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自由文My expectation is that readers, if any to come, surely won't have the slightest bit of hesitation in letting this more or less orderly aggregation of writing be called a blog.
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  • Computers
  • Computing is the physicalized running of the world of the abstract.The intermediary world between the physical and the abstract is
    the pool of bits.The enchantment of computers could arise from here. [続きを読む]
  • Egology
  • One may be inclined to judge that egoism is simply evil.This notion concerning egoism and evil seems, however, too simple or just
    imprecise because egoism is a general given condition for humans.Maybe to talk of egoism is to talk of the flesh, i.e. natural ins
    tincts. One cannot live without the flesh, so maybe one would have to live with egoism until he dies.Thus it can be supposed that
    where some [続きを読む]
  • Labor
  • What's human technology? And what's human labor?An idea on an aspect of them:Labor is the efforts to under-stand and mak
    e use of technology (or make some intellectually understood scheme function)―which is to under-stand and make use of earthly mat
    erials.Therefore: - Even to learn a technology by reading pertinent books or documents can in this sense constitute labor.- When y
    ou realize you're in [続きを読む]
  • Registering
  • Ameba, without any checking of certain agreement, registered this blog in "high school student / not-in-college-yet" gen
    re. I've just noticed this.I don't know why Ameba thought I'm a late teenager.Seems many other Ameba users also fou
    nd such unnoticed registration was done for their blogs.I cancelled this registration right away. I don't know what's Am
    eba's idea of this.Perhaps, it might be that [続きを読む]
  • Attitude
  • It is inferred that evil and egoism would probably have some strong tie. Egoism can expand to the point at which one denies an oth
    er.And evil has some sort of trick or snare with it: one would likely hate someone who denies him; and furthermore, in return of t
    he denial, he may deny the denier of him, which is the very attitude in which he found something evil, so evil that he couldn&apos
    ;t help hating. [続きを読む]
  • Ir
  • I invented a new third-person singular pronoun "ir" which joins the group of "he", "she", and "
    it", as a gender-neutral and strictly personal one.The pronunciation of ir is "ir" in "sir" or "kirk
    ".I don't know if I'm the first to have coined this exact word. I made this word by replacing the consonant t of &q
    uot;it" with r, which is a consonant that is contained neither in "he" nor in "she".Below is th [続きを読む]
  • Wherefore
  • Why is it believed that man shall not murder?One of supposable answering explanations to this question would likely be as follows:
    What's man in his essence? Man is a soul, a soul which in essence possesses power of reason. What's reason? Reason is es
    sentially what makes things harmonious; or reason is what aligns things harmoniously. And because of this, a reasonable soul is in
    essence what can an [続きを読む]
  • Illicit
  • I think I like those videos of that genre whose Japanese appellation literally denotes "leisurely", i.e., the genre of c
    onversational narration edited on speech synthesis applications which features, you may know, ordinarily two to several cartoon gi
    rls' bodiless heads as talkers.The other day, as it appeared in YouTube recommendations bar, I happened to watch a skillfully
    edited video of this kin [続きを読む]
  • Imprisonment
  • It's maybe that the self is what you give to yourself. In this view, evil within you is in essence what can destroy only you
    yourself, i.e. what can never directly infect nor damage others' souls in the slightest. [続きを読む]
  • Hills
  • Yesterday I made the following rap lyrics. 裂創の周辺世界の中心に見えたその世界の辺境で日の長きに唯武器ばかりを操るようで陣取り争いに終始構造上軋む宗旨角逐各地区堅固に築きたる壁由緒ある昔の知恵に学べ陋巷其処側溝底映るビル並街並コンクリート壁 群生するが如犇めき午後の眩しき光 乱反射する日の盛り会合を通し 今日でさえも若し修好等結びさえすれば急造の関係に過ぎなくとも so clever不朽の衝動に突き動かさ [続きを読む]
  • Alignment
  • I changed this blog's font the other day. At the same time, I also added to the CSS the line for full text justification, nam
    ely, the line "text-align: justify;".But did this increase the visual readability of the text? Reading this page, I thou
    ght that the modification maybe reduced readability for this blog's design and layout, so I've changed it back to normal
    ity.Considering the sort of the fon [続きを読む]
  • Frostwork
  • Improvised songs.人の死でなく夢の死でなく然らばいま毀ちの手容(い)れよ叫喚not death of a mannor death of a dreamwell, nowlet it go spontaneouslyALAAAAAAAAAS! 2018/02/07明るくて寒くて殊に淋しくて 金剛石の微細粉塵luminouscoldso lonelysomething brilliant flows away―PM diamond 2018/02/08宛名なく沙汰も晴らさで雲隠れ みなし児いずこ 果てなき枯れ野without leaving a namewithout solving the feudyou [続きを読む]
  • Extremity
  • There can perhaps be a thought or belief such that it could maybe be called agnostic piety, so to say.That is, it's a thought
    or belief that human beings can know literally nothing about Divinity; and that to break this stance even a little bit is just pr
    ofanity, including conceiving any thought about it. Such a stance may arise from a way of understanding of transcendency.But how c
    an this essenti [続きを読む]
  • Retrospect
  • Perception of beauty would be very much circumstantial.What's beautiful is not artworks themselves which are materially shape
    d; it's that you would see beauty through them as long as your inner and outer circumstances allow this experience.Therefore,
    beauty shaped in some material form can be sometimes very ephemeral. After natural high of one night, the same work you saw in it
    beauty may seem qui [続きを読む]
  • Merry-go-round
  • 創作歌詞。(原曲:ロックマン3 パスワードBGM) 1990:夜光蝶と花束私の名前をここまであなたから伝えて私の思い出いつでも夜に夢が見せるよあなたの心をそこから私まで伝えてあなたの思い出いつでも夜に夢が見せるよI was surfing YouTube as usual, and several hours ago, I came upon again a music piece I listened to before. I think it was around the end of 2009 when I first listened to this. I'm very fond of [続きを読む]
  • Traces
  • What's beauty?It's maybe shadows of something really real and, in this meaning, sacred.That is, an imperfect, temporal,
    breakable but various and perceptible form of true and eternal good. [続きを読む]
  • Images
  • On idolization.You cannot see existential essences of things; you can only perceive their shadows, so to say. Those shadows are mo
    stly visual images. They may hint at the essences but are never the essences themselves.You fear that something evil might contami
    nate via images something you think you love. But as discussed above, it definitely cannot―no one can make even the slightest sp
    ot on the e [続きを読む]
  • Intermediation
  • Theists argue that humans are special creatures distinguished from any other species on earth. They note the idea that human speci
    es was created in the image of the Creator, that is, that humans in some way resemble the divine and supreme One they theologicall
    y hypothesize. The question here is: what's the resemblance which all human beings allegedly have with this One?Some may answ
    er like this: t [続きを読む]
  • Refute
  • Some insist that when you hate someone, it is that you find in him something hideous which is in you, and this is why you hate him
    .But it mustn't be true.For if you do find in someone something hideous for you which you know is in you, you'll find in
    your feelings toward him some color of shame, sorrow, or some kind of compassion. [続きを読む]
  • Reward
  • That you hate someone means (1) that the one you hate is evil from the viewpoint of your conception of justice, and (2) that there
    fore you are distinctly different from the one whom you hate.On (1), everyone has his own ethical view and thereby has his view on
    humanity including himself. One's ethical view is more or less different from others', sometimes very sharply.As to the
    base of ethics, it [続きを読む]
  • Undeniable
  • Evil is evil. You cannot think something evil as something good. But it does not mean you should deny the existence of an evil one
    itself. Why?A soul is thought to be what can make itself or its essence, solely by dint of its free will or life force given to i
    t, in that when a spiritually crucial decision must be made, it is only he the soul who can ultimately make this decision as the o
    ne and onl [続きを読む]
  • Judger
  • If heaven and hell are real, is there some way to get the idea of what they are like?If it is true that some go to hell, others do
    not, then those who supposedly go to hell must be showing something about hell in their own beings.You know how abhorrent and hid
    eous for you what you found evil appears.Then it may be that hell is not something set up to put in it those who are fit for this,
    but rathe [続きを読む]