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サイト紹介文Daily Life in Denizli, Turkey with rabbits.
自由文I just married Turkish man and started living in Turkey with him. While staying here, I encountered lots of cultural differences and wanted to share my life.
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  • Day 250 : Beach in Izmir
  • Merhaba ! Here Izmir is famous for its beautiful beach.We went to beach for swimming couple days ago. Even now is not season yet,
    beach was clean enough to enjoy swimming. Water temperature was bit cold so we mostly spent our time for fishing.This straw hat is
    my favourite hat. My husband presented in Denizli. After we came to Izmir,he bought me flower decoration for my hat. I am the per
    son can't [続きを読む]
  • Day 249 : Izmir
  • Merhaba ! We came to Izmir for spending our first summer vacation. Izmir has different atmosphere compare to Denizli. Almost all p
    eople wear short clothes and some people even walk on street with swim pant. Here, people are busy with gardening, chatting with n
    eighbours and swimming at sea. They say here people are gathering for summer vacation. It is common for people tohave second home
    for enjo [続きを読む]
  • Day 224 : BAR BLACK HOLE
  • Merhaba ! Today was bazaar day. This time we bought2 melons, half kg apricot, 1 kg cherry, 1 kg onions and 1kg tomatoes. All cost
    5 USD. After we went to bazaar, we went to A101 (Turkish market) and found pink flamingo glasses. We chose a pair ofsmall tumblers
    .And my husband made one mock tail from cherry juice. His home bar BLACK HOLE just opened !!! [続きを読む]
  • Day 222 : Baby bunnies
  • Merhaba ! Our baby bunniesbecame 20 days old. First day when our rabbit gave birth, because mother rabbit seemed abandoned her bab
    ies,we thought these adorable bunnies can't survive more than 2 days. However, they got enough milk and started eating small
    piece of hay. We are really happy to see all of them are fine.Their dad is albino rabbit. Two of babies got same appearance from t
    heir dad. T [続きを読む]
  • Day 221 : Lahmacun and Burger
  • Merhaba ! Yesterday, we ordered our favourite Turkishfood Lahmacun as dinner. About Lahmacun, I wrote previous blog Day 210. http:
    45fb-a6dd-e686065e53e7&isExternalPreview=true#!Day-210-Turkish-delivery/f46xz/591019e2f21c5510c6418808We like to add cut tomatoest
    o La [続きを読む]
  • Day 220 : Camel meat
  • Merhaba ! Last week when we were going to market, we encountered camel kebab. Even I have experience I ride on camel in Iran befor
    e, thoughI never tried camel meat. Camel is second favourite animal (First isofcourse rabbits). Since I already tried rabbit meat
    in Czech republic about 2 years ago, I prepared myself for camel meat for this time. Camel meat was so much oily ! But at the [続きを読む]
  • Day 218 : Romantic Turkish man
  • Merhaba ! Today Iwas suffering from stomachache from the morning. I asked my husband to go to pet shop to buy hay. When he came ho
    me, he was holding small flowers asidefrom shopping bags.Hesmiled at me and said"present for my princess !". I really li
    kehis surprise. I can't count how many times he amazed me in his unique way. They say Turkish guysare generallyromantic like
    Briti [続きを読む]
  • Day 217 : Bazaar ( fruits )
  • Merhaba ! Today was bazaar day in our district. We woke up early morning. Since, summer has come in Denizli, strawberries get less
    but summer fruits start showing up. These are what we bought today.1. Mulberry (1 pack: 1 USD) Thiswas first time I tried mulberr
    y. Taste was similar to raspberry.This berry has one problem when youeat.Even I washed 3 times my fingers, still blue colour r [続きを読む]
  • Day 212 : New hobby
  • Merhaba ! Here in Denizli, weather is getting hotter and hotter. Various lovely flowers start blooming on streets. I picked some o
    f them and made them dry.This will be my new hobby during summer time. Today, all of baby bunnies opened their eyes. They were ene
    rgetic and started exploring in their cage. Some of them even tried to escape from their cage. We thought none of them would survi
    ve because [続きを読む]
  • Day 211 : Bazaar in Turkey
  • Merhaba ! Yesterday we went to bazaarto buy some groceries. Unlike, normal markets, at bazaar, there is no mediator. Farmers are s
    elling their products by themselves. That's why prices are much cheaper than normal market. Mostly, they are selling vegetabl
    es per kg (you can also buy per half kgas well). These are what we bought.Total price was 20 TL (5.8 USD). Since this bazaar opens [続きを読む]
  • Day 210 : Turkish delivery
  • Merhaba ! Yesterday we had to go pet shop from morning and didn't have time, we ordered some Turkish foods from online. For a
    breakfast, we ordered Lahmacunwhich isoften referred to as Turkish pizza.On thin dough, topped withvarious vegetables, minced mea
    t with chilli sauce. The place we ordered sent us yogurt sauce too.After the breakfast, we went to pet shop. On the way to pet sho
    p, we f [続きを読む]
  • Day 209 : About baby bunnies
  • Merhaba ! Last night, when we checked baby bunnies, one of them had scar (bleeding ) on her/ his leg. We immediately called veteri
    narian and askedwhether she cangive a treatment for this poorsmall baby or not. She said" unfortunately the baby isjust borna
    nd there is nothingI can do ". We despaired of high chance of losing this baby.In this early morning, when I checkedthis baby
    , [続きを読む]
  • Day 208 : Hair salon ( for men ) in Turkey
  • Merhaba ! Today we went to hair salon for my husband. Men's salons and women's salons are separated in Turkey. Main reas
    on is for protecting women wearing hijab. They are only allowed to remove hijab when they are in home and in front of family (husb
    and ). Turkey is relatively Islam country, but huge difference from Iran is non-Muslim doesn't need to wear hijab in public s
    pace. And some Muslim [続きを読む]
  • Day 207 : Turkish meal
  • Merhaba ! Last night, we found one of our rabbits has a problem on her eye. She couldn't open her left eye. As a remedy, we p
    ut on her eye cream. In this morning, when we checked, her eye was open and got better. We are relieved. Last night we ordered thr
    ee kinds of Turkish meal "Pirinç Pilavı, Kuru Fasulye, Soslu Patlıcan". Bean was bit spicy but taste was good. Almost
    all Turkish meals have [続きを読む]
  • Day 206 : TBT ( Throwback Thursday )
  • Merhaba ! It's just because today is Thursday, I wanna share Turkish foods/ confectionerieswe ate before. 1_ Salad rice ; Tur
    kish butter rice with cooked vegetables2. Turkish breakfast ; Olives, breads, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, and black tea3. Homemade lem
    onade : Oranges, Lemons, sugar, water, and mint4. One of my favouritechocolates ; milk chocolate5. Turkish confectioneries ; fruit
    s fla [続きを読む]
  • Day 205 : New born babies
  • Merhaba ! These days we were spending hectic days..... As you may know, welive with2 bunnies and 2 rabbits. They are7 months old,
    4 months old, 3 months old.One night, one importanttruth was revealed. We thought both 2 rabbits were male. However, one was femal
    e !!!!!!! On 30th, April, beforesunrise,Kurabiye (first picture, grey colour) gave birth.3 babies were born at midnight. W [続きを読む]
  • Day 192: Kısır and Mercimek Köftesi
  • Merhaba ! Tonight my husbandmade Turkish foods. ( Kısır and Mercimek Köftesi) Both tasted so good! When we get married, we made a rule regarding on our marriage life.I told him "I reallydon't like cooking but other house works I can do. So, you will cook and I will clean" He agreed withthis condition and we get married. In Turkey and traditional Japan, wife is supposed to do all [続きを読む]
  • Day 186 : Pamukkale
  • Merhaba ! Today we went to Pamukkale !From Denizli,ittook 20mins by bus. This season is not high season, so there were a few touri
    sts visited there. Weather was nice and warm.It was perfect for walking around. Those pictures were taken at Hierapolis side. Acco
    rding to UNESCO website,Pamukkale is " Deriving from springs in a cliff almost 200 m high overlooking the plain, calcite-lade
    n wat [続きを読む]
  • Day 185: Anne's Coconut cake
  • Merhaba ! This week Anne visited us. She brought my luggage and some souvenirs from Madamcoco. Finally I could get my lost luggage
    ! While she was staying here, we went big shopping and his university together. She alsotaught us how to make my favourite coconu
    t cake. ( Recipe )Pour 1 pack of milk, add 4 spoon of flour and 5 spoonof sugar in a bowl. Mixthem and put inpan. Wait until it ge [続きを読む]
  • Day 182 : Negative and Positive aspects
  • Merhaba !Last night, our laundry suddenly stopped working.I was planning to wash bed cover, pillow cover and some clothes.We had n
    o other choice but wash them by our hands.After I came to Turkey, I encountered some difficulties. Water suddenly tastes weird and
    Iget infected. And electricityisoften gone and takes a few hours to fix this. Plus, any kind of household appliancesare ea [続きを読む]
  • Day 180 : Kebab
  • Merhaba !Since yesterday, itkeeps raining in Denizli. When we went out to pick clovers for bunnies,ground was still wet... But we
    found some smallflowers on street!Again we picked some of them for decorating our room. This time, we found a red flower. (Last we
    ek this red flower wasn't blooming yet.) Often, I am putting flowers on the fridge, because this is the most place flower can [続きを読む]
  • Day 177 : Book fair
  • Merhaba ! Today we went to a book fair. Since last week, posters were posted everywhere in city.I was curious howbig event is. Fir
    st, we had to go to university to take a bus. The bus took 40mins till it arrive a bus stop. We thought this book fair location is
    near the bus stop. But it took another 15mins by walking. Honestly, both of us already were exhausted... Somehow we entered insid
    e. Ins [続きを読む]
  • Day 176 : Pink café and zoo
  • Merhaba ! Today we went to apink café which I really wanted to go for a long time. When we wereon the bus last time, we passed in front of this café and I was dreaming about this café. Weordered aflower cake andthree black tea (my husband drunk two tea). As I imagined, inside of café was fully decorated withcute interiors. We sat in front of cake display so we could all the [続きを読む]
  • Day 175 : Doll museum
  • Merhaba ! Today we went todoll museum. It locates intricate place but there was a sign outside of building somehow we reached ther
    e. This museum building was originally owned by a rich family. The last generation of their descendent decided to give a right to
    government. The building had 2 floors and 6 rooms were used for exhibition. All dolls were maden by dried fruits, vegetables, empt
    y bottle [続きを読む]