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自由文Hi! I'm maymay!
I'll be your guide to places not covered in major travel magazines and sites!
The spots in this site are all recommended --
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  • soft cream tower
  • DAILYCHIKO(ENG tabelogsite) There are many soft-served ice cream, know as “Soft-cream” shops in Japan, but I should say that t
    his particular one has the most impact. It should also be pretty appealing on Instagram and other SNS sites. You can choose from
    small (up to 3 flavors), medium(2 to 4 flavors), and extra large called “TOKUDAI”(8 flavors). Extra largecomes in a [続きを読む]
  • chicken potage ramen
  • TORIPOTA RAMEN THANK(ENG tabelogsite)Their popular menu is this “TORIPOTANA”, thethick chicken potage soup with noodles. They recommend topping this with extra Parmigiano cheese @100 yen extra.Their “TORIPOTANTANMEN” (the red one) is a hot ramen, and is also popular too.The soup are both rather thick, so it will be good for a change if you are used to regular ramen at other places. [続きを読む]
  • almost raw beef cutlets
  • GYUUKATSU MOTOMURA(ENG tabelogsite) I was shocked when I had this for the very first time! Since then, I have posted this on Faceb
    ook several times and shared it to many of my friends ― as a “MUST HAVE” meal.The menu comes with a beef cutlet, shredded ca
    bbage, potato salad, barley rice, miso soup, and pickles. You can also choose to havegrated yam (“tororo”) to mix with the ric
    e [続きを読む]
  • cute cute cupcakes
  • LOLA’S CUPCAKES(ENG tabelogsite)I just HADto have these cute cupcakes!! Even just looking at the showcase made me happy enough!The top pic is the lineup of the regular sized cupcakes, and the bottom is of the tiny ones.Tiny ones are 250 to 300 yen each, and the regular are 460 to 560 yen each.They also serve cupcake milkshakes, coffee, tea and juice as drinks.Below is an example of [続きを読む]
  • cute shaped ice cream
  • MELTING IN THE MOUTH(ENG tabelogsite)I just had to have this soft ice cream perfectly squeezed to thiscute shape!The name of this shop is “melting in the mouth”, but the soft ice cream was rather firm than I had imagined. However, other people who tried this mentioned that it should be eaten right after it is squeezed, as it melts like a milk shake if you let it sit for a short whi [続きを読む]
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