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ブログタイトルMy favorite things.
サイト紹介文I write some items, travels, Japanese traditional.
自由文I would like to write various things in English with some pictures. These articles are written for my English learning, but, if these articles help to guide foreign people, it is very happy for me.
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  • Mt. Fuji from other mountain.
  • Mt. Fuji is very huge and high mountain.You can see Fuji from many place.Actually, When I went a mountain near Mt. Fuji, I could s
    ee the large Mt. Fuji from the summit of the mountain.I went to the mountain at early summer.Almost of snow on the Mt. Fuji has me
    lted at the time.Mt. Fuji is big black mountain while summer season.Black Mt. Fuji  take from Mt. MinobuA name of the mountai
    n is Mt. M [続きを読む]
  • Yumenoshima Tropical Plant Dome
  • This facility is a large sun room for tropical plant.There is the dome at Yumenoshima area of Tokyo.At first, this area was sea.Go
    vernment made a final landfill site at here in 1950's.At that time this area called Yumenoshima.This area was reclaimed as a final
    landfill site until later 1960's.During landfilling period, this area had much rubbish heap, so, sometimes the area generated man
    y flies. T [続きを読む]
  • Junidanya a famous Shabushabu Retaurant in Gion Kyoto
  • Junidanya is a famous ShabuShabu restaurant.There is the restaurant in Gion area of Kyoto.Junidanya is a Japan traditional style r
    estaurant. Origin of Junidanya started in Taisho era as Japanese cake shop. And current style of the restaurant started at postwar
    period.Jyunidanya Gion KyotoAt that time, a master of the restaurant has created a current style of ShabuShabu. In fact, some peo
    ple say th [続きを読む]
  • German Zen priest Nölke Muhou
  • He is a trueborn German person.He is a chief priest of Antai temple in Hyogo prefecture.Antai temple doesn't have any supporter of
    a temple such as other Buddhist temple. This temple is a pure training temple for Zen priest.I have read a his book at several we
    eks ago.I have not known him before reading this book.I am going to Zazen meeting every Sunday, because I am interested in Zen. I
    read the b [続きを読む]
  • iKnow! #2.
  • iKnow is a SaaS type tool for language studying.I wrote that iKnow provides tool and database at a previous article.iKnow provides
    over two hundred English courses and forty Chinese courses.Of course you can try these courses.However, you can make your origina
    l course by iKnow also.I almost use this original courses of making by myself.I am making new courses even now. I have already ins
    talled ove [続きを読む]
  • iKnow! #1
  • iKnow! is a SaaS type English study tool.This tool provides many questions from database.Feature of this tool is based on a forget
    ting curve theory.If you input a correct answer of one idiom, the tool doesn't provide a question of the idiom for a long time.Oth
    erwise, if you input wrong answer of one idiom, the tool provides a question of the idiom for a short while.Even if you provided c
    orrect ans [続きを読む]
  • The Kegon waterfalls
  • Eighty percent of national land in Japan is mountain area.Almost river of Japan is short and rapid stream.Therefore there are many
    falls at mountain area of Japan.The Kegon waterfalls is very famous.The Kegon Falls begins to flow from Lake Chuzenji.Lake Chuzen
    ji is in the Nikko national park.Nikko Toushougu shrine is also in the Nikko national park.If you go to Nikko Toushougu shrine fro
    m Kegon wa [続きを読む]
  • ESL Podcast 2 English Cafe
  • I have written about ESL Podcast in a previous article. I have written mainly dialogue and learning guide at the article.ESL podca
    st has other enjoyable contents, it is English Cafe. I like the English Cafe than other dialogues.ESL podcast provides many variet
    y of episode as English Cafe.I indicate current episode the following.( link of under article to my blog, sorry in Japanese) 
    A famous s [続きを読む]
  • ESL podcast 1
  • I am using some tools for English studying.One of the tool is ESL Podcast.ESL Podcast is provided a kind of podcast provider.ESL P
    odcast is provided by the Center for Education Development.Host of this podcast is Dr. Jeff McQullan, and a script writer of this
    podcast is  Dr. Lucy Tse.Logo of ESL PodcastSorry, I have forgotten writing an important thing, ESL stands for English as a S
    econd Lang [続きを読む]
  • Result of April running
  • I ran one hundred thirty six kilo meters in April, wow.I kept this record on Runkeeper application of Android.I got this
    distance on running by 33 days.This April had 30 days, sometimes I ran twice per day.April running was so long distance, therefor
    e it is difficult to set May's target.I would like to run in May from hundred kilo meters to one hundred twenty kilo meters.I thin
    k I want t [続きを読む]
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