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  • The true horror stories in modern Paris part 79
  • I have deleted my last update which deviated from the updates of my true struggles in Paris. I wish to make up by responding to t
    he suggestion made by my loyal follower. Christopher Meade (a writer, funny and compassionate) was so indignant about the calcula
    ting Mme. Landlord, that he suggested that I should take revenge in the comment section of episode 78. Appeasing thought and I am
    only huma [続きを読む]
  • The true horror stories in modern Paris part 78
  • The pain in my wrist lingered too long that I had to return to Japan because my other wrist began to hurt. I needed the help of m
    y family in Japan with every day chores. Thus I have been following the news of the World Cup in Japan. Let me tell you, the Jap
    anese would have preferred our national team to have progressed to the top 16 in a different manner. No need to condemn us. We k
    now that s [続きを読む]
  • The true horror stories in modern Paris part 77
  • My injured wrist has had some rest. I’m not sure if anyone would care for my updates while the world cup 2018 is on, but I’d
    better write some before my wrist gives way again.In hindsight, I was always uneasy that Mme. Landlord constantly reminded the peo
    ple around her of her good deeds. She called herself ‘a good person yet underappreciated.’ It may be very Japanese of me, bu
    t I was brough [続きを読む]
  • The true horror stories in modern Paris
  • The pain in my wrist has returned that I must take things easy, so I cannot update my blog this week. But I am sure the world is
    focused on the World Cup 2018 anyway. I know I am. What a world cup magic that Iceland and Mexico have held their ground agains
    t two Golliaths of the football world. にほんブログ村 [続きを読む]
  • The true horror stories in modern Paris part 76
  • I’ve been enduring inflammation of a tendon in my wrist. It is getting better, so I resume my blog about the three evils I encountered since arriving in Paris. The Goliath-type predators stand before you like a wall, so there is a chance you can spot them and run the other way. The second evil, the hypocrite sludge, save their smile for the people in power, while ruthlessly stomp over the weak [続きを読む]
  • The true horror stories in modern Paris part 75
  • In hindsight, there have been many clues, but you do not want to admit that you have misjudged your friends. Your sense of loyalt
    y forbids you to even suspect them and those hyenas are gifted in appealing to your noble streak by throwing in noble statements h
    ere and there. However, their actions betray their words, if you allow yourself to scrutinize them.I first wondered about Mme. La
    ndlord’s [続きを読む]
  • The true horror stories in modern Paris part 74
  • The sharpest sword in the world is said to be the samurai swords. My ancestors were entrusted with enormous responsibility that c
    ould cut through anything…except sludge. It would simply wrap itself around the sword while dripping on your clothes to stick a
    s stains, which you just cannot shake it off. I started to wonder if Mr. Honour and Mr. Pride were themselves preyed upon by Mr.
    Justice’s [続きを読む]