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  • ブログ移行のお知らせ
  • fc2 ブログから、はてなブログに移行しました。新しいブログ移行先↓↓↓http://glovalish-english.hatenablog.com/TOEIC関連のみ、引き続き以前の記事を読むことができます。今後ともどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。TOEICランキングにほんブログ村 [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#28)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 28In order to achieve the best performance of Glovalish air-conditioner, clean the filter ________.(
    A) extremely(B) regularly(C) deeply(D) heavily------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    -----------------------------------------------《解説》副詞語彙見るべき箇所:clean the filter ______Part 5 を解
    く際、常に「選択肢の違い」を意識す [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#27)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 27To maintain the company's high ________, it is required for employees to attend an monthly tr
    aining workshop.(A) accounts(B) committees(C) standards(D) themes-----------------------------------------------------------------
    ------------------------------------------------------------------《解説》名詞語彙見るべき箇所maintain the company&a
    pos;s ________,名詞語彙問題なので「動詞 [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#26)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 26The entrance of the main building will be closed ________ for maintenance next week.(A) formerly(B
    ) annually(C) temporarily(D) cautiously-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----------------------------------------《解説》副詞語彙見るべき箇所will be closed ________ for maintenance next wee
    k(A) formerly(以前)→以前の [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#25)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 25Glovalish employees must ________ the safety guidelines as described in the company rule book.(A)
    take(B) follow(C) lead(D) carry---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    --------------------------------《解説》動詞語彙見るべき箇所must ________ the safety guidelines動詞語彙問題の
    正答は名詞目的語とのコロケーションで [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#24)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 24Glovalish Inc. has sent a leaflet to regional supervisors that describes fruits and vegetables wit
    h the highest ________ of vitamins.(A) attractions(B) concentrations(C) beneficiaries(D) commands---------------------------------
    肢には異なる意味の名詞複数形 [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#23)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 23The eye-catching display at the main entrance is ________ made up of beautiful flowers.(A) enough(
    B) exclusively(C) primarily(D) everywhere-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ------------------------------------------《解説》副詞語彙見るべき箇所is ________ made up of beautiful flowers.make
    up of ~ 「〜で構成する」(A) en [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#22)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 22The data indicates that growth in Glovalish Inc.'s revenue this year helped ________ a decrea
    se in sales overseas.(A) offset(B) outplay(C) input(D) overact--------------------------------------------------------------------
    ---------------------------------------------------------------《解説》動詞語彙見るべき箇所helped ________ a decreas
    e(A) offset(マイナス要素を)補う(B [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#21)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 21It is required for the manager of Glovalish Inc. to travel abroad and must be ________ to a variet
    y of situations.(A) opposed(B) adaptable(C) versatile(D) relative-----------------------------------------------------------------
    ------------------------------------------------------------------《解説》形容詞語彙見るべき箇所be ________ to a va
    riety of situations(A) opposed [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#20)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 20Glovalish Inc.'s new work boots, Robust Boots, are ________ named for its durability and stre
    ngth.(A) suitably(B) suitable(C) suitability(D) suitableness----------------------------------------------------------------------
    -------------------------------------------------------------《解説》品詞問題(A) suitably → 副詞(B) suitable → 形
    容詞(C) suitability → 名詞(D) suita [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#19)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 19Because the contract seemed to have been ________ made, the client demanded that it be modified ag
    ain.(A) hastily(B) soon(C) repeatedly(D) altogether-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    まずは空欄前後だけで考えて見ます(A) hastil [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#18)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 18Glovalish Inc.'s delivery service is ________ referred to as "Bullet Shipping" beca
    use of its first response.(A) relatively(B) abruptly(C) commonly(D) mutually------------------------------------------------------
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------《解説》副詞語彙見るべき箇所is ________
    referred to as今回は受動態とのコンビネーショ [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#17)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 17The city benefits from major industries such as automobile and motorcycle ________.(A) manufacture
    r(B) manufactures(C) manufactured(D) manufacture----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    -------------------------------------------------《解説》品詞問題見るべき箇所はautomobile and motorcycle ________.(
    A) manufacturer → 名詞「製造者 [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#16)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 16The committee recommended that further emphasis be put _______ R&D next year.(A) during(B) for(C)
    on(D) against---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    見極め(ロジック)、それらをつなぐのに適切な前置詞を選ぶ [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#15)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 15Due to its excellent customer service, Glovalish Inc. has become one of the most highly ________ e
    ducation providers in the area.(A) regarded(B) determined(C) impressed(D) intended------------------------------------------------
    詞)語彙問題文脈を考えると「素晴 [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#14)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 14Because Glovalish Inc. understands the importance of protecting personal information of customers,
    it makes data privacy a high ________.(A) seniority(B) loyalty(C) minority(D) priority-------------------------------------------
    はit makes data privacy a high [続きを読む]
  • (無題)
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#13)本日の Part 5 の問題No. 13Participants should work in pairs during a week-long workshop to help _
    _______ obtain the skills for operating the machines.(A) yourself(B) one such(C) everything(D) each other-------------------------
    yourself ⇒ 再帰代名詞 [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#12)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 12Customers are eligible for a refund for any merchandise with ________ they are not satisfied.(A) w
    ho(B) what(C) which(D) whose------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ズバリ解答テクニックのみお話します。<時短解答テク [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#11)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 11Glovalish Inc. has been in the position of a leading company in publishing industry over the last
    20 years ________ its foundation.(A) since(B) almost(C) however(D) therefore------------------------------------------------------
    プの問題は①接続詞の働き②前置詞 [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#10)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 10The annual international conference will be held on June 15, and all employees of Glovalish Inc. _
    _______ to participate.(A) to invite(B) invite(C) inviting(D) are invited---------------------------------------------------------
    のポイントを元に動詞問題を作ります。 [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#9)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 9Surface coating materials of Glovalish Inc. are highly ________ to almost all the stains and can be
    wiped off easily with water.(A) resistance(B) resisted(C) resistant(D) resists---------------------------------------------------
    はare highly ________ to だけまず [続きを読む]
  • 韓国版TOEIC公式問題集
  • 新しい韓国版ETS公式問題集が発売されたので、早速取り寄せてみました。前回の「公式総合」、「公式実戦」以来なので、約1年ぶりですね〜5回分の試験(下のLC&RCの2冊)とYBM模試が1回分(上の1冊)実質6回分の模試が送料込みで5,150円なのでかなりお得ですリスニング音声は、いつもどおりMP3をダウンロードする形です別冊の模試は期間限定のようです。ETSのロゴが無いのでYBMオリジナルの模試でしょうか?音声を聞いてナレ [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#8)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 8Glovalish Inc. offers excellent agency ________ that perfectly meet its customer's needs.(A) i
    s serviced(B) service(C) was serviced(D) services --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ---------------------------------------------------《解説》品詞問題見るべきポイントはoffers excellent agency ____
    ____ that perfectly meet品詞問題は基本 [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#7)
  • 本日の Part 5 の問題No. 7Executives at Glovalish Institutes are encouraged to ________ several options before making a decis
    ion.(A) think(B) reply(C) inquire(D) examine--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    を考えるのではなく、まず以下の点でアプローチ [続きを読む]
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#6)
  • 1日1題 TOEIC Part 5 (#6)本日の Part 5 の問題No. 6________ about the actual cost of the product have delayed the launch of
    the production line.(A) Additions(B) Manners(C) Materials(D) Concerns-------------------------------------------------------------
    つ1つ選択肢を入れ最後まで読み、正解選 [続きを読む]