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  • japan Emperor and Empress cult
  • The Japanese emperor Akihito is an internationally famous cult criminal.All-you-can-be criminal who wants to do using the policema
    n and the press in his hand.Heisei Emperor who continued irresponsibly, is the masterpiece of Nomark.The Imperial Police Attachmen
    t attached to the Emperor belongs to the National Police Agency. Liaison. The masterpiece of the police 's wrong is the emper
    or.This is a po [続きを読む]
  • Emperor Cartel     Irresponsibility
  • Emperor CartelIrresponsibilityKorean cartelDoubts from overseas, why is Japan silenced in Shiori and Sexual assault violence?How l
    ong will the media keep silent on Mr. Shiori and sexual violence?Mr. Noriyuki Yamaguchi, a journalist "Aben" journalist
    who stopped the police officer from the police chief of the Metropolitan Police Station on the verge of being arrested on charges
    of quasi rape and es [続きを読む]
  • Shiori's case
  • A media company in Japan. cartel.State power not to apologize to the victim.Shiori's caseThe media corruption itself is the n
    ews spoiled powerState powers not stubborn apologySymbol not to reflect on the past.ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー
    織さん事件 マスコミ腐敗そのものがニュース 腐敗した権力強情な謝罪しない [続きを読む]
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