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  • 08. Washing Soft Toys
  • I plugged the sink in the bathroom and turned on the tap. My daughter was standing beside me with a white lamb soft toy in her arms. ‘Fuwako, I’ll give you a bath,’ she sweetly talked to the soft toy.Hugging a stuffed baby elephant, my son also came into the bathroom. ‘I’ll give Pao-pao a bath, too,’ he said, imitating his sister’s way of speaking.It was a fine morning during their summer v [続きを読む]
  • 07. Clover Flower Crown
  • Wearing a floral-print cotton dress, Yoshino was picking flowers in a playground surrounded by trees. White clover was blooming in
    the bright sunlight. Sitting on a bench, I heard great tits singing their sweet songs and saw fresh green leaves rustling in the
    warm breeze. We were alone in the playground. It was a Monday morning of May, and Makoto and Kunihiro went to work or kindergarten
    as usual. [続きを読む]
  • 06. The Sis Hair Salon
  • The new school year started in April and three-year-old Kunihiro entered kindergarten. One Saturday morning in the month, when he
    woke up, Kunihiro remembered his teacher telling the kids on Friday that they had no kindergarten the next day and the day after.
    Thinking that he could spend all day playing with his big sister, he got out of bed and ran to Yoshino’s room.Yoshino was, howev
    er, not in [続きを読む]
  • 05. Sleeping between Mom and Dad
  • One early morning in February, a little before dawn, I heard a little pattering of feet in the corridor and woke in the dark. On t
    he opposite side of the bed Makoto was sound asleep and I was sure that Yoshino was sleeping in her room just as usual. ‘That mu
    st be Kunihiro’s foot,’ I thought and, lying in bed, waited for him to come to me. Kunihiro had used to sleep soundly every ni
    ght but, afte [続きを読む]
  • 04. Yoshino Loves Music!
  • With a month left before her first piano recital in January, Yoshino was playing a waltz she had composed again and again. Her liv
    ely tune made me feel bouncy. From the kitchen, I saw her chubby fingers dancing on the keys. Sitting on a burgundy piano bench, w
    hich I had adjusted to her height, Yoshino was putting her feet on a piano pedal extender. Still, her mahogany piano looked large
    when my da [続きを読む]
  • 03. Doing the Dishes is Pleasant
  • One morning, when I was doing the washing-up, Kunihiro came into the kitchen with curious eyes. ‘Let me do it, Mommy! Let me help you,’ said my son, pushing his red plastic step stool towards me. Having stood on it, he stretched up on his tiptoes to look into the sink.‘Can you help me rinse the dishes after I finish sponging them?’ I said and, seeing him trying to touch suds, I smiled remember [続きを読む]
  • 02. Updating the Family Wardrobe
  • One morning in October, after seeing off my husband and children one after another, I headed for the walk-in closet beside the ups
    tairs bedroom to take out our winter clothes. Although I felt comfortable wearing only a short-sleeved T-shirt, the Tokyo weather
    forecast was for cold next week. I wanted to change the family’s wardrobe for the coming cold season.I share the walk-in closet
    with my hus [続きを読む]
  • 01. A Walk with My Son
  • Squatting on a narrow path in a wooded area, Kunihiro was picking up acorns. Round, slender, brown or green acorns were scattered
    on soft fallen leaves. Kunihiro stood up, cheerfully tossed his acorns in the air and again bent down to pick up other acorns. Tha
    t was a beautiful September morning. His green school cap was reflecting the sun, and his small tartan-checked school backpack loo
    ked quite [続きを読む]
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