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  • Rice rincer for 1 or 2 persons by Akebono
  • In order to taste delicious cooked rice, correctly washing it is one of the important and necessary procedures. Here introduced the rice washer “KomeTogi Samurai”manufactured by Akebono Industry is for this purpose. Polish rice Samurai Red CH-2028 The product’s upper part is printed a resolute-eyed face figure, and with an easily holding handle (inspiration came […] [続きを読む]
  • 【REVIEW】SHARP plasmacluster futon dryer DI-DD1S-W
  • Today, I will introduce SHARP’s Plasmacluster Dryer DI-DD1S. It contains SHARP’s original air disinfecting technology. This Hi
    gh Density Plasmacluster Ion is released along with hot air serving as a dryer. It can avoid and prevent mites in beds, and could
    also be used for deodorizing and drying clothes and shoes. SHARP futon dryer (white line) […] [続きを読む]
  • Heat cooling sheets”Netsusama sheet” by Kobayashi
  • I often had a fever when I was a child. My mother put a towel on my forehead which is wetted by the water in a washbowl near my pi
    llow several times a year. When I had a high temperature, she busks ice pack because towel cannot be useful no longer. When I was
    a […] [続きを読む]