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  • Jakarta
  • The best part of the trip was safety over, and anywhere would be fine with me as the next sightseeing spot.I decided to go to Bloc
    k M near FX mall.Seeing the city of Jakarta from the inside of the car, I didn't feel the city was particularly dangerous.I e
    ven saw a woman walking alone. I also walked around Block M for only 20 minutes.The town was not clean. I saw some signboards wri
    tten in Japan [続きを読む]
  • Jakarta JKT48
  • In the gray of the morning, I left the inn.The guide who picked me up was different from one in charge of me the day before.The gu
    ide was a person with a lot of sense, and he could speak Japanese fluently.He answered my questions accurately.He and I talked for
    just over an hour until we arrived at the airport.Seeing me off at the airport, he advised me to keep my bag in front of my body,
    and told [続きを読む]
  • Banff and Lake Louise Canada
  • dydy dyI went to Banff and Lake Louise by bus on a school trip.Surprisingly enough, I had plenty of opportunity to speak Japanese.
    The coordinator called Yuko-san is from Japan, so we had a chance to talk in Japanese on board quite a while.I heard she was from
    Ota Ward. I had a Tempura set meal at a Japanese restaurant in Banff.Each of the staff members also talked with each other in Jap
    anese.I h [続きを読む]
  • Bali Kecak and Fire Dance
  • I walked around Pura Taman Ayun alone.It was not interesting than I expected. There was a local man who had a small Indian civet,
    so I took pictures with them.I gave a try to a local convenience store nearby and it was no different from Japanese one.The store
    stocked Koala's March with its product name written in Japanese.I was amazed that the store was not different from the Japane
    se ones even [続きを読む]
  • Bali I was locked up in the restroom
  • Tirta Empul Temple is a new world heritage site on a JAL calendar, so I wanted to go to this place.The local people were praying i
    n the water and it looked comfortable. Children were diving into the water to play.I only touched the water with my hands and legs
    since I had chartered a car.I left bananas as an offering and prayed there.I was force to buy these bananas by a woman I took a p
    icture o [続きを読む]
  • Bali Island of the gods
  • When the sun rose up this morning, I saw the fresh greenery, which was shining and beautiful, around the cottage.I had a breakfast
    at the designated place, and prayed safety of my trip to the Hindu statue.I wanted to take a walk at Ubud, but first I had to acc
    ess the Internet with my smartphone.Today I was going to know the lottery result for the next day's public performance of JKT
    48 in Jakarta, [続きを読む]
  • Indonesia
  • I went to Vietnam in December last year, and I was going to go to Indonesia two months later.However, before long, Air-Asia crashe
    d at Surabaya in lndonesia.After that, each of the Taiwanese and German airplanes also crashed.It ought to be a warning to me, who
    like overseas countries.I imagined the fear of passengers on the airplane.Before I knew it, I became aviophobia completely.I lear
    ned that [続きを読む]
  • Calgary Canada
  • A week has already passed since I came to Canada.I imagined that study abroad would be hard,but it's unexpectedly easy.It&apo
    s;s actually fun.Living here is like a dream because the place, the surrounding people, the language, the temperature and the curr
    ency are all different from Japan.I was invited to have a drink at the pub by my classmate yesterday.However, although we had been
    waiting for [続きを読む]
  • Vietnam
  • I woke up seven o'clock in the morning with spirit.I needed to pack because I have to check out the hotel before the tour be
    gin.Also, I wanted to go and buy a razor at Coop-mart.The tour bus was scheduled to come at 8:20.I had to buy one and return from
    Coop-mart before the tour started.I am not good at joining a tour because I am uncomfortable around strangers.However, I joined th
    e tour al [続きを読む]
  • Vietnam
  • When I was walking further, the scenery that I saw in a photograph in a guidebook jumped to the eye.It was Water Puppet Theater.I
    thought I would watch water puppetry while staying there.I remembered the location and headed for Reunification Palace where I co
    uld not go the day before.On my way to Reunification Palace, I came across the street in front of Indochine Spa where I went the d
    ay before. [続きを読む]
  • Vietnam
  • I decided to sleep a lot since I had neither a plan to join a tour nor to meet someone.I enjoyed a buffet for brunch at the hotel
    ten o'clock in the morning.And then I returned to my room and made a plan for a day.While checking the map, I found out I mig
    ht be able to go downtown from my hotel without taking the taxi.I thought it was a good idea to go there on foot because I can sto
    p by some stor [続きを読む]
  • Calgary Canada
  • To my surprise, I haven't got homesick yet.Well, it has been only four days since I got here. I go to a language school fro
    m nine to four P.M. from today. At a morning class in grammar, I learned conjunctions which are the level of second junior high s
    chool, so it was easy for me.Of course, it was conducted in English.Other students didn't understand them unexpectedly.I wond
    er if the result of [続きを読む]
  • Vietnam
  • It was only about noon when I woke up.I looked at guide book and checked the cafe that I was going to eat lunch at.I also checked
    the route I was going to take to go sightseeing because I had some time.Thinking back, I gave priority to going to sightseeing sp
    ots but neither staying longer at hotels nor eating famous food for previous trips because I didn't have enough time.However,I
    didn't have m [続きを読む]
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