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  • East Rokko Observatory
  • Between Ashiya and Arima Onsen (a famous hot spring town located at north part of Kobe), the road called "Royu driveway"
    runs . On the way, there is "Higashi Rokko Tenboudai(East Rokko Observatory)" at a height of 645m above sea level.From
    here you can see the wide and beautiful scenery of Osaka and Kobe.Especially, the night view is excellent!Every year many visitors
    flock to the place to see the [続きを読む]
  • Omaehama Bridge
  • This bridge is a moveable drawbridge which connects between the south side of Nishinomiya City and an artificial island called Nis
    hinomiya Hama.The another big bridge is built in parallel, but this bridge is used for pedestrians and bicycles so that they can a
    ccess between the two sides easily.It is pleasant to go through here by taking a walk or cycling.Nishinomiya Hama has residential
    areas, var [続きを読む]
  • Nishiki Market
  • On 7th January 2018: After visiting Seimei shrine and Mikane shrine and having a cup of coffee at a cafe, my friend and I went to
    Nishiki Market to buy something.Nishiki market has a history of over 400 years, and has shops dealing with Kyoto-specific foods, p
    ickles, vegetables, tea, sweets etc.Throughout the year, the market is crowded with many visitors.Bacause of that, it took times t
    o see each [続きを読む]
  • Udon in Kyoto
  • On 7th January my frend and I had lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.I ordered Toshiake Udon (New year udon).Green onions, Te
    mpura, Nori (seaweed), Dried bonito and Umeboshi were served for topping.The taste was a bit sweet.I think that the taste is diffe
    rent from udon in Osaka and Tokyo, but I like this seasoning. [続きを読む]
  • Seimei Shrine / Mikane Shrine
  • On 7th January I went to Kyoto with my friend to enjoy the atmosphere of New Year's Kyoto.Attached photos are the shrines we
    visited.? Seimei ShrineThis shrine enshrines Abe no Seimei (921-1005 A.D.) who is famous for a yin-yang master.It is said that
    there is a benefit to ward off evil spirits.To access the shrine, using Kyoto Subway is convenient, 15 minutes on foot from Imadeg
    awa station.・Mi [続きを読む]
  • Lunch at Sannomiya
  • After visiting Ikuta Shrine, my friend and I went to restaurant area and had lunch. My friend ordered "Tempura set" (&qu
    ot;tempura" means vegetables and seafood dipped in batter and deep-fried) and I ordered "Sashimi set"("sashimi
    " means raw sliced fish). The prices are 950-980 yen.In addition, we ordered two small bottles (180cc(180ml) per bottle)
    of hot sake, brand name "Hakushika" and "Kenbishi". [続きを読む]
  • Hatsumode 2018 (4) - Ikuta Shrine
  • After meeting my friends, we visited Ikuta Shrine.Ikuta Shrine is one of the old Japanese shrines, founded about 1800 years ago.Th
    is shrine is especially famous for marriage, and receives 1.5 million visitors each year for the New Year 's visit.It is loca
    ted in the center of Sannomiya, about 10 minutes on foot from JR/Hankyu/Hanshin Sannomiya Station. [続きを読む]
  • Hatsumode 2018 (3) - Uchide-Ten Shrine
  • On 3rd January I was supposed to meet my friends in Kobe Sannnomiya in the afternoon.Before going to Kobe, I visited a local shrin
    e called Uchide-Ten Shrine, which is located near my house.This shrine is regarded as Ujigami-sama (a shrine that protects the are
    a where people live).It enshrines Sugawara no Michizane (845-903 A.D), respected as a deity of scholarship.To access this shrine,
    please get [続きを読む]
  • Hatsumode 2018 (2) - Nishinomiya Shirine
  • After visiting Mondo Yakujin, I went to Nishinomiya Shirine.This shrine is famous for business prosperity because it enshrines Ebi
    su san (Japanese god of fishermen and luck).And, it is the head shrine of the Ebisu sect of Shinto.During the period between 9th a
    nd 11th January, Ebisu festival is held, where more than 1 million people visit the shrine.Also, on 10th January every year a shor
    t-distance [続きを読む]
  • Hatsumode 2018 (1) - Mondo Yakujin
  • On 1st January 2018, I went to "Hatsumode" (First shinto shrine / buddihist temple visit of New Year) from early mornin
    g.Many Japanese visit shrines / temples during the period between 1st January and 3rd January.I usually visit Nishinomiya Shrine
    on 1st January every year, but this year I also visited a temple called "Mondo Yakujin", placed in Nishinomiya city, 10
    minutes by walk from "Mondo Ya [続きを読む]
  • Happy New Year 2018 !
  • On 1st January 2018, I went to "Hatsumode" (First shinto shrine / buddihist temple visit of New Year) from early mornin
    g.Many Japanese visit shrines / temples during the period between 1st January and 3rd January.I usually visit Nishinomiya Shrine
    on 1st January every year, but this year I also visited a temple called "Mondo Yakujin", placed in Nishinomiya city, 10
    minutes by walk from "Mondo Ya [続きを読む]
  • Oji Zoo
  • This municipal zoo is located in the east of Kobe City, keeps pandas, sea lions, bears, elephants, tigers, koalas, flamingos and s
    o on.Among them, panda is the most popular.In the spring an event is held that you can go through the pathways lined with cherry b
    lossoms in the park for free.There are also an amusement park and a building called "Former Hunter House" that was owned
    by a British busine [続きを読む]
  • Kobe Airport
  • Kobe Airport is an artificial island airport constructed on Osaka Bay, a relatively new airport opened in 2006.For access from the
    airport to Sannomiya(Kobe's central city), it is convenient to use Automated People Mover "Port-Liner" . The trave
    lling time is about 20 minutes.Also, a high-speed boat (KOBE-KANSAI AIRPORT BAY SHUTTLE) is operated between Kobe Airport and Osak
    a Kansai Int. Airport. Bo [続きを読む]
  • Sapporo Municipal Subway
  • I used the subway for access to Hokkaido Jingu and Sapporo Dome.Please get off at Maruyama Koen Station (T06) on Tozai-line to Hok
    kaido Jingu and at Fukuzumi Station (H14) on Toho Line to Sapporo Dome.During the summer the train's air-conditioning equipm
    ent seems not to be used (even may not be installed) because the temperature and humidity in Sapporo are not so high as the other
    regions.So if y [続きを読む]
  • Traffic signs in Japanese/English/Russian
  • When I walked around the city of Wakkanai, I found that the traffic sign is different from that set up in the other Japan's r
    egions.Most Japan's traffic signs include English only, but the traffic sign also includes Russian.Since many Russian ships c
    all at Wakkanai, Russian crew seems to be an important customer in Wakkanai.Unfortunately,I did not meet any Russian-like people d
    uring the stay in Wa [続きを読む]
  • Omamori (Charm)
  • The attached pictures are a charm called “omamori", which I bought at Hokkaido Jingu.There are vairous kinds of omamori sold in the shrines or buddhist temples in Japan. The omamori shown is for good health.Examples of another types of omamori are for good fortune, success of love, success of business, safety of your family, protection from traffic accident.As a special case, many japanese who re [続きを読む]
  • Intercity Express Bus (Wakkanai - Sapporo)
  • For returning to Sapporo, I used the express bus Wakkanai-Go operated by HOKUTO KOTSU (URL:
    .It takes about 6 hours, 1 hour longer than the limited express train Soya. But the fare is 6,200 yen ($55/?46), much cheaper th
    an that of the train (10,450 yen (approx.$92/?78)).The fare becomes 7,340 yen if you use the local train, but it is probably imp
    ossible to g [続きを読む]
  • Wakkanai Sightseeing Bus Tour
  • During the stay in Wakkanai on 25-26th July 2017, I took a 4-hours sightseeting tour which begins from Wakkanai bus terminal at 14
    :00 (It costs about 3,600 yen (approx. $30/?27)).The main spots of the route is the following. ・Wakkanai Port Kita Bohatei Dom
    e A large breakwater at Wakkanai Port, built over 5 years from 1931.・Wakkanai City Hoppo-Kinenkan A tower which was built on th
    e hill of Wak [続きを読む]
  • New Chitose Airport
  • New Chitose Airport is Hokkaido's largest airport, Hokkaido's main aviation gateway.Also, the Self Defense Force Chitose
    Base is adjacent to New Chitose Airport.A rapid train (Rapid airport) is convenient to access to Sapporo from this airport (It ta
    kes approx. 35 minutes, the fare is 1,070 yen (approx. $9/?8)).Flight routes between Chitose and almost all of the other Japan&a
    pos;s regional cities are [続きを読む]
  • Sapporo Dome
  • Before leaving Hokkaido on 27th July 2017, I went to see Sapporo dome.Sapporo Dome is a multipurpose facility, the home ground of
    Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters(professional baseball team) and Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo (professional football team).Any game or
    event were not held during the period of my trip, but I wanted to see what it is like. As it was early morning on weekdays, just
    some chil [続きを読む]
  • Susukino
  • Susukino is a nightlife district in Sapporo, a famous place nationwide.There are various kinds of food shops such as barbecue rest
    aurant, drinking bar, ramen shop etc.I went to "Ramen Yokocho", which is a ramen shop area, and ate a miso-tasted ramen
    at one of the ramen shops ("miso" is fermented soybean paste).Also, I tried "Genghis Khan"(sheep meat and vege
    table baked on a frying pan. the name is [続きを読む]
  • Hokkaido Jingu
  • On 24th July 2017 I arrived at JR Sapporo station in the afternoon. After completing check-in at the hotel, I visited Hokkaido Jin
    gu to pay respect to settlers of Hokkaido enshrined in the shrine.Hokkaido Jingu is located at Maruyama Park, it takes about 30 mi
    nutes by subway from Sapporo station.I was very impressed with its very wide ground and beauty of its architecture.If you are inte
    rested in [続きを読む]
  • Sapporo
  • My Hokkaido trip on July 2017 began from Sapporo. Sapporo is the largest city in Hokkaido, and also it is one of Japan's majo
    r city such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.I got to Sapporo from Kobe airport by using a domestic airline called Skymark Airlines, and
    went around various sights in Sapporo.I would like to upload some photos in the next articles.The attached photos are the famous
    Clock Tower cal [続きを読む]
  • Limited Express Soya
  • On 25th July 2017, I took the limited express train "Soya" operated by JR Hokkaido.It runs between Sapporo and Wakkanai
    for one round trip per day, takes about 5 hours for one way.Even though the long hours of riding on the train, I did not get bored
    until reaching Wakkanai thanks to wonderful views from the train window.One of the attached pictures is a mountain of Rishiri Isl
    and, called Rishiri [続きを読む]