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  • My Birthday!  たんじょうび。
  • Hi! It was my Birthday on September 4th! When I woke up on my Birthday morning, my Mom sprinkeld some confettti made out of origam
    i on me. It was really fun! Then, I woke up, and had my Birthday breakfast. I had some bacon, hash brown, and a fried egg. It was
    delicious! Then, my baby cousin woke up. (He is staying at my house, because he lives in Calgary. he came over for a visit.) [続きを読む]
  • My Playdate!   プレイデイト。
  • Today, I went to my friend's house! It was incredibly fun! First, I played some games. Then, I went outside with my friend, a
    nd knocked on other friend's houses. When we had all our friends together, we played at a playground nearby. In 30 minutes, w
    e all went back to our own houses. After a while, we ate lunch. We had some noodles. It was delicious! Then, after playing a few m
    ore games, we ate di [続きを読む]
  • Whole Foods ホールフーズ
  • Hi! I went to Whole Foods near Brentwood today. It was raining, so I had to use an umbrella. At Whole Foods I bought some grocerie
    s. Then I went home. And after that, I ate some White Grapes. After a short while, I ate dinner. I made the recipe myself! It was
    delicious! Then I read a book for about 20 minutes.こんにちわ。ブレントウッドのちかくの、ホールフーズに
    いきました。あめがふっていたので [続きを読む]
  • Belcarra Park ベルカラパーク
  • Hello! I went to Belcarra Park in Port Moody today. I played at a playground there. It was really fun! Then I saw some crabs. Aft
    er, I went to Buntzen Lake around Sunnyside Road. I played in a lake there. I had a lot of fun! Then I went home. I ate Udon, (a t
    ype of Japanese noodles) with some nato (Japanese sticky beans). Then I drew some pictures of Pokemon. After that, I rea [続きを読む]
  • My Favorite Things すきなもの
  • Hi again! I just didin't know what to type, so I thought to myself, how about I write some things that I like? Then this beca
    me to be my next post. I'm a big fan of Pokemon, and I love Rollar Coasters. I also like Art and Reading. My favorite type of
    food is sushi, and I love a Japanese type of food called Okonoyamiki! It is very good. My favorite type of instrument is the Pian [続きを読む]
  • Shopping At Suzuya! すずやで かいもの。
  • Hi again! I went to a Japanese shop called Suzuya, on Southoaks, Burnaby. There is a Japanese school close to Suzuya, which I used
    to go to. It was really fun! I saw a plant called Mimosa Pudica. When you touch it, the plant bows. It stays like that for a few
    minutes, then comes back up again. It was super cool! I bought some Japanese groceries. I also bought some candy. It was delicious
    !こん [続きを読む]
  • My Beginning はじまり
  • Hi! This is my first day on my Blog I just created. I am planning to write my blog in both English and Japanese. So for those who
    can only read or know Japanese, they can also enjoy my Blog too! こんにちわ。きょうからブログをはじめました
    。にほんごとえいごでかいていきます。にほんごだけよめるひとも、たのしんでください。 [続きを読む]
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