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  • Our familys' Profile.
  • Yomeko age:32151cm small sizeBlack hairMother of two kidsEngineerNot detail orientedlove : surfering internetreading books stayin
    g home Not good at houseworkHusband. age:31gentleThe face looks like foxbut the body is...a little .fat.Not exerciseLove anime Alw
    ays use smart phonedaugther: age:4Shy girl.Love disney princessNot interest in EnglishLove her brother and care him well [続きを読む]
  • Making handcrafts for the summer fes @daycare
  • The summer festival will hold the end of the August at daycare.There will be different events every year.This year, we make 7 kind
    s of hand crafts for the prize of easy game.We have two kids, so we had to make more than 14 goods.The way to make them were easy,
    but our baby always like a dinosaor.Making them  itself was like an event"Hold him!" "Get away the craft
    s! He want to play with t [続きを読む]
  • The flower festival @Shimotsuma.
  • Read in Japanese.The flower festival was held at Shimotsuma in Ibaraki prefecture.It's near my parents' house.The park con
    sists of seven areas.The Kids park, park golf place, sports area, the nature center(museum), nature observation area, BBQ area and
    flower area.At this time when poppies and nasturtiums are at their best, the flower festival is held every year.The colorful flow
    ers spread full of [続きを読む]
  • The sudden earthquake astonished my son.
  • Read in JapaneseOur region is called "nest of earthquake".There're many  quakes compare with other places in Ka
    nto.On Monday evening, an earthquake hits around our region.As the epicenter of that was near our living place, that  occured
    suddenly with loud sound and strong shake.If the epicenter is far, it becomes bigger gradually.My kids were playing together at c
    orridor at that time.The [続きを読む]
  • Going to Tokyo Disney land with my Sofia and Little green man.
  • Read in JapaneseI won the tickets "Park fan party" in the Tokyo Disney land last month.So we went there this weekend.My
    daughter wore a dress of "the princess Sofia"As she was really shy, she hardly let me take her pictures.She was welcomed
    by many casts."Hello, princess. Have a wonderful day!"But she hid behind me or her daddy.My son wore a costume of "
    ;Little green man"My little green man was hav [続きを読む]
  • Son got a fever that caused by Human metapneumo virus.
  • I've never heard about this virus.The doctor told "it's a new type. It's not so series like flu, and its sym
    ptoms are similar to RS virus."As the doctor said, son had a high fever, runny nose and wet caugh very.his fever continued fo
    r four days.He is getting well now, expect a wet caugh.But he could go nowhere during his holiday.I feel sorry for him. [続きを読む]
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