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  • Friday night - Great time to work on the manuscript... :
  • The abstract that I submitted long ago to an academic conference was accepted!! Yay! This means that now I can submit the full pap
    er. This does not mean that I have better chance of getting my paper accepted. It’s really just a chance to submit one. That’s
    all. :Anyway, I’m preparing another manuscript for another conference. I was literally working on it till just now. I’d think
    I am a real r [続きを読む]
  • Rejection - After...
  • My manuscript was rejected as you have have seen. I was a bit bummed about it but the journal was top ranked, very competitive one
    so I wasn’t really expecting to have it accepted straight away. I was actually keen on improving the manuscript. So I went
    to speak to my supervisor. He was more bummed than I was lol. He kept saying things like how it’s like a lottery and there are a
    lot of pol [続きを読む]
  • 2 more paper + thesis then I'mdone!
  • I suddenly come to realise that all I have to do to finish my PhD is to write 1 Conference paper, 1 journal article and the thesis
    . Thesis would write itself through these publications so I just have to write these two paper. Then I can start to look for a job
    or do whatever! For the next few months, I’m just gonna focus on these two so that I can finish before the completion date!
    !!突然気づ [続きを読む]
  • Conference presentation
  • So I got this conference coming up on Thursday. I’ve heard that it would be like a mock conference so I was quite relaxed about it. I’ve already got my full paper written and everything. Then I realised I don’t know how the presenters will be presenting. So I emailed them then I realised I was meant to be bringing in a Power Point slides along with physical copies of the full paper. I was like [続きを読む]
  • I’ve been working on the research methodology part. This...
  • I’ve been working on the research methodology part. This chapter is the linkage between literature review and results chapters. I’ve really only been writing skeletons of each section because I’m still writing a paper based on this chapter anyway. First thing I gotta do is to submit the abstract of the paper so I just have to know the key idea of how the paper would be laid out. This process to [続きを読む]
  • Article writing - Reviews, re-write, reviews, re-write...
  • I’ve been working on this draft of a journal article based on the lit review of my thesis. The draft is finally good enough to b
    e reviewed by my supervisors. Review-rewrite process seems endless though.I just started working on another draft for a conference
    paper. I’m literally starting from a scratch so no idea how long it takes to get the abstract done. Hopefully before the abstra
    ct submissio [続きを読む]