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My hobby is to play the keyboard and band.
In this blog, i want to write about myselfe, my dairy life and my hobby in order to enhance the ability of English.

Best Regards
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  • I stayed with my lover
  • Today, the work was cancelled, so I went to Daycare.My lover said that she wants to go to daycare today, so I decided to go there.
    I felt that attending the program of daycare is more strict than working at TERRA.The reason why I feel so is that I can move duri
    ng working.So, I felt it will be impossible to work at office because I have no time to move my body.I think I had better do the w
    ork which [続きを読む]
  • the proportion of each actions in a day.
  • I'm busy now because I spend time on chatting with my lover everyday.I work at Okonomiyaki shop now,I always work until PM 9:
    30.It is hard and I cannot have time to focus myself on musical activity.I made it a rule to practice my finger of playing the pia
    no.Hanon guided me to make my finger motion very smooth.Recently, the superviser of Coppus taught me that what is lack in me is to
    play to the ex [続きを読む]
  • ToDo
  • Today, I went to the restaurant where I work and recieved the wage.I was so far away to write something in English, so I forgot wh
    at I should say at Culture's Cafe at Nagareyama a few days ago.So, I want to begin to be accustomed to writing something in
    English.The wage was about 50000 yen.The wage I earned is high compared to the average of that of the other member.But, I feel it
    is not enough.I [続きを読む]
  • My Dream and Money
  • I now work at okonomiyaki shop.The wage is cheap because I don't contract exact lobor relationship between me and company.I a
    m the trainee of the worker and the wage is acompanied on that.So, the wage is cheaper than the minimum wage that is stipulated in
    our country.Now I have the girlfriend,I want to have good relationship between me and her.In the previous article, I wrote that m
    y object had ch [続きを読む]
  • My new object
  • Recentlly, I began to love my girlfriend and she loves me for now.I adore her and it is the first time for me to have a girlfriend
    thourogh my life.Perhaps, it will not be always good times between us, but I would like to have good relationship with her.Her
    hobby is to paint art.She graduatted from the Art university.She is pretty girl. I love her now.By the way, I want to change my ob
    ject by ge [続きを読む]
  • Sanitary lecture
  • Today, I went to Shinmatsudo to attend the sanity lecture by dietitian of our clinic.In the sanity lecture, we learned how to cope
    with the virus.We learned that we must not preserve food cooked at ordinary temperature.The proportion of amount of food must be
    reduced at 70 percentage in the refrigerator.The reason why we must do it is that the temperature in the refrigerator tends to ris
    e if it is [続きを読む]
  • Recording
  • Today, I went my previous home in order to record the song which is made by guitarist of my band.My voice is so loud that it may h
    ave possibility to be nusisance for my neighbor.So if they scold me about it, I may not be able to play music in my house.So, I mo
    ved to my previous home where my parents live now.I noticed that my voice began to be weak because I don't have habit to sing
    now.I bought s [続きを読む]
  • I will start new band
  • Recently, I took part in the original HR/HM band, but guitarist and I felt that it is different to play in this band.One of the re
    asons is that the purpose was focused on the merchandising at high proportion.One of the member does not love the genre and all he
    want to do was to make succussess by using music.I thought there are various kind of ways of success in this world.But, there is
    no need to [続きを読む]
  • Recent daily life
  • Because I didn't write diary everyday, I would like to write about my recent daily life.About one month ago, I joined HR/HM b
    and as a vocalist.This band select vocalist many times and I passed thier test.The name of the band is Faoud.Althouh we don't
    have plan to do live performance in the near future, we argued that we should practice songs and take recording until November.La
    st week, I went to A [続きを読む]
  • Meeting and my object
  • Yesterday, we took part in the meeting for the workers of Okonomiyaki shop.We ate a lot of food that is listed on the menu.I thoug
    ht that the meeting is held for leisure, but acutually it was for test.The reflection paper was given to us and we must write abou
    t what we want to be, how we utilize this meeting in the near future.I wrote that following...I want to undertand the palce and ro
    le of sauc [続きを読む]
  • Banquet
  • Today was a banquet of Okonomiyaki shop.There are a lot of dishes which I must wash and it was hard for us to keep on working.Bu
    t we managed to do the job.But, the banquet of today was easier than that of before.The number of today's customer was about
    13.So, it was easier. [続きを読む]
  • Fever and Decision
  • I suffered from the fever from about 4 days ago.So I must be absent from working.Now I have the difficulty of making a cough.But,
    I recover defree by degree now.I decided to quit my musical activity except for making music.The musical activity I mean is that m
    aking band, making sessions, etc.I have difficulty to express myself in Live.I just can sing a song well and can make music, but t
    hese thing [続きを読む]
  • Central park cafe at Nagareyama central park
  • Today, I went to the English conversation cafe at Nagareyama central park.I have ever been there two years ago.The system is that
    we can speak the native speaker who stay in Japan for sometime.At first, as I entered the cafe, there had been another pwrson chat
    ting with teacher.He was about 60 years old and he said himself he is a general dentist.As the conversation is continued, teacher
    asked me a [続きを読む]
  • Working
  • From Feburary 16, I have worked at Okonomiyaki shop.I work as a person who wash dishies.My job is to wash dishies and make a drink
    .Making drinks is difficult because I must guess the set of raw materials in my brain database as soon as drink is ordered.I can e
    at Okonomiyaki or yakisoba as Makanai.We can eat the cuisine of our own store without money because we work at this store.But, wor
    king itsel [続きを読む]
  • Book
  • I read book about debate in English.Debate is different from discussing in that it doesn't aim at negotiating, but fighting e
    ach opionions during the conversation.But this book said that if I want to be a good speaker, just reading well doesn't lead
    me to be so.Good speaker is a person who can think deeply during conversation.To debate, I need critical thinking, and logical thi
    nking.I don't have t [続きを読む]
  • I'll do the part time job
  • Today, I decided to do a part time job.From tommorrow, I will not go to Mare.Now I indulge myself to staying at Daycare.I can&apos
    ;t work if I have the place to enjoy chatting.So, I would like to quit to attend any activity that has relation to Daycare.I will
    attend Daycare symposium, but I decided not to go to Daycare as possible as I can in order to work. [続きを読む]
  • Waiter and practice of the song for the conferrence of daycare
  • Today, I went to Mare to work as a waiter.The number of today's customer was only 2, so it was easy to spend time.At first, I
    thought I disliked to be a waiter, but now I began to be accustomed myself to that job.Although it is not fun, I manage to do tha
    t job now.After that, I went to daycare.And vice director of a hospital told me that I must practice the song for daycare society.
    I made this son [続きを読む]
  • I bought clothes
  • Today, in the morning, I was reluctant to go to mare because I was exhausted.But, I managed to go there.Today, I cleaned the room
    of puti mare. After the work, I went to Uniquro at Nagareyama Otakanomori SC.I bought 3 clothes there and it was about 9000 yen.It
    was equall to the salary of my one month at mare.So, I bought 3 clothes for 9000 yen.It was expensive for me to buy at this price
    now.My wi [続きを読む]
  • I'm a waiter and return the book
  • Today, I went to Mare to do training of working.From today, I began to do a waiter.But, there were no customers coming to our stor
    e.So, we spoke a lot of kind of topics, standing there.After that, I went back home.I didn't go to daycare today because I mu
    st return the book to librally.The book was about Disney, but the more I read, the less I am interested in the content.So I gave u
    p to keep on re [続きを読む]
  • I went to Mare
  • Today, I went to Mare where is the place of training of working.I declared that I decided to do what I don't want to do from
    this year.So, I will do the job of waiter again, altough I'm reluctant to do that work.After the meeting, I went to daycare.I
    n daycare, the first meeting of greeting was held, and the change of the distribution of staffs was expressed.After that, it was f
    ree time.Today, I pl [続きを読む]
  • Karaoke with my family
  • Today, I and my family went to Karaoke at Minaminagareyama.My father set the marking system in Karaoke.So, we competed the score w
    ith each other.My utmost score was 91 when I sang Doragon ball song.It was the highest score of today.I thought that machine was j
    ust machine.No matter how it is refined as a marker, it cannot judge the person's voice.Because it's up to person's
    value.What everyone like [続きを読む]
  • A Happy New Year !
  • A happy new year!I planned to study musical theory in this year.I also want to study English, too.Probably, I must endure the hard
    ship as a waiter in Mare.I'm not good at serving on customer.But our supervisor asked me to find out the point of modificatio
    n about my serving.So, I want to think this opportunity in a good way.Today, I went to the shrine.Omikuji said to me that it will
    be good for me [続きを読む]
  • I decided to change the institution
  • Today, I didn't go to Mare because I didn't want to be a waiter.I had talked about my reluctance of doing a waiter when
    our supervser recommended me to do a waiter.But, they refused my insistance and said that I am the one who can be a waiter among t
    he member.So, I did a waiter, but I can't endure to be a waiter.However my trust was fallen by not going to Mare, I have anot
    her plan to do get the jo [続きを読む]
  • New Band
  • On December 16, I went to the Kashiwanoha music instrumental shop to do Band.A song for practice was my song called "Streamin
    g time".Streaming timeHe is 60 years old and has a lot of experience as a musician.He is drummer.What I was pointed out was t
    hat I didn't move to the music.He said that it is important for me to move to the music during playing the keyboard.So, I mad
    e it a rule to move to th [続きを読む]