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サイト紹介文Posting blog on my life in Los Angeles
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  • Best Low-carb snack
  • After I turned 30, I feel it is getting easier to lose short-term memory, and gain weight. What was lucky to me was, at the time l
    ow carb diet started to be popular in Japan. You can find low carb snacks/foods at any supermarket and low carb menu at any restau
    rants. I am not on… Continue Reading Best Low-carb snack [続きを読む]
  • Do you like nori (seaweed)?
  • When I came to LA, I was surprised to see a lot of Sushi restaurants, on top of Ramen restaurants. Unique feature of sushi restaur
    ant in California (and maybe across U.S.) would be they serve rolls with seaweed rolled inside, not outside. Yes, I am talking abo
    ut California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls etc. To… Continue Reading Do you like nori (seaweed)? [続きを読む]
  • How about “Don” for your lunch?
  • “Don” literally means “bowl”, but when used for menu it represents something over a bowl of rice. Take “Gyudon” as an example, as “Gyu” means beaf it represents grilled beef on rice served in a bowl. “Tendon” is another example but a little bit tricky. Ten is an abbreviation of “Tempura”, and in this case,… Continue Reading How about “Don” for your lunch? [続きを読む]
  • 85C Bakery
  • 85C Bakeryis very popular bakery among Japanese living in LA (and in USA, I guess). They are originally from Taiwan, but they pret
    ty much look/taste like bakeries in Japan. That’s exactly why we Japanese love them. Just as Japanese bakeries, various kinds
    of breads are displayed neatly and cleanly. You pick up a… Continue Reading 85C Bakery [続きを読む]
  • DAISO ? Japanese $1.5 Only Store
  • Have you ever been to DAISO in LA? DAISO is one of the biggest 100 yen store chain (basically everything sold is priced as JPY) in
    Japan. They run a lot of stores in USA and there are some in LA as well. Basic business model is similar to that of 99 Cents Stor
    e, but… Continue Reading DAISO ? Japanese $1.5 Only Store [続きを読む]
  • Marugame Udon at Sawtelle
  • When we moved to LA, I was surprised to see a lot of ramen restaurants. Many of them are run (and sometimes cooked ) by Japanese a
    nd ramen there tastes awesome! I think Ramen is very popular not only among Japanese or American Japanese in LA, but also American
    s at large. But when it comes… Continue Reading Marugame Udon at Sawtelle [続きを読む]
  • Hello!
  • Hi. I am Yuji. I am a Japanese who grew up in Japan, working for a Japanese company. I happened to be relocated to Los Angels with
    my family for my new assignment 2 years ago. Our life her will be 3 to 5 years in total, though I don’t know yet. Even though w
    e… Continue Reading Hello! [続きを読む]
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