではないかという不穏な噂がながれている。その噂は本当なのか? Pidan Odyssey にてその謎が解明される?! Gyoza Otoko - the head chef of PANKICHI-KENHis specialty is, of course, Gyoza.He cooks Gyoza every day. By the say, there is a rumour that Gyoza Otoko is wearing a Gyo [続きを読む]
  • Goldfish
  • And fainally, the last one from Pankichi-Ken!!!GoldfishPankichi's pet goldfish.Cannot deny he bears an eerie resemblance to h
    is owener..Please visit Pidan Odyssey Website to find about other friends of Pidan! [続きを読む]
  • Steamer Fairy
  • Some more friends to come...Steamer Fairy(AKA Seiro-Fairy)If you are lucky, you may be able to see them.Please visit Pidan Odyssey
    Website to find about other friends of Pidan! [続きを読む]
  • Pao
  • Please let me introduce some more friends..PaoThe pancake for Peking Duck / Crispy Aromatic DuckPlease visit Pidan Odyssey Website
    to find about other friends of Pidan! [続きを読む]
  • Mr Ra
  • So, let me introduce some more friends...Mr  Ra (Chilli Oil)Mr Ra is the House Special Chilli Oil of "Pankichi-ken"
    He is always angery.Please visit Pidan Odyssey Website to find about other friends of Pidan! [続きを読む]
  • Fukahire san
  • Acutally, I've got some more friends to introduce...Fukahire sanAKA "Mr Shark-Fin"One of the very well-known ingred
    ients of Chinese cuisine.Please visit Pidan Odyssey Website to find about other friends of Pidan! [続きを読む]
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