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  • About the Ratings! * 本の評価について
  • I have been asked how I rate the books on review posts.It’s very simple. My ratings are based on ‘how much I love this book.’レビュー時の本の評価について質問があったので、ここで解答しておこうと思います。とってもシンプルに、「私がその本をどのくらい好きか」で評価しています。Many book bloggers rate books considering how much they can ‘recommend’ that book. But I am not doing that. How much I lik [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) The Power / Naomi Alderman
  • It is always the struggle not to spoil any important bits of the story while I review the book I especially enjoyed.ネタバレしないようにレビューするのって本当に難しい。自分が心からおもしろいと思った本は特に!Since I rarely read science fiction, I was not very keen on choosing this book when I found it ranked 3 for fiction ranking at Foyles. But something took my attention and decided to give it a [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) ピンヒールははかない / 佐久間 裕美子
  • 女性の生き方って難しい。Being women is difficult, especially here in Japan.「自分らしさ」とか「ありのまま」を謳う広告やメディア、物語が増えてはきたけれど、実際に何のしがらみもなく「私」をおもいっきり出せる状態なんて、ありはしない。人生の選択肢は年々増える一方なのに、結局、子供を産むことや、男性をたてることを望まれるし、「かっこいい」女性は敬遠されがち。「新しい生き方」と呼ばれるものは、今でも難し [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) All the Light We Cannot See / Anthony Doerr
  • My most favourite book I have ever read 和書・洋書含め、今まで読んだ本の中で、一番心に残った本です。
    Extraordinarily beautifully written. The whole writing sounds like one beautiful dream! Although the setting is at the time during
    the WWII in France and Germany, I felt the warmth of the story line.とても美しい本です。物語全体が、まるで夢
    の中のように感じられるやわらかい文章。でも、物語は第2次世界大 [続きを読む]
  • Being a Fake Bilingual * 私の英語について
  • このブログを日英両方読んでくださっている方は、きっと既にお気付きのことと思いますが、私の英語はかなりテキトーです。笑Those who have been reading my blog in English must notice already that my level of English is not great.あくまで趣味のひとつとして書いているブログです。文法を細かくチェックしたり、ミスがないようにあまり気をつけてもいないのです。日本語にかけるのと同じくらいの時間しかかけずに書くと、 [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) Americanah / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • I currently re-read this now a famous book written by a Nigerian feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Very powerful story of a woman
    who flew to America. Through the life story of the heroin Ifemelu, the reader can experience the struggle of immigrant, race and
    woman issues.有名なフェミニストである、ナイジェリア出身のChimamanda Ngozi Adichieさんのこの本を、最
    近読み直しました。祖国を離れ、アメリカに [続きを読む]
  • (Book Review / 感想) Autumn / Ali Smith
  • Poetic. The two stories overlap beautifully. One main story was the love relationship (probably. unusual love. but was heart-warmi
    ng) between Elisabeth and the elderly Daniel. The other was a tragedy of Boty, the British Female Pop artist.Very easy to read but
    knowledge in historical and political backgrounds about the UK are crucial. I feel like I needed to know a bit more so that I cou
    ld have en [続きを読む]
  • Foyles @ London * ゆっくり過ごしたい本屋さん
  • The bookshop I have visited the most frequently was ‘Foyles.’ As I bought so many books here, I got enough points to get a book for free in the end! Foyalty card is a must have!!!私が一番よく通った本屋さんが「フォイルズ」です。(この赤のアクセントがとてもステキな「フォイヤルティ」カード、たくさん買う人はすぐ貯まるのでおすすめです。)It is huge and cosy that you would love to spend a whole day he [続きを読む]
  • Daunt Books @ London * 夢の中のような本屋さん
  • I like browsing through bookshops. Especially the independent bookshops in London were always fun to stop by.本屋さんをうろうろするのが大好きな私。特にロンドンの個人経営店はどこもとってもステキでした!If I need to pick just one, from a list of my favourite places, I will choose ‘Daunt Books’ in Marylebone High Street, London.ひとつだけ、オススメを選ぶなら、Maryleboneというお洒落な通りにある「Dau [続きを読む]
  • Kissaten ‘Machiaishitsu’ @Asakusa * 喫茶店 「待合室」@浅草
  • Let me write about my ultimate love for exploring historical/classical cafe in Japan. They are called kissaten (喫茶店) in Japanese. It literally translated into the cafe, but it is actually more than just a cafe. There, you can experience a unique atmosphere!私が愛してやまないもののひとつに、「喫茶店」があります!カフェではなくて、喫茶店。もっと言えば、「純喫茶」が好きです。常連さんや、店主の醸し [続きを読む]
  • :-)
  • Travelling is part of my life. I am the one who always tries to travel as many places as I can. My brain is occupied with ideas an
    d thoughts for the next journey, where to visit, what to see, who to meet and what to eat!旅は、生活の一部だと思って
    ぱいです。Although I have been to more than 20 countries already, t [続きを読む]
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