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YuSiさん: Nishi-ya
ハンドル名YuSi さん
サイト紹介文異国の地でひっそり ちくちく フェルトでいろんなもの作ってます(^^) in English
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  • nostalgic game style case
  • We got a mobile solar battery charger for preparing for camping ;pI thoughtI should make a case for it The size and weight reminde
    d me of some nostalgic feeling so I made this (^o^)Unfortunately, we only have a yellow version of the real oneat home ;p [続きを読む]
  • children's day
  • 5th of May is a Japanese national holiday "kodomo no hi (children's day)"for celebrating children's happiness
    and to respect their individuality"Koi nobori (colourful carp banners)" is a famous symbol to celebrate "Children&a
    pos;s day".and eating "Kashiwamochi (rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf)" on the dayis tradition [続きを読む]
  • Village market @Tickenham December '16
  • It was anothergood day at the village market :)therewas anice christmas shopping atmosphere.Thank you for stopping at our table an
    d smiling at our goods,and thank you very much everyone who bought something.It was the last market for us for 2016.We hada great
    oppotunity to meet people atmarketsthrough the year.thank you again.See you in 2017! (^-^) [続きを読む]
  • Christmas fayre @ Tithe Barn 2016
  • It was a great day again this yearat the Tithe Barn Chritstmas Fayre(^∀^)Nice atmosphere and nicely organised as alwaysandmaybe goodweather helps to bring many morevisiters this year It was a very busy day :)Thank you for stopping at our table and alot of thanks for your smiles, laughs grins or giggles And thank you very much everyonewho bought something from us.Wealwaysfeel [続きを読む]
  • Village market @Tickenham October '16
  • Thank you for another fun day :)It was Halloween themed on our table this month.It was very nice to see a girl still wearing one o
    f my Halloween hair clips that she bought a year ago. I am very gladthat it hasbeen looked after so well.Andvery happy to see peop
    le smiling and excited to see my new things.Thank you very much everyone who bought something.See youat theChristmas [続きを読む]
  • bouquet
  • Colourful and cheerful flowersgood for decorationor for a present (^_-)-☆ [続きを読む]
  • I am back!
  • We just got confirmation for the Christmas market at Tithe Barn this year again! :Dso... I am just back to crafting after a long b
    reak ;pwhat should I make this year... Hopefully a lot of new ideas come to mind (^_-)-☆ [続きを読む]