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サイト紹介文Pieces of writing that make a number of heaps.
自由文My expectation is that readers, if any to come, surely won't have the slightest bit of hesitation in letting this more or less orderly aggregation of writing be called a blog.
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  • Role
  • Imagine a group of people. Logically it is true that there is one in this group who is morally the worst.If this one vanish, anoth
    er will turn to be the worst in the same logic.So this worstness is just a relative concept. What is it that this means?If there i
    s something that can be brought about only―or the most effectively―through this worst person for the sake of this concept of r
    elative wors [続きを読む]
  • (No Title)
  • Waking up, people think of today, knowing that one never knows when Fate gives a death sentence to life, and presuming that it wou
    ldn't be today, but thus rightly being conscious of it. [続きを読む]
  • (No Title)
  • Deists would conceive the supreme Being in their claim as a perfect system, in which even infinite intelligence cannot find any fl
    aw.Theists, rather, would conceive it as, above all, a perfect person or soul.Atheists would think such a conception of a supernat
    ural thing is just a man-made purposeful delusion. [続きを読む]
  • Preference
  • That which religion is essentially about would probably be found in something called faith.This world, with plenty of awfulness, d
    oes seem like a place which one thinks it would be like when there is not really such a being that humans call it by the solemn na
    me denoting the Supreme.If it is impossible to prove the existence or non-existence of this Being, faith may be a matter of spirit
    ual orient [続きを読む]
  • Prohibition
  • In what way can a theist religion prevent murder?Imagine a man, full of hatred, is about to kill someone.Theists would say that th
    e divine Justice will punish evil ones and that he, the hater, must not kill with his own hands an evil one in exchange for his co
    mmitting needless sin of murder which would in turn destroy him. But this wouldn't be enough if they want him to stop murder
    justified by hi [続きを読む]
  • Menace
  • History recounts what had been commonly exercised for some periods of time in Europe in the name of witch-hunts.I wonder what moti
    ves were involved in doing the exercises. I imagine:It might have been (1) an expression of anger evoked by death; and (2) an expr
    ession of fear of death. Here I imagine a society under attack of repetitive epidemics of the lethal bubonic plague or the Black D
    eath (thou [続きを読む]
  • Phantom
  • OCD sufferers of particular kind, namely OCD sufferers of contamination fears, which are discussed here, are seized by intense rep
    ulsion to something they find intolerably filthy, which is not a real danger and, in terms of a possible account of it, would quit
    e likely be diagnosed in not a few cases to stem from their repressed emotions such as hatred or anxiety towards a particular obje
    ct that is [続きを読む]
  • Writing
  • As a learner, I almost don't have any reason to doubt that one of the major benefits of writing in English is to get more fam
    iliar with this language and thereby more motivated in studying it. [続きを読む]
  • Nostalgia
  • What is nostalgia?It would be a sentiment about familiarity with something lost long before. So you feel comfort from it as you kn
    ow well about it, particularly what is good about it. You feel in a way like you're home. And it is mostly accompanied by a s
    entiment of yearning for it.Some insist that we have a hidden memory of some transcendental place. Some explain the story of Eden
    in this way; an [続きを読む]
  • Nibiru
  • "You know Nibiru never fell onto the Earth"―so could you tell as a jokingly renewd proverb to those who are worried about seemingly unnecessary concerns, if we see nothing catastrophic happen the day after tomorrow as NASA says there is not such a planet called Nibiru, a hypothetical, undiscovered planet in our solar system about which there's a rumor that it may collide with the Earth, their two [続きを読む]
  • Diversity
  • It is very often experienced that one's taste in music, visual arts, architecture, etc. rarely coincides with another's
    but rather sometimes distinctly contradicts. This may imply how differently people perceive things in each own way and, inferentia
    lly, how differently they would think. This seems in accordance with the reality where there's a wide diversity of opinions a
    nd political movements. A [続きを読む]
  • Submergence
  • Cat Soup (ねこぢる草 Nekojiru-sou) / 2001It was by chance that I found this movie a few days ago at YouTube.At the first watc
    hing of this movie, I couldn't fully grasp the story. And I speculated on it for a while. And my interpretation of the movie&
    apos;s story is as follows: CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD.Nyāko, due to high fever, somehow supernaturally glimpsed a mystical figu
    re which is a part of Nya [続きを読む]
  • Rename
  • You may make a same mistake over and over again. In such a case, to avoid it, it might be helpful to apply another name to the thi
    ng or place about which the mistake is, so that you can be careful with such a trap that makes use of your carelessness. [続きを読む]
  • Wigrid
  • This video portrays the last times of Nazi Germany. What was the most striking to me in this video was people's eyes, some of
    which seemed absent-minded, frightened, or glassy as if they were staring at a void. They are each handed over the wand-like low-
    cost weapons to attack tanks. Troops without uniforms march before Goebbels whose face also seemingly expresses strain and anxiety
    . But Himmler s [続きを読む]
  • Loups
  • Moi et Mes Loups (lit. Me and My Wolves) / Russkov, 2017Quiet inquietude... is the feeling that I got of the music video. How this
    video goes is this: at the start of the music, the song's tunes are in conformity with the mood of the scenes; then tunes st
    eeply turn turbulent as the scene moves to the raid; after a while tunes return to the previous gentle tempo―the winterly, quiet
    tunes―whereas [続きを読む]
  • Foe
  • Hatred lingers and may well bide its time to erupt in you―maybe unless mercy is found in you. But where can it be found? A supposition:Imagine an abominable foe of yours. It is the evil one you hate. But think. However evil, all that this one ever has done is constantly just what has been done for him to be he himself; or you could even admit that there would have been something you can call his [続きを読む]
  • (No Title)
  • Anger, hatred, and anxiety... Those fiery and unwelcome feelings sometimes forcefully show up in your mind, seemingly trying to ag
    onize you. But when they come up, it might be that it's time for you to face up to them, looking straight into them, innerly
    talk with them, and understand how they could come to you. That is, it seems reasonable to think that what you should do in this m
    oment is to pon [続きを読む]
  • Reform
  • Where does Ameba go? On 6 Sept. Ameba widely unveiled its new genre and ranking system which has been concealed for about half a y
    ear, abolishing the rest part of the old.As an user, I presently only have some vague ideas about what prospect they had in doing
    it.I remember that Mixi, the well-known company which won the day in the Internet industry around a decade ago, once audaciously c
    hanged it [続きを読む]
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