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  • Manners ― You should remember when you visit Japan.
  • Manners in JapanI would like to write about some manners which foreigners supposed to follow otherwise they may face embarrassing
    moment. Basic idea of Japanese manners are not to annoy or disturb other people.Take off your shoesWhen you enter somebody’s hou
    se, you have to take off your shoes.In Japan, from the old time house has been the cleaner place than outside or ground. They have
    wash [続きを読む]
  • Osaka ― Japanese second largest city
  • What is Osaka?Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan located in Kinki Area Please refer to Japan Area Map. Name Osaka has been
    used from about 1500. The city is also known as Naniwa.In Edo era, Osaka was a economic center of Japan and called as Kitchen of
    the world (world means Japan here.) Osaka is known as the city of merchant.Where is Osaka?Osaka is located in the center of Kinki
    Ar [続きを読む]
  • 和食 Washoku ― Japanese cuisine culture
  • 和食 Washoku ― Japanese cuisine cultureWhat is Washoku? Washoku is Japanese cuisine culture which cooks fish and vegetable and so on with the following traditional method of Japan. Mainly composed with rice, soup, pickles and dishes. There is no proper definition about the content of cuisine; however, the most basic composition is consists of soup, and three dishes; rice and pickles, one ma [続きを読む]
  • Ninjya ― Japanese secret
  • Ninjya ― Japanese secretWhen Ninjya came out to novel or comic, it became popular (about AD 1955) and then later spread over to
    the world through movies. How much do you know about Ninjya. Ninjya can be found in a historical documents stated since about AD 1
    400. In the previous time, it was called “Rappa”, “Suppa”, “Dakkou”, “Shinobi”, “Kusa”, etc. Name on Ninjya c
    hanged dependin [続きを読む]
  • Culture of Japan
  • Culture of JapanI set up an category of culture. I am not quite sure what culture is. I guess it could be a form of behaviour in t
    he society and products/results came out of the behaviour, etc. Therefore, each country and area have culture of it own. Following
    s are my idea on Japan and Japanese culture. I think that Japan is established its society on the base of a small comunity where t
    hey live t [続きを読む]
  • Sakura ― beautiful Japanese flower
  • What is Sakura?Sakura (Cherry blossom) is one of the famous flowers in Japan and grow in every part of Japan. There are so many sp
    ecies of Sakura in Japan; over several hundreds. Most popular Sakura species is “Someiyoshino”. This is a man made species fro
    m “Edohigansakura” and “Ooshimaskaura” during the end of Edo Era and the beginng of Meiji Era (ca. AD 1800-1900). Then thi
    s “Someiyoshio [続きを読む]
  • Sushi ― Famous Japanese food
  • Do you know Sushi ― Famous Japanese food?Sushi is one of the famous Japanese food. I would like to explain about Sushi. As far as I know, I think sushi can be roughly separated to six kinds. Nigirizushi, Oshizushi, Makizushi, Inarizushi, Chirasihzushi, and Narezushi. Nigirizushi is a sushi that put fresh fish meet on top of small mass of rice. Please see the picture. The rice is marinated with vi [続きを読む]
  • Sake ? rice wine of Japan
  • Sake of JapanFor Japanese, Sake means alcholic beverage. However, for foreigners Sake means Japanese Sake. Here I would like to ta
    lk about Japanese Sake as Sake. What is Sake?Sake is fermented liquor made of rice. It is rice wine. There are many categories in
    Sake, but not many Japanese aware of such categories, I think. I guess normal people are not quite sure about these categories. So
    , I would [続きを読む]
  • What is Onsen?
  • What is Onsen?Onsen is a hot spring in Japan. I am not a specialist of Onsen, so I would like to explain Onsen mainly through my k
    nowledge. Japan has many volcanos and accordingly there are many hot springs. Groundwater will be heated by lava of volcanos, at t
    he sametime many chemicals from lava or rocks will be blended into the groundwater and this water will be called Onsen. There are [続きを読む]
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