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O12Oさん: 12th Man in the Motor City
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ブログタイトル12th Man in the Motor City
サイト紹介文Blog of 12th Man in Motor City, Detroit.
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  • Things That Gave Me Confidence
  • ブログネタ:自信につながったこと 参加中Things that lead me to have confidence: Two things that lead me to have
    confidence recently would be: Public Speech for Anti-RFRA (against Religious Freedom Restoration Act) a few years back that I was
    invited to speak on and medi [続きを読む]
  • Yubikake; Finger Sack
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    prior to the actual time of me needing to be there. In US, especia [続きを読む]
  • How To Tie Tiiger #02
  • ブログネタ:予定きっちり立てたい?場面行動したい? 参加中 私は場面行動したい派 I don't like
    plan things too tightly, when traveling. I mean, I'm all for it to plan in general sense, like departure time and arrival time, bu
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  • ブログネタ:3分で済む用事は電話?LINE? 参加中 私はLINE派 I personally would prefer text message, messenger or Line or quite frankly anything other than phone calls, but it all depends. The organization I'm involved with, I'm the youngest one on the board, so other folks t [続きを読む]
  • Mac or Win PC?
  • ブログネタ:マック?ウィンドウズ? 参加中私はマック派!Wish I had seen this blog challenge before I wro
    te the article I wrote a few days ago! I'm definitely going with Mac on this one. I used to be a very loyal Win PC user for a whil
    e. I enjoyed Win 2000, then XP. I never had [続きを読む]
  • The New Editor Review
  • ブログネタ:PCリニューアル版エディタの感想を教えて【ドットマネーがもらえる!】 参加中I really wish the ameba blog has developed blog editor that has "wordwrap" functions for those of us that write blogs in alphabets based languages. The firefox browser works fine and shows blogs nice with a [続きを読む]
  • No Regrets
  • ブログネタ:最近後悔したこと 参加中Things I regret recently... hmmm. I don't regret, the most of the things that
    we tend to regret are because we didn't think it through. And you kind a get the feeling, that you'll be regretting the choice you
    made later on, when you [続きを読む]
  • Mac & Streaming
  • ブログネタ:今の悩み 参加中I've switched from being a long time Windows user to a Mac user. I enjoy my macbook air (E
    arly 2014 13" model) now and the love the fact that all my electric devices are in sync and all that, but there are still som
    e small things that I [続きを読む]
  • At Retreat Center with Sanshin
  • ブログネタ:買ってよかったと思うもの 参加中I'm a guy who detests consumerism and materialism of the culture w
    e live in. But one thing I'm glad that I acquired recently is definitely the Sanshin. I was actually debating myself whether to ge
    t the Sanshin or the Shamisen. I [続きを読む]
  • Traveling with Sanshin
  • ブログネタ:いま旅行に行くならどこ?【投稿でドットマネーがもらえる!】 参加中So... Where wou
    ld I travel, well definitely Chicago is my top choice for sure. I have bunch of good friends there, and with great public transpor
    tation system, I can pretty much go anywhere without cars! (A plea [続きを読む]
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