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Aoiさん: Oh! Banzai!! Aoi-san
ハンドル名Aoi さん
ブログタイトルOh! Banzai!! Aoi-san
サイト紹介文最先端エンジニアが着物を通して、あなたの家を日本に繋げ ます。
自由文I'm here to introduce good old Japanese culture to the Hi! I'm Aoi, the Japanese traditional culture conductor. world. Why? Because people often know little of what is happening in their own backyards. Japanese woman with a state-of-the-art engineering skill is here to connect your world to Japan, through KIMONO!
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  • Do you know what is OMOTENASHI?
  • It is not service.I will introduce thebasics of OMOTENASHI.Let’s learn it one by one.It has seven principles.- 茶は服のよきように- 炭は湯の沸くように置き- 夏は涼しく、冬は暖かに- 花は野にあるように- 刻限は早めに- 降らずとも雨の用意- 相客に心せよI will introduce thesecond until forth principle today.- 炭は湯の沸くように置き (sumi wa yu no waku yoni oki)Prior to the ceremony, themaster of ceremony [続きを読む]
  • Do you know what is OMOTENASHI?
  • OMOTENASHI is famous for the Olympics.Do you know what is OMOTENASHI?It is not service.OMOTENASHI reminds me of RIKYU-SHICHSOKU (利休七則).It is a basic of OMOTENASHI.Let’s learn it.It has seven principles.茶は服のよきように炭は湯の沸くように夏は涼しく、冬は暖かに花は野にあるように刻限は早めに降らずとも雨の用意相客に心せよI will introduce the first principle today.茶は服のよきように (cha wa [続きを読む]
  • If asked me where can I drink Matcha in Tokyo.
  • niThere are lot of place to drink matcha in Tokyo. But I recommend this shop.It’s KYOTO-KAN near Tokyo Station(Yaesu exit).W
    hy?It’s cheap. It has cost 500 JPY. The other shop almost has cost about 1,000 JPY.It has good transportation. It walk about
    3 min from Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station.You feel like you went to Kyoto.I especially recommend if you have to come back your count
    ry tomorro [続きを読む]
  • When you what to say thanks, what should you say?
  • You may say ARIGATO but I sometimes say SUMIMASEN. Why?SUMIMASENIt has two meanings, I’m sorry and Thank you.It is used to e
    xpress appreciation. - toboss. -Somebody have done instead of me. I haveto do it.- someone who have donesomething I have to do ins
    tead of me. If you write すみません(SUMIMASEN) in Chinese Character (Kanji), it is 済みません(SUMIMASEN). 済む is
    the same source as 澄 [続きを読む]
  • GOKIGENYO(ごきげんよう) is magic word.
  • When you will understand the meaning of GOKIGENYO, you will understand characteristics of Japanese.Many Japanese has said from ove
    rseas that they arn’t efficient. But Is it so?No! The Japanese are considerably more efficient.Japanese words are efficientl
    y. I will introduce one of them.Do you know GOKIGENYO?GOKIGENYO is greeting of consider someone physical condition.When it is writ
    ten the [続きを読む]
  • What do you mean SAYONARA.(さようなら)
  • There are many greeting. When I were child, most adult people teached that greeting is important. But I didn’t understand it
    was important enough. So I choose “SAYONARA” among them.Recently, many Japanese people say Bye-Bye instead of SAYONAR
    A. Because SAYONARA has negative image so they don’t want to use it. That’s too bad.Let’s learn what is mean SAYONAR
    A to be v [続きを読む]
  • OHBANZAI(御番菜/おばんざい)
  • Nice to meet you.Why did I select my blog title Oh! Banzai!! Aoi-San? I have three point.? Being a word heard? Easy to remember? Including meaning that only Japanese understandOBANZAI mean is a side dish at a meal in Kyoto. Japanese call a side dish as OKAZU. And they call the topics to talk as OKAZU. So I would like to provide topics that makes it OKAZU when someone talks to friends.PLS clic [続きを読む]
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