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  • Art is Expression of Life――The Truth of Art
  • Why do human beings express? What is art for human beings? This treatise treats an essence of my philosophical thought of art whic
    h tries to grasp the essence of art in the expression of life. This treatise will clarify the essence of art by treating the view
    of the universe and the view of the life which seem to form the basis of art. To depict the spring in a flower, which is just art.
    1 Abstract [続きを読む]
  • Development and Evolution
  • The evolutionary epistemology sees knowledge in light of action and generation. The so-called “problem of knowledge” is a problem that has long been debated from ancient times in philosophy. This paper attempts to explore a new approach to epistemology by focusing on how animals perceive things in the world, whilst considering problems associated with development and evolution, tools and te [続きを読む]
  • The Earth and Life
  • Religion is the emotion of awe towards and unification into the higher powers. This thesis considers the Earth as among such highe
    r powers, and discusses how the religion of the circle of life and eternity is covered thoroughly in the myths relating to the ear
    th mothers in ancient religions. The idea of the mother earth is an expression of a sentiment that has flown through the bottom cu
    rrent of e [続きを読む]
  • Aspects of Virtue
  • Human societies are in a state of constant change and therefore they are ? living societies ?, where the ethical and behavioral standards, the virtues to be praised, the duties or norms are rapidly changing and never ever remain unaltered. The virtues we praise and the emphasis we lay on moral values also quickly change in accordance with the constantly changing social conditions. This paper exa [続きを読む]
  • Essence of my Philosophy
  •   Howsoever long our lives may be, we can always summarize them in a few words. Similarly, if I were to summarize my path of
    philosophy, I can simply put it as following. "I have been building life theory like world view that might embrace and transc
    end the modern civilization through its critical analysis." Making this thought as a criterion, I have been developing my
    own philosophy by ap [続きを読む]
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