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  • Yoga in the nature
  • Every morning I work out for my health. I start from basic yoga to warm up my body and go into building muscle. 4 years ago, my pr
    ofessor invited me to join yoga class held in downtown. That class consists of locals and it was open class. ( Surprisingly, teach
    er was my university's alumnus. ) That time was first experience I did yoga.One day, we went to near beautiful lake with lots
    of sandwiches. [続きを読む]
  • Liquid to solid
  • My small change in this month was changing shower gel from liquid to solid. Because of my job environment, I have to pack my lugga
    ge almost everyday. When I organise my luggage, I used to feel uncomfortable. I didn't know until I become sort of minimalist
    . "Having so many belongings makes me exhausted." I should make it clear. I am not so called minimalist . I used to be.
    Now I am sort of perfecti [続きを読む]
  • Education and occupation
  • "Education is the only thing won't be burden in your life." This was the strong words my grandparents used to tell
    me. I have no idea how much their words influenced my life. 2 years ago, I graduated from University. My major was international r
    elations and wanted to continue my study in graduate school. However, I couldn't make my mind which school should I apply. So
    I decided to work several yea [続きを読む]
  • Packing luggage
  • From the end of this month, I'll stay in China for 3 months. So recently, I'm busy with preparing my luggage. These are
    following things I will definitely bring with me. - Laptop- Documents- Files, notebooks and stationaries- Dictionary- Phone -
    Passport- Adaptor- 5,000 Renminbi ( CNY ) *My company will cover accommodation and meal.- Minimal clothes- Thin jacket- Sui
    ts and heels- Sport [続きを読む]
  • Izmir
  • Maybe the time we spent in Izmir was the most beautiful and calm moment.We sat on the beach and looking at sunset. Long summer nig
    ht.You pulled me to the garden and picked ripe apricot.Strong sunlight burnt our skins.Melted ice cream dropped on the ground.When
    ever I remember the time in Izmir, I feel nostology.Run Run RunAs long as you are with meI can go anywhere.Everyone stayed awake.E
    vening to [続きを読む]
  • Polish the language skill
  • My current job requires practical Chinese skill. This is my biggest concern so far. My Chinese level is not even business level. S
    igh. Let's say still intermediate. I studied Chinese for 3 years when I was student. After graduate from university, I studie
    d German and Turkish instead (because I had to study for some reasons). While I was studying those two languages, I gradually forg
    ot Chinese. But [続きを読む]
  • Next destinations and purposes
  • China (Yunnan Province) : Naxi Dongba script, world biggest rapeseed flowers field Turkey (Cappadocia): Cave hotel Spain : Santia
    go de compostela, Flamenco, Dali museum, IbizaItaly : Fashion, historical heritage, Pasta Pasta Pasta ! Iceland : Hot springs, blu
    e cave, volcano, explore natureSweden/ Finland : Slow life, interiorNetherland : DJs, tulips, Art museumGreen land : Icefjord, Eqi
    p Sermia G [続きを読む]
  • Inside of my luggage
  • Depends on each destination, length of staying, I always change inside of luggage. Because of my occupation, I have to fly to othe
    r places almost everyday. These are stuffs I always take with me when I fly to other places. For any destinations, I always keep i
    n mind to try to make my lugguage half empty.(For Domestic)- wallet- phone and power bank- earphone- notebook, files and stationar
    y- laptop [続きを読む]
  • Toddlers on Northern island
  • I saw Ezo red fox was playing on the snow. It was -10℃ and my hands felt numb from cold. Ever since that day, when I encounter wide open white land, I cant help looking for wild fox. There are few chances we can meet herd of deer and rare raccoons, though possibility is quite low. Late spring. News programs started broadcasting efflorescence of cherry blossom. Here in northern island, however it [続きを読む]
  • Nomadic life
  • I always dream about nomadic life. Not staying only one place, moving places like a water. They have limited resources and not pos
    sess unnecessary stuff. "Possession" for me, is negative word. When people possess something, their minds only focus on
    their possessions. And it turns to be obsession. Once you have courage to decide what to have what to not have, you can go anywher
    e you want. Open you [続きを読む]
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