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SCORENさん: Football Exile.
ハンドル名SCOREN さん
ブログタイトルFootball Exile.
サイト紹介文I'm starting to work with Myanmar Football Federation U14 National Team right now!
自由文I am a Football Exile.

I'm a Football Coach and Football Youth Development.
My carrier worked in Cambodia Football Federation.
It was Japan Football Association’s project. Also have experience of working in the J- League club for a long time as an assistant of Mr. Marius Johan OOFT (Netherlands).
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  • Dear all my friend!
  • Dear all my friend!I am very sorry that, I didn't up date so long time. Now I hope to inform you something new about me.Also
    I couldn't any contact with you through SNS Facebook, Twitter, Line, Messenger and Application of Google now. Just a moment
    !! Football Exile [続きを読む]
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