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  • Coffee on the go 持ち帰りコーヒー
  • Photo by: glamor North Americans LOVE taking their coffee to go. We don’t even think of it to go actually, it is just the defaul
    t cup option when getting a coffee almost anywhere. We take it on our commute, neighborhood walks, in the car, subway etc. Cup in
    hand, nothing can stop us. Japanese simply DO NOT drink coffee and walk. You will get asked “to stay or go” when ordering, and
    a stay-optio [続きを読む]
  • Time management タイムマネジメント
  • Japanese people are obsessed with time. Not only do they have an extreme appetite for high end watches and clocks, the trains aim
    to arrive on-the-second and folks make every effort to ensure they are never late at a gathering. North Americans (and especially
    Indians, see Indian standard time) are more relaxed. Obviously, transportation is not as reliable as Japan, but some take pride in
    being lat [続きを読む]
  • ニューヨークの公園で At a Park in NYC
  • ニューヨークの公園に行ってみると、所狭しと椅子やテーブルが置いてあり、平日の昼間でも何百人もの人が座ってくつろいでいる。 日本だったら仕事もしないで・・・と言いたくなりそうだが、目の前に椅子があると座ってしまうもので、座ってしまったらリラックスしてしまうものなのである。 挙げ句の果てにWifiも飛んでいたりして、もう仕事もここですれば良いかとなり、永遠に公園から出られなくなるのである。 When you go to a [続きを読む]
  • Parking rules in Japan 日本における駐車のルール
  • How do you park your car at a mall? If you asked Japanese people this, I’m willing to bet over 95% respond with “rear first”. あなたはモールでどのように駐車するだろうか? もし日本の人々にこれを聞いたら、95%以上の人が「バックで」と言うだろう。賭けても良い。 In North America it is quite the opposite. 北米では真逆である。 I don’t think there is a correct answer here. I find it interesting both cu [続きを読む]
  • Pizza in Japan 日本におけるピザ
  • Japan. We need to have a talk about your pizza. What in the world..is…this? And for 1600-2000 yen! 日本よ。我々はそちらのピザについて話をする必要がある。これは・・・な・・・に・・・? しかもこれで1600〜2000円! Photo by: 6rockch.com This what a REAL $20 pizza looks like. Kaizen! 「本物の」$20のピザとはこういうものである。改善を要求する! ―――― We are participating in BlogMura Ranking. Click He [続きを読む]
  • Yelling in Japan 日本における「大声」
  • Why are shop workers always yelling about some sale in Japan? I’m yelled at when I enter the store, an announcement on the speak
    ers is yelling at me about a sale on repeat, there is a dedicated staff to stand on a stool to yell at customers from above, there
    are mini tv screens yelling at me, even the cashier yells at me asking if I’m carrying a point card or require a bag! Sometimes
    I’m yelled [続きを読む]
  • Japanese Beer 日本のビール
  • Have you ever noticed the beer that you get in North America never looks like the perfectly poured, crisp version like on TV? Most of the time, it’s missing a key characteristic ― head! On the other hand, head, or foam, is a necessary part of a basic beer serving in Japan. And I’m not taking about just a thin layer of head ― I’m saying sometimes as much as 25-30% of the glass height! The Japa [続きを読む]
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