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  • (Book Review / 感想) Winter/ Ali Smith
  • Winter is the second book from Ali Smith’s seasonal series. I really enjoyed her first seasonal book, Autumn. I’ve been waiting for so long to get Winter in paperback! I should say I enjoyed Autumn more than Winter, but it does not mean I did not enjoy Winter.Ali Smithの季節シリーズの2作目がこのWinterです。1作目のAutumnがとても良かったので、Winterのペーパーバック版が出るのを待ち遠しく思っていま [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) The Tobacconist / Robert Seethaler
  • Very quiet yet powerful book.静かで、でもとても力強い本です。The story is set in a very dark time of the history w
    hen Nazism shadows all the brightness of the daily life. The book makes the reader experience this era with the main character Fra
    nz. It was very vivid as if I am actually there, feeling textures, smells and sounds.ナチスが勢力を増していく日々を
    描いたこの物語、読み手が、まるで主人公の [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) The Vegetarian / Han Kang
  • Very sad and disturbing book. Violence and creepy scenes. But, it was such a powerful book to make you experience the story.とても悲しくて悲惨な物語。暴力と、気持ち悪くなるようなシーンもたくさん。でも、まるで物語の中の出来事を目の前で体験しているような気分になる、力強い一冊です。You feel the characters very close to you, while they all are somehow not ordinary. Reading this book made me uncomforta [続きを読む]
  • Wahaca @ London * シェアご飯にぴったりのメキシカン
  • ロンドンのいいところ、それはいわゆるイギリスの料理以外にも、おいしい各国の料理が集まっているところ。One of the good things about London is that you can find so many delicious cuisines from all around the world.日本にいると、外食といえば私はいつも和食 or イタリアン派。メキシカンって、あまり食べたことがなかった。でもロンドンではけっこうみかけます。When it comes to eating out in Japan, I tend to pick [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) Pachinko / Min Jin Lee
  • The first half was wonderful. I once thought this book would be one of my favourites. Beautifully written and I felt so close to a
    ll the characters! However, I was so disappointed by this book as it gets to the last. The book is divided into three parts. Part
    I was fantastic, Part II was OK, but Part III was almost like a different book.前半はとっても良かった。読みながら
    、きっとお気に入りの一冊に [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) Dominion / C.J. Sansom
  • I was looking for a good historical fiction after I finished my now the most favourite book ‘All the Light We Cannot See.’ Thi
    s book ‘Dominion’ is a historical thriller recommended by staff at Daunt Books. Although I hesitated to get this due to the ma
    ssive volume of the book, I am so glad that I manage to read this fantastic novel.お気に入りの本 ‘All the Light We Cannot
    See ‘を読み終えた頃 [続きを読む]
  • MILK @ London * ロンドン郊外のおしゃれカフェ
  • Milk is located in Balham, a residential area where almost no tourists around. Everyone in this area walking around is the locals.
    But for this place, there must be so many ‘visitors’ from other parts of London.今回紹介するMilkはロンドン郊外
    ぼみんな、地元民ばかり。でもこのカフェだけは、ローカルだけでなく、わ [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) Villa Triste / Patrick Modiano
  • Flamboyant but very quiet writing.静かな印象なのに、どこか華やかで、でも寂しい世界観。Glittering and sparkling while you can also feel sadness, like the feeling you must have reading ‘Great Gatsby.’キラキラしたものの中に垣間見る悲しさは、まるで「グレート・ギャツビー」。This book is to enjoy the scene and feel rather than the plot. I found so many descriptions I really liked. Somehow, this book ma [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) The Handmaid’s Tale / Margaret Atwood
  • Soooo many of my friends recommended me to read this book.かなり大勢の友人から勧められ続けていたこの一冊。英女優エマ・ワトソンのブッククラブ、Our Shared Shelfでも課題本に選ばれていたので、気になっていました。It was on the list ofOur Shared Shelf, which is a book club run by Emma Watson to promote feminism.ディストピア系の小説はあまり読んだことがなかったのと、あらすじを読むだけでも感じる物語のエ [続きを読む]
  • About the Ratings! * 本の評価について
  • I have been asked how I rate the books on review posts.It’s very simple. My ratings are based on ‘how much I love this book.’レビュー時の本の評価について質問があったので、ここで解答しておこうと思います。とってもシンプルに、「私がその本をどのくらい好きか」で評価しています。Many book bloggers rate books considering how much they can ‘recommend’ that book. But I am not doing that. How much I lik [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) The Power / Naomi Alderman
  • It is always the struggle not to spoil any important bits of the story while I review the book I especially enjoyed.ネタバレしないようにレビューするのって本当に難しい。自分が心からおもしろいと思った本は特に!Since I rarely read science fiction, I was not very keen on choosing this book when I found it ranked 3 for fiction ranking at Foyles. But something took my attention and decided to give it a [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) ピンヒールははかない / 佐久間 裕美子
  • 女性の生き方って難しい。Being women is difficult, especially here in Japan.「自分らしさ」とか「ありのまま」を謳う広告やメディア、物語が増えてはきたけれど、実際に何のしがらみもなく「私」をおもいっきり出せる状態なんて、ありはしない。人生の選択肢は年々増える一方なのに、結局、子供を産むことや、男性をたてることを望まれるし、「かっこいい」女性は敬遠されがち。「新しい生き方」と呼ばれるものは、今でも難し [続きを読む]