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Time has come. That's it. I am not a watch buster.
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  • Skeleton dial.
  • It is called skeleton or see-through. It is a dial that the movement can see from the dial side. (In many cases, the back cover is
    also a skeleton.)The open dial is hollowed out a part of the dial, from which the movement can be seen.スケルトンおよび
    ンは文字盤の一部分がくりぬかれており、そこからムーブメントが見 [続きを読む]
  • Satin dial.
  • It is a dial finished to resemble a smooth glossy satin. Mat tone. It sometimes suppresses reflection on the surface, which improves visibility.なめらかな光沢のあるサテン地に似せて仕上げられた文字盤。マット調。表面の反射を抑制し、視認性が向上する効果が得られることもある。 [続きを読む]
  • Hairline dial.
  • Radial-hairline dialIt is a dial with radial hairline drawn around the center. Sometimes it looks like a gradation like a morning
    sun when light falls on that dial. Therefore it is also called "sun-ray dial".Parallel-hairline dialIt is a dial drawn p
    arallel straight hairline. Compared to radial dial, it becomes strong casual impression.ヘアライン文字盤(放射状)文字
    盤の中央を中心にして、放射状にヘア [続きを読む]
  • Guilloché dial.
  • It is a sculpture on the dial. And it is a pattern with precise and complicated repetition. Also mechanical sculpture decoration.I
    t is said that it was devised by Breguet. And the sculpting method varies depending on manufacturers and brands such as lattices a
    nd waves.文字盤施した彫刻。それは精密で複雑な繰り返しのあるパターン。また、機械的な彫刻装
    飾。ブレゲの考案と言われており、格子やウェーブなど [続きを読む]
  • Shell dial.
  • It is a dial processed shell. The color and shading change with light. Patterns will also vary depending on individuals.Using the
    inner part of the mother of pearl shell such as Brownlip Shell, Japanese Pearl Shell, Freshwater Pearl Shell, Conch Pearl Shell an
    d the like mainly with Silverlip Shell and Blacklip Shell, it is diverse. Each is also beautiful. It delicately shines, and a luxu
    rious feel [続きを読む]
  • Mat finish.
  • It is matt finish. Shiny feel like cloth satin. Compared with the mirror surface finish, it gives a calm impression. It also has a
    casual atmosphere. It is sometimes called matt processing, satin finishing.ツヤ消し加工。生地のサテンに似た光沢
    、サテン仕上げと呼ばれることもある。 [続きを読む]
  • Hairline finish.
  • It is a surface finish that attaches a very thin line linearly like a hair.Once it has finished mirror finish, slide the case in a
    certain direction, and use sandpaper to make a line.I tried this finish with free hand, but it was as difficult as I needed skill
    ed skillsSince this process is inconspicuous even if fine scratches are attached to the surface, it is the most common watch surfa
    ce finish. [続きを読む]
  • Mirror finish.
  • It is to adjust the texture to a specular shape by polishing and smoothing the surface. The polishing process is varied and finish
    ed in mirror surface shape after being subjected to Sallaz polishing, buffing, and the like.It present a feeling of high-quality i
    n the case and the watch, because of the glossy surface finish. It also called mirror finish, polish, glossy finish. In addition,
    "buff" is [続きを読む]
  • The surface finish of the watch case.
  • Then, next, about the surface finish of the watch case. Depending on the finish, the atmosphere of the watch changes. I summarize the main ones.それでは、次に、時計のケースの仕上げについて。仕上げによって、時計の雰囲気が変化する。主なものをまとめる。 [続きを読む]
  • Plating.
  • It was said that "Mekkin (it was ruined)" in old days. It is a word born from a phenomenon that it becomes an amalgam an
    d melts and disappears when gold is put into mercury.Plating is a type of surface treatment. It is to coat the surface of the mate
    rial with a metal thin film.In order to prevent corrosion of a base material which is easily oxidized, plating is applied with a m
    etal which is hard t [続きを読む]
  • Aluminium.
  • It looks like silver and is light. Therefore, it sometimes called light silver. It is light weight, soft and has high malleability
    , so it is easy to process. It also has corrosion resistance.It is often used as an aluminum alloy. Duralumin is famous as an alum
    inum alloy. (Duralumin is used for aircraft materials, it is vulnerable to metal fatigue and is also easy to corrode.)BVLGARI is r
    epresentat [続きを読む]
  • Silver (Ag).
  • It was called white silver (white metal). And it is often used as an adornment from its white glow. Among precious metals, output
    is relatively large and it is inexpensive.Pure silver is very soft and vulnerable. And it is used in the form of alloy with other
    metals since it has oxidation and darkening properties. Plating such as rhodium is often applied to make it difficult for darkenin
    g.The silv [続きを読む]
  • Platinum (Pt).
  • Platinum. Metal with white luster (silver). Because it is chemically very stable, it is often used for accessories and watches. It
    shows strong corrosion resistance against acid. It melts only in aqua regia. Basically, the quality is defined as Pt 850 or more.
    Although it is an expensive material, it has elegant gloss and directs elegance.White gold is an alloy based on gold, which is a c
    ompletely [続きを読む]
  • White gold.
  • There are nickel type and palladium type in white gold. The nickel type adds nickel, copper and zinc to gold. Palladium type adds
    palladium, silver and copper to gold. The gold alloy whitened in this way is called white gold. In the case of K18, the whiteness
    is insufficient unless each of the nickel base and the palladium base contains 50‰ or more.It was used for ornamental goods as a
    substitute [続きを読む]
  • Pink gold.
  • It is generally called pink gold that is made up of 750‰ of gold in total, and among the rest, copper with 80% and silver with 2
    0% in the case of K18. (Sometimes palladium is added, and the mixing ratio may be different.) The color tone is close to silver bu
    t it is affected by copper and comes out slightly pinkish color.It is the hardest, elegant and exclusive atmosphere among K18.K18
    の場合、金が [続きを読む]
  • Yellow gold.
  • It is called yellow gold that consists 750‰ of gold and the remainder of which is equivalent to silver and copper in the case of K18. It is a color similar to gold which is generally recognized, but it is more yellow than pure gold.Although K24 is clean in color and hard to change color, it is weak in intensity and expensive. On the other hand, K18 has strength and is cheaper than pure gold, so i [続きを読む]
  • Gold (Au).
  • Precious metal. Ornaments.The quality of gold is expressed in 24 fractions. Pure gold is expressed as 24 gold, 24 carats and K24.
    (The content of the main component of the alloy is called purity or quality.)The gold alloy shows various color tones depending on
    compounding. These are generically called colored gold. The colored gold often used as the material of the case of the watch incl
    udes yello [続きを読む]
  • Brass.
  • "Brass" is an alloy with moderate strength and spreadability. The main components are copper and zinc.It is used instead
    of gold to give a gloss similar to gold. And it is called "poor man's gold". As the proportion of zinc increases,
    the color decreases, and as the fraction decreases, it becomes reddish. As the rate of zinc increases, the hardness increases, but
    also the brittleness increases.It [続きを読む]
  • Titanium.
  • The etymology of "titanium" is Greek mythology "Titan (giant)". It is light, strong, rust resistant and highly
    corrosion resistant. It also has high allergy tolerance.It is used so-called grade 5 titanium in the watch industry currently. Wh
    ile maintaining the properties of titanium, it is easy to process and makes it easy to finish.Bright titanium has emerged due to a
    dvances in technology. In term [続きを読む]
  • Stainless steel.
  • "Stainless steel" is an alloy steel containing iron as a main component and containing 10.5% or more of chromium. High c
    orrosion resistance.Austenitic stainless steel is particularly excellent in workability and can make complicated shape. Among them
    , SUS 304 and SUS 316 L are frequently used for watches.「ステンレス鋼」とは、鉄を主成分とし、クロムを10.5%
    以上含む合金鋼である。耐食性が高い。オース [続きを読む]
  • Tonneau.
  • A barrel type case. "Tonneau" means "cask" in French. It is an elegant form, often seen in ladies' watche
    s. In addition, the long face of tonneau watch is symbolized by Franck Muller and Frank Miura.樽型のケース。「トノー」
    フランク・ミュラーやフランク・三浦に象徴される。 [続きを読む]
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