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My hobby is to play the keyboard and band.
In this blog, i want to write about myselfe, my dairy life and my hobby in order to enhance the ability of English.

Best Regards
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  • Curry house
  • Today was a curry house.Curry house is one of the training of job that is held in daycare.Yesterday, I mistook some decision.I can
    't say it in this blog, but failure of choice on life added to my experience.I'll never do the same mistake.So, my condi
    tion was bad, but high.Today's part of mine was to check the name of the member of family against a list.I managed to do that
    job, and curry house was [続きを読む]
  • I want to make a vow
  • I want to make a vow.I wanted to be loved by everyone.But, I thought it was not meaningful for me to take a good face to everyone.
    Those who take a good atitude to everyone tends not to be loved by everyone.They have no friends because they accord themselves to
    person's atitude.There are no policy.I'm the one of them.Of course, there need to have social skills.Having a good rela
    tionship to everyone [続きを読む]
  • I want to study something seriously
  • I'm glaucoma.So, my visibility of right eye weaken day by day.Perhaps, it will be the end of my visibility someday.But, I wil
    l want to keep on studying anything.If my visibility weaken someday, I must take all information from my ears.So, acquiring second
    language is what I should do.I want to study something seriously.Once upon a time, I thought studying was not the thing which mak
    es people's min [続きを読む]
  • I went to daycare
  • Today, I went to daycare.Today, we introduced each favourite songs with each other in the program.I introduced song titled "A
    ll She Wrote" by Firehouse.Firehouse is the band which buoyed up people in 80's.I introduced this song because I thoguht
    that the song is easy to be listened as hardrock.It was great time because I began to know various kind of songs everyone always
    listen.After the program [続きを読む]
  • I went to Ekoda to see live performance
  • Today, I went to Ekoda to see the live performance.A company's colleague of my friend performed, so my friend invited me to g
    o there.The harmony of that band was good and I felt it is good to see the acoustic Live performance, too.I had never seen the aco
    ustic Live. I had prejudice that band must emit big noise.After the perforamance, my friend went to Otsuka station with me in orde
    r to be given t [続きを読む]
  • I went to daycare
  • Today, I went to daycare.There were about 7 successive rainy days, so I couldn't dry clothes in the sun for long time.But to
    day I could do it.Today, we had a meeting of planning to do in next month.I have the English Conversation Club. So, I made an appo
    intment of hosting it in next month.The date will be on November 1st because our advisor can't come to our class except for t
    hat date.The theme w [続きを読む]
  • I went to daycare and attended the health class
  • Today, I went to daycare and chat with people.One of the member asked me whether or not I take part in the Nabe party he will pres
    ide over.I will take part in it on December.Today's program was health class.In health class, we learn education of health an
    d rehabilitation repeatedly.Altough it is repeated and do the same thing, it is meaningful to attend this class.People forget what
    they learned, [続きを読む]
  • I went to daycare
  • Today, I went to daycare.In the main program, which was SST, I gave topic which I am now worried.The content of topic was that I d
    on't understand where is the point of conversion from private to public.And I asked I wanted to know how to express myself wi
    thout outstanding during work.Everyone answered to my question.They adviced me that it is good for me to do all I have to do for w
    orking.That is [続きを読む]
  • About my eyes illness - glaucoma -
  • Today, I would like to explain about my eyes illness called glaucoma.About 1and half years ago, I felt strange on my visibility an
    d went to the hospital.I had known galucoma as a knowledge before I went to the hospital.Glaucoma, which is the sick that makes vi
    sbility lack, is now my principal problem.I worryed my visibility desapeared and I may not lead an ordinary life like now.I unders
    tand that [続きを読む]
  • I went to daycare
  • Today, I went to daycare.We had a leisure time today.We played a game. In that game, we made several sentences, shuffled these sen
    tences in randome way and placed them in order.We could make sentences which has some kind of meaning by replacing them.It was fun
    to make messy sentences. After that, we played another game. In that game, we seperated into about 6 groups and drunk water.In th
    e water we [続きを読む]
  • Studying HTML
  • From yesterday, I began to study HTML.When I was university student, I had an opportunity to learn HTML.But, in those days, I didn
    't have eagerness to aquire the skill of HTML.I learned programing when I had worked in IT company.In that company, I learned
    Java.So, I had bought the text book of Java and thought to want to begin to study it about 2 weeks ago.But, Java is difficult for
    me...And what [続きを読む]
  • Practice to sing songs
  • Today, I didn't go to daycare because I was tired of running.I went to Shimamura insturument shop at Kashiwanoha campus stati
    on to practice my songs.These songs will be played on October 26 at Nakameguro.So, I created one song called "Halloween Fanta
    sy" for that event because it is a halloween event.I sang this song at studio today.But I felt it was difficult for me to sin
    g this song like recordin [続きを読む]
  • About my skill and my vanity
  • I thought I liked English.But, it was not truth. The reason why I liked English was that I could get high score in the examminatio
    n.I feel now that.My score of Toeic is low, about half and can't be said "high score".So I can't satisfy my va
    nity well for years.At last, do I study English for vanity?Do I study English for ostenation?I don't know about it.Yesterday,
    I went to Akihabara to play songs [続きを読む]
  • English conversation club in day care part2
  • Today, we had English conversation club in daycare.Today's topic was as follows.1.A good thing and bad thing which you had in
    a month.2.About your symptom3.How to cope with that symptomI considered these kind of topics in advance.But, it spent about 1 hou
    r to introduce 1. So we must cut time for 2 and 3.We decided to introduce the topic and make questions about what the speakers sai
    d to us.If he o [続きを読む]
  • English conversation club in day care
  • On August 4, we had english conversation club in day care.Teacher had experience to live in USA for 8years..At first, we introduce
    d ourselves with each other in English.Because there were the people who had been away from English for a long time, I wrote an ex
    ample of introducing on white board.Thanks to this example, we all oculd introduce ourselves with each ohter.After that, we decide
    d to make [続きを読む]
  • I will make a program of english conversation in daycare
  • Today, I went nowhere.I have a plan that I will make a program of english conversation in nightcare.The participants are limited t
    o those who understand english so so because it is misery for those who are biginner not to speak english and just to endure the t
    ime passing by.At least, the score of participants must be more than 300 in TOEIC ecamination.We can grow with each other by makin
    g conversa [続きを読む]
  • Live on Tanabata party
  • Today, I took part in the Live of the daycare band.We played 3 songs.I wanted to sing my songs.But it will not be well for the eve
    nt because if I sing my songs, my performance will be more outstanding than the performance of the band. From the perspective of g
    eneral, I refrain from singing my songs this time.Today, one of my friends who is now working came to daycare to see that performa
    nce of the [続きを読む]
  • Musical Theory
  • I have been studying the musical theory by using guide book since this April.It seems difficult for me to understand, but I think
    I must study it.The reason why I start to do this is that I want to know what I do in composition.And I want to broaden my musical
    world by studying this theory.I think my song is lack of ''diminish'' and '' augument''.
    They are tend to be used in the process of stable [続きを読む]
  • Boring
  • Today, we had a program to go to Minamikashiwa station to play boring game.We played 2games and my high score was 120.My average i
    s always about from 80 to 100.So, today's score was high for me.It had past 2 years since I had played boring game.So, I enjo
    yed boring game. [続きを読む]
  • It's hard to be slim
  • 5years ago, I was slim because I had a habit to run even after part tim job.Now my body weight increase about 20kg from that time.
    So, I want to be slim like before, and I wrote about it in this blog yesterday.But things is not easy.I run 5 days in success.My m
    uscle is now screaming though I didn't move my muscle flexibly.Somebody seemed to speak ill of my weight.But I don't min
    d it.All I should do [続きを読む]
  • Exercise
  • I want to excerise my muscle from now on.I thought I can grow up the fundemental ability by excersing my muscle.By excersing my mu
    scle, I want to have fundemental motivation in my mind.What fundemental motivaton means is the power that the man try to keep on d
    oing that work.I heard acquiring second language is simmilar to exercising muscle.And I will have confidence as male if I can have
    good body [続きを読む]
  • Tojishakenkyu at Machida
  • Today, I went to Machida city to do Tojishakenkyu. I had been to Sagamihara once, so I had several freinds in that city.In the mor
    ning, we shared the history of Bethel's house. I had an opportunity to say about my symptom. After the lunch, we shared our s
    ymptoms with each other and shared information and tackle with the problem of the one who come to the Tojishakenkyu for the first
    time.There [続きを読む]
  • My Voice
  • Today, I went to Karaoke to practice singning.I discovered my pitch was not stable, even though it is enough to be listened.For ex
    ample, I sang songs of Iron Maiden.I understood my voice was not stable and thin.It is nessecerry for me to use middle voice in or
    der to sing these kind of songs.My voice is not strong in a authentic sense.I can sing a song like Judas Priest.It's suit to
    my voice, but I [続きを読む]
  • I joined the HardRock band in Chiba
  • Two days ago, I went to Tsudanuma in order to join the HardRock band.It's an original band and my part is vocal.I listened to
    thier song and I had the impression thier song is influenced by Rainbow.I like those kind of songs.We promised to have session. A
    nd content of this session was to play Deep Purple's songs.BurnSmoke on the waterHighway starI practiced to sing Burn at Kara
    oke in Tsudanuma in [続きを読む]