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sewtokyoさん: tomatoes and jasmine
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ブログタイトルtomatoes and jasmine
サイト紹介文handmade in tokyo
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  • Flouncy Sleeves / ヒラヒラ袖
  • Hello, I am back with another handmade dress using… you guessed it… another Quoi Quoi pattern! こんにちは。またコア
    コアさんの型紙を使用してワンピースを作りました! It’s the same pattern as the one I used for my Ulm Colle
    ction Part 2 Dress, except this time I made version 1a with the flounces on the sleeves and no elastics at the waist. I also short
    ened […] [続きを読む]
  • 過去の記事 …