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misako rocksさん: ミサコのNY毒舌ライフ 4コマ漫画
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ブログタイトルミサコのNY毒舌ライフ 4コマ漫画
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  • View this post on Instagram (日本語下記) Wouldn't it be funny if the cast of my manga book Bounce Back move to
    Japan? ?? They become exchange students in Japan. Obviously Nala will love wearing Lilico's school uniform. If u can, d
    o u want to go to a school in Japan? It's a total different experience 続きをみる『著作権保護のため、記事の
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    y here and some ideas of the merchandise!!! If you have any requests of the merchandise, please leave your comme続きをみる『
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  • (日本語下記) introducing Lilico's new friend in America, Nala! She loves being dressed up and even makes her own clothe
    s. And loves loves wearing crazy and fun wigs. She likes what she likes and is a very loyal friend to have. You'll see her a
    mazing costumes! I'm having fun drawing her dresses.?? What do you want続きをみる『著作権保護のため、記
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  • (日本語下記) I have a big announcement to make!! I'm working on a new English manga graphic novel right now and will sho
    w you guys the sketches of my charactersnext couple characters!!! I'd love to know what you think of each character!? ?
    ? First introducing the main character Lilico who is in a middle school in Japan, loves kawaii stuff and plays basketball. Then s
    he will move to America [続きを読む]