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While living in Japan, I decided to create this blog to express my thoughts about various topics.
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  • Brexit Likelihood/英国のEU離脱確率
  • Bloomberg’s sources are giving this a probability of 19% as of 2016/06/27. So not completely improbable, but not yet low enoughfor the world torelax. 米ニュース・メディアのBloombergの出所によると、2015/06/27時点の「Brexit」の確立は19%と言われている。可能性は無くはないが、まだ世界の安心している場合じゃないという訳だ。 The referendum is scheduled to be held on23 June 2016. 今回の国民投票は201 [続きを読む]
  • Efficient Giving/効果的な贈与 (Part 1)
  • In the west of late, a considerable amount of attention has been given to the concept of effective giving (otherwise known as ‘E
    ffective Altruism‘). Where once a benefactor would be content in contributing to a large well-known charity under the assumption
    that one donation is as good as any other, lately more scrutiny is being … Continue reading Efficient Giving/効果的な贈与
    (Part1) → [続きを読む]
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