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  • Beppu cold noodle
  • (2017 GW#31)After breakfast, the only solid food I ate was the cone of the softcream, so, while waiting for the train, I ate somet
    hing like this. "Beppu reimen (Cold noodles)". I have never heard that there was a "reimen" in Beppu.beppu.rei
    men.infoLooks regular to me.The taste... regular to me... [続きを読む]
  • Going around the Hell (Second half)
  • (2017 GW#30)The fifth hell the "Shiroike jigoku (white lake hell)" a place of scenery reserved from the country.A signbo
    ard was seen near the lake and the site only has an alley rounding the lake with no souvenir shops.The lake does not look like the
    re is a hot spring in it (Of course it is hot).Near the enerance of the hell, there was a softcream stand and bought a "morom
    i (sake mash")" softcream [続きを読む]
  • Going around the Hell (First half)
  • (2017 GW#29)Moved to "Umijigoku" bus stop from Beppu ropeway bus stop. The next event is the "Jigokumeguri (Variery
    of hot springs)", Beppu's famous sightseeing spot.URL(There is a transation tab in the upper rigth tf the page):http://
    www.beppu-jigoku.com/While movig to the first "Hell", there was a city original pattern manohole. "Sasakia charonda
    " is printed in this manhole.After buying the "thr [続きを読む]
  • Strolling at mount Tsurumi
  • (2017 GW#28)Going up to the top of the mountain from the ground level station(altitude of 503m), by using a ropeway.The car of the
    ropeway looks like this. Looks a bit old.Senary from the roapway. The green trees looks beautiful.At the top, late flowering cher
    ry blossom was blooming nicely.While walking in the walkway, a raccon dog was crossing the street.After a few minuets walk, arrive
    d at a vie [続きを読む]
  • Seven Gods of Good Fortune in mount Tsurumi
  • (2017 GW#27)Going up the mount Tsurumi by using a ropeway. In the top, there is a walking course that you could meet the "Sev
    en Gods of Good Fortune"No.1 Fukurokuju(Tall headed god of happiness, wealth, and long life))No.2 Daikokuten(god of wealt
    h)No.3 Hoteison (god of harmonious)No.4 Jurojin (god of longevity)No.5 Ebisu-ten (god of fishing and commerce)No.6 Benzaiten(g
    oddess of music,eloq [続きを読む]
  • Yufuin and "Yufurin" bus (2017 GW#26)
  • From the front of the station, you could see the Mt Yufu. The transfer time was only 30min so...bougth a natural sparkling water d
    rawed somewhere nearby. pH5.5...a bit acid water.While waiting at a waiting area near the bus stop, lots of Chinese and Korean was
    riding to a bus headed to Fukuoka-airport with lots of luggage. After the two bus with full load departed, the "sightseeing
    rapid bus" to [続きを読む]
  • Yufu No.1 (2017 GW#25)
  • The departing board at the station.Arrival of the boarding train "Yufu No.1". This is not the popular "Yufuin-no-mo
    ri", but a regular type limited express car. Surprisingly, the reserved car was full.A scenery shot from the train. Didn&apos
    ;t got a satisfied picture than I thought...At a stop and signboard of Bungo-mori station.Inside the train. If I reserved the frot
    row, I had a chance to have a driv [続きを読む]
  • Strolling at Kurume city (2017 GW#24)
  • Kurume station at the night when I arrived.A "Taiko" drum shaped clock was placed in the front.Color version of the city
    manhole. The river in the center should be the Chikugo-river.The next day, while walking to the station, a very wide side walk.Th
    ere was a bicycle only lane here. Because of the time (litte after the morning rush houres) there was almost no trafficBack to Kur
    ume-station. There w [続きを読む]
  • Moving to hotel (2017 GW#23)
  • Photoing the platform until the train arrives. This is a unstaffed station so, I bought a ticket eralier. (It is unrelated if you
    have an Japan rail pass)Train arrived. Its an normal diesel railcar but it has a comfortable cross seat.40min from Ooda-station, a
    rrived at Kumamoto station.I used an combined ticket ,so to explain the route, I maybe confused the station staff.The destinaion s
    tation had [続きを読む]
  • Okoshiki coast (2017 GW#22)
  • After getting off the SL train at Shin-yatsushiro station, moved to Uto station by local train.At the platform, bording sign of &q
    uot;Nanatsuboshi" was there.At this station, tranfered to the Misumi-line with lots of high school students. Just the time fo
    r the students going home for the day. Arrived at Ooda station, an hard reading name.From here, I walk to the coast. In between th
    ere was a manhole of [続きを読む]
  • Steam Locomotvie Hitoyoshi (2017 GW#21)
  • The next train, fourth and the final D&S train of the trip, "Rapid" SL Hitoyoshi arrived. I'v already seen two disp
    layed SL's so the freshness has decreased.From another angle. There is three "SL Hitoyoshi" mark on it. Looks too o
    vermphasize to me^^;.Boarding the train, and got to my seat. A seat for two, and a large table was furnished.Departure time. Big s
    team whistle and smoke noticing the peop [続きを読む]
  • Strolling at Hitoyoshi city (2017 GW#20)
  • I had about 90min until the next train, so using this time I stolled around the city. The station building looks something near a
    japanese castle.There was a colored version manhole of this city. Hitoyoshi castle and Kuma-river downstrem.A 10min walk , arrived
    at the back side of Aoi-aso temple.After passing through the torii tunnle...arrives at the main building. After an omairi, depart
    ured from [続きを読む]
  • Local train "Shinpei" No.2 (2017 GW#19)
  • This tran has a complicated naming and routing.・Isaburou No.1 : Kumamoto → as a Limited express → Hitoyoshi → as a local train → Yoshimatsu.・Shinpei No.2 : Yoshimatsu → as a local train → Hitoyoshi・Isaburou No.3 : Hitoyoshi → as a local train → Yoshimatsu・Shinpei No.4 : Yoshimatsu → as a local train →Hitoyoshu → as a Limited express → KumamotoAs you get farther from Kumamoto, it wi [続きを読む]
  • Yoshimatsu Station (JR Kyushu) (2017 GW#18)
  • There is little time to stroll around the station. The station builidng is very simple.This station is a junction of two JR Kyushu
    lines. Hisatsu line and Kitto line.There was a steam locomotive displayer near the station. It should be the Type C55.Looks very
    manly.Especially, the force of the wheels is marvelous.We can go up to the operating room. There is bulbs and meters all over the
    place.I [続きを読む]
  • Limited Express Hayatonokaze No.2 (2017 GW #17)
  • While waiting for the next train, looked around the station.The shape of the station building was quite simple.Information of the
    boarding train. If you spell this train "はやと(Hayato)の風" in Kanji, it spelles, 「隼人の風」。So, we are
    in the 「隼人(Hayato)」station.The Platform of this station looks like this.The train arrived at last. This is one of the olde
    st D&S train so, tho outer look of t [続きを読む]
  • Limited Express Kirishima No.5 (2017 GW#16)
  • The train to board arrived. JR Kyushu's 787 type train. It was a brilliant appearance in the days, but now it runs mostly in
    local areas.There is a swallow logo on the side of the train.It is a remnant of the "Tsubame" whitch ran between Hakata
    and Nishi-Kagoshima(Now named as Kagoshima-Chuo) before opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen.Inside the train looks like this. The rac
    k looks the same of t [続きを読む]
  • Kirishima-jingu Station (2017 GW#15)
  • The same bus used to move from Kokubu-station has came and rode to Kirishima-jingu station a station next to Kokubu.※Kirishima-jingu 8:58dep、Kirishima-jingu station 9:11arrive 250yenThe design of the station is no matter hou you look at it, came from the shrine.There is nothing in front of the station. Even souvenir shop dosn't exist.Passing throgh the gate, climbed to the platform. Waiting time [続きを読む]
  • Kirishima shrine (2017 GW#14)
  • First sight of the day is a famous shrine in Kagoshima, Kirishima-shrine.In Japanese, it reads "Kirishima-Jingu" but the
    offical URL spells "shrine" insted.Near the bus stop there is a bridge named "kami-hashi (God bride)"After cr
    ossing the bridge, a stone sign showing "Kirishima-jinngu" and stairs.Abobe the stairs, "second" torii appears
    .Passing the torii and approach, an open space appears and [続きを読む]
  • JR Nippo line (2017 GW#12)
  • For the schedule next day, I have to move to another station.The train tha I got on is a train bound for Miyakonojyo.The photo of
    the train with a lighted ferris wheel.About a 40min pleasant ride and arrived at the station where I booked the hotel for the nigh
    t.The sign board of this station.After getting off at this station, I checked in the hotel and the first day has came to an end.
    ※Kasgoshima [続きを読む]
  • Observation deck near the pier (2017 GW#10)
  • In the side of the Kagoshima aquarium, there is a little observaiton deck that you can see the Sakurajima. So I challenged to phot
    o some evening scenes.Ferry for Sakurajima goes by.It was a little smokey at the top of the moutain at this time.Photoed using a A
    PS-C senser, 50mm zoom at maxium range.The smoke cleard so went back to the bus stop...but the moutain exploded just after when I
    was movi [続きを読む]
  • Senganen (2017 GW#09)
  • While moving to the next destination, we could see the "Kagoshima" station, where it was the centeral station in Kagoshi
    ma prefecture in the past.(Now Kagoshima-Cuo station is the center part of the city)Arrived at "Senganen". It was a loca
    l site of a famous NHK drama series "Atsuhime".(↓Official URL)HOME | UNESCO World Heritage Site Sengan-en and Shoko Sh
    useikanNear the enterance, a 150 poun [続きを読む]
  • Sakurajima sea route (From Sakurajima) (2017 GW#08)
  • Before going back to the Sakurajima port, the bus passed through a "Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi (Japanese Singer)" monument made
    from lava(sorry for bad focus) and,a dry river made for in case of a flood made from heavy rain and volcanic dust.The gate was jam
    med with cars but this is a "tour bus". The bus cutted all the cars waiting for the ferry and got on the ferry the same
    way when we came.Photoed [続きを読む]
  • Yunohira observatory (2017GW #07)
  • Yunohira observatory is the highest point to see the mountain whichordinary person can come. Because the moutnain still erupts now
    (you could see the steam from the volcano from this picture).Pull backed position.The bus is obstructive so changed place then..Fr
    om this position, you could see the flow of tha lava from the mountain to the sea and made a land from cooling (left side : mounta
    in, [続きを読む]