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Yukiさん: the Seaside Drifter
ハンドル名Yuki さん
ブログタイトルthe Seaside Drifter
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  • Brunch
  • I tend to be bad at eating breakfast. Most of the time I just drink some orange juice or coffee, but never feel the need to cook m
    yself a nice breakfast, which is the most important meal at the day.  I know it shouldn't be skipped, well... but I do love b
    runch. When you can wake up slowly and cook in your pjs.When I am eating I normally check waves and call my friends to see if we c
    an get in [続きを読む]
  • Breath
  • Breathing is the most tiny self-consciousness technique we do without knowing it sometimes. Most recently I have started taki
    ng yoga classes, and I learned that breathing is very important for your health.Taking the time to focus on breathing properly can
    take a lot of energy but eventually it can lead you to relaxing more. While listening to my own breathing, I realized I had a lot
    of tensio [続きを読む]
  • Tourmaline Surf Park
  • Tourmaline, what a beautiful name. I'm always in awe by such a wonderful name.Tourmaline surf park is located at the rocky promont
    ory of La Jolla begins, North Pacific Beach in San Diego.  La Jolla means the jewel in Spanish and you can actually see the t
    rue jewelries it has to offer all around the area.  This place is one of my all time favorite surf spot, actually it is the f
    irst place [続きを読む]
  • Good vibes
  • Putting your surfboards somewhere you can always see it in your place can perhaps give you a good vibe.Someplace, put my surfboard
    is right in front of my bed, facing me.Just looking at makes me imagine the energy of the waves, walking on the perfect crystal w
    ater, hanging out with my friends out in the breaks and endless ideas for the next trip with my board.There is no room for bad tho
    ughts only [続きを読む]
  • Beginnings
  • Welcome to my little nirvana for loves, thoughts, dreams, beauties and stories. I want to express my world through images which ar
    e all taken with my eyes, and also in two different languages.Thinking about the meaning of my life, I found it so tiny compared t
    o the whole universe. Regardless the fact, I want to believe there is destiny of my life and expressing and sharing my world is on
    ly thing t [続きを読む]
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