Pidan Odyssey さん プロフィール

Pidan Odysseyさん: Pidan Odyssey
ハンドル名Pidan Odyssey さん
ブログタイトルPidan Odyssey
サイト紹介文ピータンファミリーのブログです。 赤いのがやってる「Pidan Rouge」の家族ブログです。
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Pidan Odyssey さんのブログ記事

  • Delivery Box No. 1 and No. 2
  • Pankichi-Ken - a Chinese Restaurant specialising in dumplings, where dishes are rotating on a belt conveyor and no chair for custo
    mers (except for one), so they enjoy the food and drinks standing, picking up what you want from the belt conveyor in a rather hec
    tic environment.Good news, though. Pankichi-Ken accepts delivery orders!If you prefer enjoying Gyoza-otoko's glorious dumplin
    gs in a more re [続きを読む]
  • Pidan
  • PidanPidan, also known as Century eggs, preserved egg, hundred-year egg, thousand-year edd, black egg, etc. is one of Chinese deli
    cacy, made by preserving duck, chickin or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash salt, quicklime and rice hulls or several weeks to
    several months.Most of (if not all) Chinese restaurants serve Pidan. Therefore, being a Chinese restaurant, Pankichi-Ken keeps som
    e Pidans i [続きを読む]
  • Shu-kun, the apprentice
  • Shu-kun is an apprentice cook and whose dream is to be a full-fledged Gyoza-chef like Gyoza Otoko one day. Strangely, however, eve
    rybody who knows him cannot deny the similarity between his hat and Shumai.One day, Gyoza Otoko pointed out the fact and Shu-kun t
    ried to change his fashion. But it was not very good idea, as Shu-kun does not look like Shu-kun without his Shumai hat...His hat
    is full of [続きを読む]
  • Fukahire san
  • AKA "Mr Shark-Fin". One of the very well-known ingredients of Chinese cuisine.He should be proud of himself being a Shar
    k-Fin, one of the best and most expensive ingredients of Chinese cuisine. However, he is rather depressed as he is very lonely, st
    aying at Pankichi-Ken.Yes, Pankichi-Ken is a Chinese restaurant, but it is not high-end expensive restaurant. It is rather a humbl
    e every-day eatery f [続きを読む]
  • Steamer Fairy
  • Steamer Fairy. AKA Seiro-Fair (Chinese style steamers are called "Seiro" in Japanese. )They are the hidden sous-chef of
    this restaurant. Without them, dumplings at Pankichi-Ken cannot be as good as they are.Steamer Fairies are very elusive and diffic
    ult to catch. Even a glimpse.They are everywhere, at the same time, they are nowhere.If you are lucky, you may be able to see them
    , some day.On the ot [続きを読む]
  • Bob Terada
  • Bob Terada - one of regular customers of Pankichi-Ken.He is a sales representative who sell things by showing how to use the produ
    ct in front of potential customers (you know, sometimes you see these sales representatives in a big supermarket or something..)He
    is not that bad sales representative, however, unfortunately, he doesn't have a luck with products. If only he was assigned
    to sell "sellin [続きを読む]
  • Mr Hori - the Policeman
  • Mr Hori - A real policeman. Is it his destiny that he encountered Pankichi...?Mr Hori is a young, enthusiastic policeman who is ne
    wly stationed at the town where Pankichi-ken is situated.It was like a "falling in love at first sight" when he saw Pank
    ichi for the first time... just, it was not really a "love", but an "insatiable appetite for finding out the truth&
    quot;.So, he starts his own investigatio [続きを読む]
  • Gyoza Otoko
  • Gyoza Otoko - AKA "the Dumpling Man". The Head Chef of "Pankichi-Ken" Restaurnat.Pankichi suspects he is weari
    ng a dumpling suit, but nobody, except for Gyoza Otoko himself, know the truth.Gyoza Otoko is a very good Chef and his dumplings a
    re very popular amount the restaurant's regulars. So, actually, nobody cares if he is wearing a dumpling suit or not.He is a
    Dumpling Chef, so he is very determ [続きを読む]
  • Mr Ra (Chili Oil)
  • Mr Ra is a bottle of Chili Oil.Chili Oil is called Rayu in Japan - that's where his name came from. However, Mr Ra's Chi
    li Oil is rather Chinese style and is hand made by Gyoza Otoko, the head chef of Pankichi-ken.He is always angry, which is underst
    andable considering that he keeps very hot chili oil in his stomach all the time. What will happen if his stomach becomes empty?As
    his Chilli Oil tast [続きを読む]
  • April 2018 - Happy Easter
  • 2018年4月。今年はイースターと、エイプリルフールが同じ日なのね。イースターサンデーは、春分の日の次の満月の次の日曜日と定められるそうです。つまり、ジーザスが復活したのは、日と夜の長さがほぼ同じで、ほぼ満月の、ある春の日曜日だったというわけですな。In 2018, Easter Sunday falls on April Fools day!According to the information found on the Internet, Easter Sunday would be set on the first Sunday after th [続きを読む]
  • Chie san
  • Her name is Chie. She used to be an "OL" - abbreviation of Office Lady. Japanese word to address "Female office wor
    kers" - but unfortunately, made redundant some time ago, and now working for Pankichi-ken as a waiting staff. Her secret drea
    m is to become an "OL" again, which Pankichi thinks a bit weird. Why does she not simply apply for it, if she wants to b
    e an "OL" so much, Pankichi wonders.She [続きを読む]
  • Forty winks
  • Domburi Shifu is taking forty winks on Managing Director's chair. Customer admires the soup in Domburi Shihu, which is shinin
    g. Also, the customer admires the Domburi (bowl). Domburi Shihu (wakes up) : How may I help you?Customer : I though the face was a
    decoration. That's all for today!Go back to PANKICHI-KEN [続きを読む]
  • Usage of Bicycle
  • Pankichi : Ummm.. Electricity bill is getting higher..Pankichi : Maybe it's time to think about improving Gyozaz Belt. Pankic
    hi : I can use a bicycle to generate electricity. Shu-kun : Before that, please buy one for delivery.Go back to PANKICHI-KEN [続きを読む]
  • Identity Crisis
  • Pao's monologue : Mr Burger's buns..Pao's monologue : They look just the right size.. Pao's monologue : If I c
    ould be sandwiched between the buns... Chie-san : Really?Pao's monologue : NO! I am a pancake to wrap Peking Ducks! Not a san
    dwich filling!Go back to PANKICHI-KEN [続きを読む]
  • Nose
  • Chie-san : Manager, you have a long nose, don't you?I envy you!Chie-san : Why is your nose so long, though you are a Panda?It
    's strange, isn't it? Pankichi : Maybe because my body has evolved to enjoy the fragrance of wine. Chie-san : Really?Pan
    kichi : No. It just seems to run in my family.Go back to PANKICHI-KEN [続きを読む]
  • His name is "Goldfish"
  • His name is "Goldgfish"When Chie-san is cleaning the floor,Goldfish staring at her.Chie-san turns around.Goldfish turns
    around, too.. Goldfish : Please go on cleaning. Chie-san : This Goldfish behaves just like his owner.. Go back to PANKICHI-KEN [続きを読む]
  • What's New
  • 1st Jan 2018 - Happy New Year!!!22nd March 2017 - New Episodes are added to Pankichi-Ken22nd Feb 2017 - Pankichi-Ken now reached e
    pisode No 1128th Jan 2017 - New Episodes are added to Pankichi-Ken1st Jan 2017 - Happy New Year!!!20th Nov 2016 - New Episodes are
    added to Pankichi-Ken20th Nov 2016 - New Items are added to Zentangle16th Nov 2016 - New Items are added to Pidan Calendar [続きを読む]
  • Gyoza Belt
  • What does Gyoza Otoko put on Gyoza Belt?Fried GyozaSteamed GyozaBoiled Gyoza Try putting un-cooked Gyoza, too.(Gyoza Otoko : Anybo
    dy might like this?)Go back to PANKICHI-KEN [続きを読む]
  • Pao the pancake - New Career?
  • Mr Burger sometimes drops by kitchen at Pankichi-ken.Mr Burger is chatting with Gyoza Otoko Mr Burger : Then, Mr Daifuku said that
    ... Gyoza Otoko : Hahaha Mr Burger turns around.. Job offer.Mr Burger : Would you like to try being stuffed between buns?Pao : No.
    .Go back to PANKICHI-KEN [続きを読む]
  • Delivery Box No. 2
  • Delivery Box No. 2: Oh, that's too far. Delivery Box No. 1 will do it. Delivery Box No. 2: That's too close. Why don&apo
    s;t you ask No. 1? Delivery Box No. 2 : No. 1 will...Delivery Box No. 2 : My goodness, it's hot!!!Go back to PANKICHI-KEN [続きを読む]
  • Pao the pancake - 2
  • Pao. You know, the pancake you use to roll Peking duck. Pao: But, this restaurant doesn't serve Peking duck. Pao has set up a
    trap to catch a duck.But, it is not likely ducks will walk through around here...Go back to PANKICHI-KEN [続きを読む]
  • Shacho (Managing Director)
  • Regular customer of "Pankichi-Ken". He calls himself "Shacho", which means "Managing Director" in Ja
    panese.Is he really a Managing Director?Nobody knows. However, one thing for sure is that, even though "Pankichi-ken" is
    a standing restaurant, where customers are supposed to eat and drink standing, Shacho has managed to get his private chair to be
    kept at "Pankichi-ken", and the chair is called "M [続きを読む]