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OKEAJAPANさん: 「社長」になるまでフィリピン生活 inバコロド
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  • OK English Academy staff紹介No.5hello! Im Gr...
  • OK English Academy staff紹介No.5 hello! Im Grace and Im working for this Institution for almost 6 years. I am incharge of all communications of STI WNU INSTITUTE OF LANGUAGES. I also assist the students for entrance and final test, changing of schedules and tour bookings for all IOL students. OKEA exposed its employees on how to be versatile, accomodating and perform well in our field of [続きを読む]
  • OKEA×Actilabo BBQ!!バコロドにあるOK English Academy...
  • OKEA×Actilabo BBQ!! バコロドにあるOK English AcademyとシライにあるActilaboが合同BBQ?初めての試みだったけどみんな積極的に国籍問わず肉とお酒と英語を交わしてました??こうゆうイベントやってもフィリピンなら1人千円くらいで済むのもフィリピン留学の醍醐味ですね??肉まいうー?? OKEA JAPANさん(@okeajapan)がシェアした投稿 - Apr 1, 2018 at 10:56pm PDT [続きを読む]
  • OKEA staff 紹介 No. 4Hi, This is Kathy one of...
  • OKEA staff 紹介 No. 4 Hi, This is Kathy one of the Korean staffs in OK English Academy. Im assigned to check the students'
    dormitory room assignment and their flight schedule. Moreover, whenever our student have problem, I help them deal with it. Im hap
    py to meet many foreigners and working together. It gives me inspiration in my life. 韓国人staffのキャシーはフィリピ
    ン人の旦那さんとの間に子供が一 [続きを読む]
  • OKEA Staff紹介 No.4Hey what's up! I am Breech...
  • OKEA Staff紹介 No.4 Hey what's up! I am Breech and I am the one of the office staff in OK English Academy. Working in the academy for almost 10 years is fun and challenging. As one of the office staff, I am assigned to assist them whenever they want to make hotel and resort reservation and whenever they need assistance with their fight bookings. I am also with in charge with the book inventory an [続きを読む]
  • フィリピンのコスプレーヤーがカワ(・∀・)イイ!!
  • OK English Academy日本人マネージャーTAKAです★ ご拝読前に上記ボタンを していただくとお互いにハッピーになります★ まず、ここバコロドにはまがい物中のまがい物ばかりが売られているショッピングモールがあります!エアマックスとか何でもかんでも超激安!激安のドンキもここには敵いません!このまがい物モールに関しては後日アップします。 さあ本題に行きましょう。先日そのまがい物しか売られていないショッピ [続きを読む]
  • OKEA staff 紹介 No. 3Hi! I'm Rosel, at your s...
  • OKEA staff 紹介 No. 3 Hi! I'm Rosel, at your service for almost 11 years here at OK English Academy. I'm the Corporate
    Secretary and Dormitory Supervisor. I love OKEA and the people who work and study here. Come and study here at one of the best En
    glish Academy in the Philippines while staying in our homely dormitory. いわゆる寮母さん的存在のロッセル、office
    の中では最も陽気に働いてるように見えま [続きを読む]
  • OKEA staff 紹介No.2It seems that it was only ...
  • OKEA staff 紹介No.2 It seems that it was only yesterday when i first stepped at the doorstep of ok english academy (okea). I have been in this institution for 11 years now. That is why, i have always considered this work place, my second home. My daily routine which includes preparing and processing the student's permit, making arrangements with visa extension and other immigration concerns, as w [続きを読む]