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  • 3 years since the declaration 宣告から3年 
  • パーキンソン病宣告から3年 パーキンソン病との宣告を受けてから早3年の月日が経とうとしています。この3年間医者の処方通りに薬を飲み、時々散歩するなど、リハビリを心がけてきましたので、病気の進行はある程度抑えられてきていると思います。私の歩く姿や車を運転する様子を見て、病人だとは気づかれないかもしれません。しかしながら、私は自分の体が尋常でないことは良く承知をしております。幾つかの症状を上げてみます [続きを読む]
  • Senior citizens sexuality 高齢者の性 
  •  Senior citizens sexuality 高齢者の性   ◆和文へ移動  I sometimes surf the net for refreshing my mind. The other day, I was able to watch by accident NHK's TV "Close up today +" (broadcast on 18th May 2017) --- "Senior citizens sexuality; they say sex troubles are hard"---.It is a theme that seems to be focused on middle-aged and elderly people; it was a substantial documentary composed of [続きを読む]
  • Troublesome marriage? 結婚は面倒?  
  • Troublesome marriage? 結婚は面倒? ◆和文へ移動 It seems that the era has come when one in four men and one in seven women never get married. Apparently it seems that the view of marriage of young people in their 20s and 30s, which is considered to be in a marriageable age, is changing a lot.Half a century ago, community caretakers often found a suitable partner for the single person, and made [続きを読む]
  • Classification of paints 絵具の特徴と分類
  • Features and classification of paints   絵具の特徴と分類 ( This page is about to describe and classify the featu
    res of the painting colors. These are the concise Japanese, on the contrary translating into English will take time. For the time
    being? I would like to skip English sentences.)(チューブ入りの描画用絵具について、その特徴を述べ、分
    類しようというページです。簡潔な文ですが、かえって [続きを読む]
  • How to use acrylic paints アクリルで人物を描く 
  • How to Use Acrylic Paintsアクリル絵具を使いこなす  ◆和文へ移動   In this year (2017), I shown my works at: The Akita Prefecture Excellent Art Exhibition (3 / 9-12 Prefectural Art Museum, Akita city), 39-kai Exhibition (4/27 ~ 30 Atorion 3F, Akita City), Shinbikai Exhibition (5/26 ~ 29 Y2 Plaza, Yokote city), and Akita Prefecture Zokei Art Exhibition (7/17 ~ 20 Atorion 2F). I had faced the p [続きを読む]
  • 過去の記事 …