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ハンドル名Laura Oka さん
ブログタイトルHouse Of Oka
サイト紹介文イギリスと日本のハーフそだってる:Raising kids Gods way in Japan.
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  • 3 Ways to be ‘Team Mates’ in your Parenting
  • It was an ice cream that fueled it. Such a fuss over ice cream. I like ice cream, but my daughter inevitably likes it more! I had
    already established a rule with her that she could have ice cream if she collected all the pom poms in her “I’m nice” jar. (
    This was a jar we created to praise all the nice things she had done and her reward was ice cream!) But we needed to go and Daddy
    had promised [続きを読む]
  • 夫に家族に関わってもらう4つの理由
  • 第1子の娘が生まれた時、すごく不安だったと思う、9年間幼稚園の先生としてたくさん子ども達の面倒を見てきたけれど、自分の赤ちゃんをどう世話すればよいか分からず、その小さな彼女を腕に寄せた時びびってしまった。どれだけ多く子育て本を読んでも、次の準備を十分にしてはくれない。私は自分の感情と戦った;泣きながら病院を後にし、赤ちゃんに授乳するのに何ヶ月も苦労し、ずっと「この子を寝かすともう起きないんじゃない [続きを読む]
  • 4 Reasons to Let your Husband be More Involved
  • When my first daughter was born, I think I was pretty stressed out, even though I had been a teacher for 9 years and looked after
    kids a lot, I didn’t have any idea how to look after a baby and I kinda freaked out when they placed that tiny bundle in my arms
    . No matter how many parenting books you read, it doesn’t prepare you for what’s next.I struggled with my emotions, burst into
    tears as I [続きを読む]
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