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サイト紹介文This is where I write about where I go, what I do, and things I like.
自由文I’ve recently finished working in South Korea as an English Teacher. I was there for the last 2 years with my wife; so there’s a lot of posts on here about things in Korea.

My wife is Japanese, and I’m really interested in Japan, so I sometimes write about Japan, and we go there for holidays, so I write about Japanese things too :)
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  • Shiba Overload :D
  • Shiba Inu are quite a rare breed of dog to spot in the UK (we’ve only met 1 other so far near where we live since we got ours), so when the online group we are part of organised a … Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Walton Castle Music & Arts Open Day
  • Last weekend was the annual Bristol Doors Open Day, and usually we head out and go visit some new and interesting places (you can find some from previous year’s visits using the search function or tags to the right of here).To accommodate our new furry family member though we were not able to find any dog friendly places on the open day list. Luckily though a venue not too far away from us was ha [続きを読む]
  • Gromit Unleashed 2 (part 6)
  • A few weekends back we set out to complete our Gromit Unleashed 2 hunt finishing up finding sculptures on various trails (East, Ha
    rbourside, Bristol, South, and Family Day Out trails)…..we managed to see all but one of them due to some festival / event takin
    g place around that sculptures location where we had nowhere to stop the car.Because of that I decided to wait until we could go s
    ee that las [続きを読む]
  • Rules ? The Oldest Restaurant in London
  • Some friends of Y’ were in London for a couple of days as part of a holiday, so we drove across to meet them there for lunch :)They wanted to try some traditional British food so we went for roast beef at Rules; the oldest restaurant in London.Rules was opened in 1798 by Thomas Rule and has been in its current location ever since.With a well dressed doorman out front it looks a lot fancier than w [続きを読む]
  • Gromit Unleashed 2 (part 5)
  • We continued our hunt on the Gromit Uneashed 2 trails at the weekend, and have found another 12 sculptures to tick off :)That means there’s only 9 more to go though >.>“Light as a Feather” is at Clifton Suspension Bridge on the Leigh Woods side, and “The Wensleydale Kid” is at Clifton Observatory:“The Bristol Hound” is on Sion Hill, and Wallace in Wonderland” is in The Mall Gardens:“Deere [続きを読む]
  • Gromit Unleashed 2 (part 4)
  • The hunt goes on; with a nice selection of dogs, a few penguins, and a man on a bench :)These ones include 1 from the “Family Day Out” trail, and more than half of the sculptures on the “Bristol Trail”“Merry-Go Gromit” is at Puxton Park outside of the reception, and “Tropi-canis” is inside House of Fraser in Cabot Circus (follow the paw prints on the floor inside House of Fraser):“Boss” [続きを読む]
  • Gromit Unleashed 2 (part 3)
  • The hunt for Gromit, Wallace, and Feathers continues ^^The next ones we went to see are spread across 3 of the trails, and you’ll need to do them by car……We started on the “South Trail”, then up the side of the “East Trail”, and then finished off the remaining ones we needed from the “North Trail” :)“Marshall” is at Chew Valley Lake next to the car park, and “Plooming Marvellous” is a [続きを読む]
  • Gromit Unleashed 2 (part 2)
  • The next lot of sculptures we went out to find on the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail are on the “Grand Day Out” trail, and some from the “North” trail :)These ones are quite a bit more spread out than the ones around the harbourside so we had to drive between them……it’s handy that the trail map has postcodes for every sculpture for sat-nav use ^^We only saw 1 Wallace on the route we took, and no [続きを読む]
  • Gromit Unleashed 2! (part 1)
  • Back in 2013 I documented our quest to see all 80 Gromit sculptures on the Gromit Unleashed trailhttps://spinner182.wordpress.com/
    2013/07/05/gromit-unleashed-part-1/ ,and now between 2nd July and 2nd September it’s time for Gromit Unleashed 2! :DThis time ar
    ound there are 67 sculptures in and around the Bristol area, and it’s not only Gromit; there are sculptures of Wallace and Feath
    ers McGraw [続きを読む]
  • Tanabata (Star Festival)
  • Tanabata is a Japanese festival which takes place on the 7th of July. The story behind the festival is that this is the only night
    of the year when 2 deities (Orihime and Hikoboshi), who are lovers, are allowed to meet. The rest of the year they are seperated
    by the Milky Way.Traditionally for Tanabata people will hang paper decorations on bamboo plants, writing their wishes on the recta
    ngular one [続きを読む]
  • Weston Air Festival 2018
  • On Sunday we headed into Weston-super-Mare to see the Weston Air Festival :)The festival is a yearly event and is on for both days
    over the weekend. Various planes and helicopters fly for the event performing fly pasts and stunts / displays over the water for
    the crowds watching from the beach.I don’t know how busy it was down there on the Saturday, but Sunday was not bad at all….we
    went down by [続きを読む]
  • Japanese “Gacha Gacha”
  • In Japan you’ll see vending machines absolutely everywhere, but you’ll also see Gacha Gacha machines everywhere as well :)Ever
    y supermarket, shopping mall, department store, and even some local shops will have these things usually near the entrances……a
    nd that’s just a few of the places they can be found.In one department store I think I saw more gacha gacha machines together in
    one place than [続きを読む]
  • Japanese Soft Drinks
  • In Japan they always seem to have such interesting soft drinks available, sometimes as limited editions and sometimes just as part
    of standard ranges, and so I always keep a look out for ones I haven’t tried before :)I found some good ones on this latest tri
    p:Peach flavoured Coca-Cola and Fanta; the Fanta was quite nice, but I wasn’t so keen on peach cokeCoca-Cola Frozen; an interest
    ing idea for [続きを読む]
  • 2 Weeks of Japanese Food ^-^
  • During our latest trip to Japan we ate a looooooot of yummy foods there, as usual ;)Before we make the trip from the UK to Japan w
    e usually try to think of all of the foods we want to eat whilst we are there, and I think we managed to get through our list thro
    ugh the course of the trip, and eat some more yummy things too ^^There are just too many yummy foods in Japan and some of what we
    ate includ [続きを読む]
  • Meat Sushi
  • Not all sushi in Japan is raw fish, in fact not all of it is even fish……or vegetables; meat sushi seems to be a popular thing now >.>I do like the “traditional” raw fish sushi (my favourite is tuna) but one that I like a lot and will usually get when we eat at a conveyor sushi restaurant is braised salmon with cheese :)With the popularity of sushi sold in British supermarkets now I think that [続きを読む]
  • Toyota Tecno Museum
  • Toyota Tecno Museum, or to give it its full name; Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology (bit of a mouthful) is a
    museum in Nagoya charting the rise of the Toyoda family (that’s not a spelling mistake) :)Sakichi Toyoda was an inventor who pat
    ented many loom systems for fabric weaving and revolutionised loom technology.The museum is housed in one of the original building
    s which f [続きを読む]
  • Asahi Brewery, Nagoya
  • Whilst we were in Nagoya visiting one of Y’s aunties and her family we all went to the Asahi brewery for a free guided tour :)We were lucky as well in that our family group were the only ones booked for that time slot, so it was just us and the guide ^^Asahi is one of the largest beer manufacturers in Japan and you can buy their main offering, Asahi Super Dry, here in the UK.The tour guide led us [続きを読む]
  • Yamada Tenman-gu and Kogane Shrines
  • Yamada Tenman-gu and Kogane shrine are a pair of shrines in Nagoya, which were originally 2 separate shrines but merged together i
    n 1983…..so you can visit 2 shrines in 1 :)Yamada Tenman-gu is shrine where people go to pray for academic success, and Kogane s
    hrine is a place to obtain financial good luck……we went specifically to visit Kogane :PAt Kogane there are 4 gods enshrined, a
    nd to gain fi [続きを読む]
  • Atsuta Shrine
  • Atsuta Shrine is a large Shinto shrine in Nagoya; the 200,000 m? complex has over 9 million visitors annually.The shrine is buil
    t in the Shinmeizukuri architectural style, which is the same as another famous shrine; Ise Shrine……the roofs of the buildings
    at Atsuta look amazing :)The original shrine is thought to have been established in ancient times, but due to bombing during the
    second world [続きを読む]
  • The Lucky Cat Shrine
  • My new favourite shrine to visit when I’m in Tokushima is Omatsu Daigongen; the lucky cat shrine :)I first came here during our last trip to Japan in 2016:https://spinner182.wordpress.com/2016/11/29/omatsu-daigongen-the-lucky-cat-shrine/There are cat statues all over the place at this shrine, and it is a popular place for students to come and pray for luck in their exams.Last time we came we only [続きを読む]
  • Children’s Day in Japan
  • In Japan May 5th is Children’s Day; a national holiday (and part of “Golden Week”) where families celebrate their children’s happiness :)Up until 1948 the day was celebrated as Boy’s Day, with Girl’s Day celebrated in March, but the May holiday now celebrates both male and female children.Koinobori (carp-shaped wind socks) are the traditional decoration used, and many places will also displa [続きを読む]
  • The House of Hanaoka Seishu
  • Hanaoka Seishu was a Japanese surgeon during the Edo period, he pioneered Western surgery techniques in Japan and is thought to be
    the first person to perform surgery using a general anesthesia.His house in his hometown of Naga-cho, Kinokawa, in Wakayama has b
    een preserved as a museum, and it was here that he carried out his research and trials into perfecting a working general anesthesi
    a.Due to t [続きを読む]
  • Kishi Station and Tama the Super Station Master (cat)
  • Kishi Station is a small local railway station in the suburbs of Wakayama in Japan famed for having a cat as its station master :D
    The station was almost shut down due to financial problems but the locals lobbied for it to be kept open. Around that time the inf
    ormal station master of Kishi Station adopted a stray cat which lived with a group of strays close to the station, which the local
    s would of [続きを読む]
  • Karaoke in Japan
  • Japan is well known for its love of karaoke; it did start there after all :PDespite that though I’d never been to a karaoke place in Japan before now. When you go for karaoke in Japan you basically rent your own little private room and sing to your heart’s content. In the UK it always used to be that karaoke nights in pubs would involve people choosing a song and going up in front of everybody i [続きを読む]