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自由文英語、日本語両方の記事にもなりますので、英語を学びたい方、英語もともに学んでいきましょう!Blogs about my experiences from years in the U.S. and my daily life in Tokyo.
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  • whoa already in May
  • photo credit: @Dannthegreen, she is one of my friends and we traveled around Tokyo together and the shot was taken during the time ?? I am a big fan of her pictures. いろいろバタバタしている間に5月に入り、時間が過ぎる早さに驚いています。最近は勉強、親や友達が東京にきたり、インターンシップに参加させていただいたり、充実していますが、バタバタしているので、しっかり時間管理と効率よく過ごせるように見 [続きを読む]
  • 5min Morning Meditation
  • *photo credit, Elena Brower, contributing writer Hi, everyone! Thanks for visiting today`s my blog ?? Although I was going to
    blog about my experience in the U.S. today, I changed my mind to talk a bit about one of my morninghabits, short-time meditation.
    After I finish breakfast, I usually take my 5 min for morning […] [続きを読む]
  • Working overseas
  • *this picture was taking in Panera bread, which is right next to my workplace when I was taking break during my work ?? Hi, my friends! Thanks for visiting my today`s blog ?? I want to share my experience working overseas with you guys today. When I was in Seattle, I was so eager to […] [続きを読む]
  • Japanese term “Asakatsu!”
  • Hi, everyone! Have you heard of the Japanese term “Asakatsu”? I will talk a bit about this today! “Asakatsu” definition by ” Romaji Desu, Japanese Dictionary & Translation. asakatsu 【 朝活 】朝活 Kanji Details (n) using early morning time (before going to work) for some other activity (e.g. study) yes, as the dictionary explain, […] [続きを読む]
  • First Blogging Ever! : )
  • I recently changed all my SNSs, so this is my first blog ?? *Picture- Near UW in Seattle I will be blogging mostly about my p
    ast days in Seattle and current life in Tokyo. Let me introduce about me a bit. After 3 years in the U.S.graduating a community co
    llege, now I am a […] [続きを読む]
  • The Culture Map
  • Hello from Cafe Esperance~hahaThis cafe has been in my favorite list since I moved to Tokyo, comfy and quiet.By the way, let me ta
    lk a bit about language today.About communication style, we can see in languages.I excerpt this from the book called "The Cul
    ture Map" by Erin Meyer. This part of the book clearly mentions the reason why Japanese is one of the languages hard to maste
    r. Even you know h [続きを読む]
  • world peace
  • Hi, my friends!It is getting warmer every single day and that makes me realized the Spring has finally arrived :)I was stuck in a
    cafe preparing for coming exams and meet with my friends.Recently, almost all of the news are about current world order. Not happy
    news...I wish people never forget what we`ve done during the 20th century and things we learned from them. War never resolve an [続きを読む]
  • April 13th Ready to work
  • Hi~ How`s going, my friends!!I got a job as an English translator in Roppongi hills. I will start working on this coming Sunday. T
    hough I need to juggle with my work and school, I am pretty excited.Other than that, nothing different has happened: )But three bi
    g exams are coming in May and June, Eiken 1st grade, Toeic,and Math and English proficiency test at my Uni.Including me, April [続きを読む]
  • So cold!! lol
  • Hi~ How`s going, my friends!!In yesterday`s blog, I mentioned that due to the rain my family and cousin decided to cancel our cher
    ry blossom viewing in Hokko, however, it didn`t rain!!!It was really cold so we just could be there for short time, but it was gre
    at to chat and have lunch with them appreciating cherry blossom.I`m going back to Tokyo tomorrow. Just surprised how fast time fli
    es [続きを読む]
  • I`m back, Osaka!!!!!
  • I saw it was raining when I got off from the bus. The smell and scenery made me realized that I was back in the home. I will stay
    in here just for the weekend, but I will meet with my friends and relatives. Though I and my family were planning to go for cherry
    -blossom viewing today, sadly we had better cancel it due to the weather.... Instead, we had dinner at my sister`s house.I will me
    et wit [続きを読む]
  • Trying to know who I am
  • Hi, buddies!Tada~ This is gonna be my first blogging and thank you for visiting.Let me introduce myself first.I was born in Osaka
    and moved to the U.S when I was 18. My first place settled in the U.S. was Nothern California. And I transferred and graduated fro
    m community college in Seattle, Washington. My major...hmm didn`t decide yet lol Then, here I am in Tokyo. I will be a still sopho
    more at [続きを読む]
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