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  • 夢を見ているのは愉快――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • We dream ― it is good we are dreaming ― We dream ― it is good we are dreaming ― It would hurt us ― were we awake ― But since it is playing ― kill us, And we are playing ― shriek ― What harm? Men die ― externally ― It is a truth ― of Blood ― But we ― are dying in Drama ― And Drama ― is never dead ― Cautious ― We jar each other ― And either ― open the eyes ― Lest the Phantasm [続きを読む]
  • この光は消えない――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • You cannot put a Fire out ― You cannot put a Fire out ― A Thing that can ignite Can go, itself, without a Fan ― Upon the slowest Night ― You cannot fold a Flood ― And put it in a Drawer ― Because the Winds would find it out ― And tell your Cedar Floor ― Emily Dickinson この光は消えない―― この火を消えない―― 自然に発火して 扇がずとも自ずと―― 真夜に広がる光―― 豪雨を森に貯め―― [続きを読む]
  • 二日の間に一夜がある――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • A Night ― there lay the Days between ― A Night ― there lay the Days between ― The Day that was Before ― And Day that was Behind ― were one ― And now ― 'twas Night ― was here ― Slow ― Night ― that must be watched away ― As Grains upon a shore ― Too imperceptible to note ― Till it be night ― no more ― Emily Dickinson 二日の間に一夜がある―― 二日の間に一夜がある―― 一夜の前の [続きを読む]
  • 彼女の如く毅然と――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • Like her the Saints retire Like her the Saints retire, In their Chapeaux of fire, Martial as she! Like her the Evenings steal Pu
    rple and Cochineal After the Day! "Departed" ? both ? they say! i.e. gathered away, Not found, Argues the Aster st
    ill ? Reasons the Daffodil Profound! Emily Dickinson 彼女の如く毅然と 彼女の如く毅然と 聖人は炎の頭巾
    を 被り死へと向かう! 彼女の如く夕べは 一日の [続きを読む]
  • 私の後に荒涼たる永遠――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • Behind Me ― dips Eternity ― Behind Me ― dips Eternity ― Before Me ― Immortality ― Myself ― the Term between ― Death but the Drift of Eastern Gray, Dissolving into Dawn away, Before the West begin ― 'Tis Kingdoms ― afterward ― they say ― In perfect ― pauseless Monarchy ― Whose Prince ― is Son of None ― Himself ― His Dateless Dynasty ― Himself ― Himself diversify ― In Duplicate [続きを読む]
  • 彼女は中身の更新毎に幸せ――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • She’s happy, with a new Content ― She’s happy, with a new Content ― That feels to her ― like Sacrament ― She’s busy ― with an altered Care ― As just apprenticed to the Air ― She’s tearful ― if she weep at all ― For blissful Causes ― Most of all That Heaven permit so meek as her ― To such a Fate ― to Minister. Emily Dickinson 彼女は中身の更新毎に幸せ―― 彼女は中身の更新毎に幸 [続きを読む]
  • 朝五時まで陽は遅い――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • The Day came slow ― till Five o'clock ― The Day came slow ― till Five o'clock ― Then sprang before the Hills Like Hindered Rubies ― or the Light A Sudden Musket ― spills ― The Purple could not keep the East ― The Sunrise shook abroad Like Breadths of Topaz ― packed a Night ― The Lady just unrolled ― The Happy Winds ― their Timbrels took ― The Birds ― in docile Rows Arranged themse [続きを読む]
  • 私の頭蓋骨が割れて――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • If ever the lid gets off my head If ever the lid gets off my head And lets the brain away The fellow will go where he belonged ― Without a hint from me, And the world ― if the world be looking on― Will see how far from home It is possible for sense to live The soul there ― all the time. Emily Dickinson 私の頭蓋骨が割れて 私の頭蓋骨が割れて 頭脳が飛び散り 私は指示しないのに 他は其々の場に [続きを読む]
  • 血の気失せた花の色――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • But little Carmine hath her face ― But little Carmine hath her face ― Of Emerald scant ― her Gown ― Her Beauty ― is the love she doth ― Itself ―― Mine ― Emily Dickinson But her face is pale But her face is pale And her gown is of faded green Her beauty is the heart she does Exhibit me her age ― 血の気失せた花の色―― 血の気失せた花の色―― 緑衣も色褪せたが―― 花の美は老を恥じず [続きを読む]
  • 苦悩を通して眺めると――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • Delight ― becomes pictorial ― Delight ― becomes pictorial ― When viewed through Pain ― More fair ― because impossible Than any gain ― The Mountain ― at a given distance ― In Amber ― lies ― Approached ― the Amber flits ― a little ― And That's ― the Skies ― Emily Dickinson 苦悩を通して眺めると―― 苦悩を通して眺めると―― 歓びは絵の如く―― 不可能なれば、得たる 物より更に麗し― [続きを読む]
  • 永遠の為に働く人あるが――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • Some ― Work for Immortality ― Some ― Work for Immortality ― The Chiefer part, for Time ― He ― Compensates ― immediately ― The former ― Checks ― on Fame ― Slow Gold ― but Everlasting ― The Bullion of Today ― Contrasted with the Currency Of Immortality ― Emily Dickinson 永遠の為に働く人あるが―― 永遠の為に働く人あるが―― 大部分の人々は直ちに―― 現在の勤労に報われるが―― 前者 [続きを読む]
  • お値段を請求されないから――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • I pay ― in Satin Cash ― I pay ― in Satin Cash ― You did not state ― your price ― A Petal, for a Paragraph It near as I can guess ― Emily Dickinson お値段を請求されないから―― お値段を請求されないから―― 極上の品をご提案致します―― 一節に一花弁が近い値かと 推察しますが、如何ですか―― エミリー・ディキンソン エミリーは近隣の友人への手紙に花を添えた。お返事と花弁の交換条件の提案という [続きを読む]
  • 一足す一は二――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • One and One ― are One ― One and One ― are One ― Two ― be finished using ― Well enough for Schools ― But for Minor Choosing ― Life ― just ― or Death ― Or the Everlasting ― More ― would be too vast For the Soul's Comprising ― Emily Dickinson 一足す一は二―― 一足す一は二―― これは学校で―― 充分に教わる―― だが詰らぬ事―― 一度の人生――死―― 永遠の問に―― 不充分――魂の 理解 [続きを読む]
  • 私の庭は浜辺のよう――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • My Garden ― like the Beach ― My Garden ― like the Beach ―Denotes there be ― a Sea ―That's Summer ―Such as These ― the PearlsShe fetches ― such as Me Emily Dickinson 私の庭は浜辺のよう―― 私の庭は浜辺のよう―― 海があるしるし―― 季節は夏―― 夏はこれら真珠を 私にくださった―― 私の庭は浜辺のよう―― 海があるしるし―― 季節は夏―― 夏はこれら真珠を 私にくださった エミリー・ディキンソ [続きを読む]
  • 私は彼に身を任せて――エミリー・ディキンソン
  • I gave myself to Him ― I gave myself to Him ―And took Himself, for Pay,The solemn contract of a LifeWas ratified, this way ― The Wealth might disappoint ―Myself a poorer proveThan this great Purchaser suspect,The Daily Own ― of Love Depreciate the Vision ―But till the Merchant buy ―Still Fable ― in the Isles of Spice ―The subtle Cargoes ― lie ― At least ― 'tis Mutual ― Risk ―Some ― [続きを読む]