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  • Rinshunkaku residence
  • The Sankei-en gardenThe Sankei-en garden is a Japanese landscape style garden and 17 historical remains in the large estate. ?Part of Rinshunkaku residenceThese 17 historical buildings were relocated in a place full of nature and in harmony with the garden. We want to introduce a famous residence made by the Sukiya style and it's called 'Rinshunkaku.' This residence consists of connected 3 Sukiya [続きを読む]
  • SHOGUN's castle
  • SHOGUN's castle (Fushimi-momoyama castle)Fushimi-momoyama castle was not a genuine historical castle tower, but made as an am
    usement park's symble. In spite of its commercial motive, its appearance was well reproduced and it was made heavy use in man
    y field. Fushimi-momoyama castleFushimi district where we visit this time was the most important city in the Sengoku period when T
    oyotomi Hideyoshi go [続きを読む]
  • Okayama castle
  • Okayama castle was made during a very sensitive time. Many well-known castles were made or reconstructed after a famous war, the S
    ekigahara-no-tatakai and until the start of the other famous war, the Seage of the Osaka castle, among almost 15 years. It was a s
    pecial time at that time when the ruler of Japan changed from the Toyotomi family to the Tokugawa family. This era had an atmosphe
    re some bi [続きを読む]
  • Tidbits1:Washlet
  • Tidbits 1 : Washlet'Washlet' is an electronic toilet seat with bidet functions usually attached on a toilet, we think yo
    u have already knew. 'Washlet' is a brand name but we think it's already a common noun for general Japanese. For ex
    ample, one of other blands is called 'Shower-toilet' but these are the same ones.An electronic toilet seat is a really w
    onderful equipment. But if you are non-native [続きを読む]
  • Ichijodani medieval town
  • A town in the Warring States period'Ichijodani' is a place name where is located in Fukui prefecture. In the Warring Sta
    tes period, Fukui prefecture was called Echizen country, and this area was territory of the Asakura clan. They built their capital
    town at Ichijodani, so if we call the name 'Ichijodani' it means the capital of the Asakura clan. Considering the Warri
    ng Sates period, the capitals [続きを読む]
  • Echizen-ono castle
  • A castle in the sky It is mystical that only main tower and its surroundings can see above a sea of clouds. Other areas are invisi
    ble, because a fog is hanging low across. It's a vision you can see very few times a year. ?From a poster of Ono city Someo
    ne says it's a 'Castle in the Sky'. There are several 'Castles in the Sky' in Japan, and the most famous
    one is Takeda castle in Hyogo prefecture, [続きを読む]
  • Swordsmith of Katana
  • At Seki swordsmithing museum. The gist is follows:1. Swordsmithing by Katana Kaji or Japanese swordsmith. 2. Other professionals&a
    pos; work manufacturing Japanese sword3. We joined experiential learning of swordsmithing and...4. Swords are the most important w
    epon in Japan. And there are several manufacturing districts. Seki is one of them and is influential...Japanese swordsmithing
    by a traditiona [続きを読む]
  • Armed priests
  • Our travel journal visiting Hieizan Enryaku-ji temple (birthplace of armed priests). The gist is as follows:1. Historical assesmen
    t of peculiar priests ( "Armed priests" who were called "Sou-hei").2. Buildings and atmosphere inside Hiei
    zan Enryaku-ji temple, one of World Heritage Sites in Japan.3. Hiyoshi-taisha shrine which was deeply connected with Hieizan.
    ??To-do In some periods, [続きを読む]
  • Inuyama festival
  • Our travel journal visiting Inuyama Festival. The gist is as follows:1. An overview of Inuyama Festival2. Dedication of Karakuri d
    olls' attraction as the main daytime event 3. The nighttime event completely different from the daytime one 4. When and how i
    t has begunInuyama Festival is a traditional Japanese festival held at Sat. and Sun. of the 1st week of April. The main attraction
    is the parade [続きを読む]
  • Kanazawa castle
  • Our journal visiting famous Kanazawa Castle in Hokuriku district. The gist is as follows:1. The inside of famous Kanazawa Castle2.
    The atmosphere of Kanazawa city3. Transport facilities from Osaka to Kanazawa 4. Things we felt visiting famous Kenrokuen garden
    ? Hishi-yaguraKanazawa Castle is the most famous and magnificent castle in the sea of Japan side. Most battles of the Sengoku era
    occurred a [続きを読む]
  • Ninja Mansion 3
  • Our journal visiting the Ninjya temple in Kanazawa city. The gist is as follows:1. Why this temple is called the Ninja temple?2. T
    he inside of the Ninja temple3. Is it true that this temple was a hideout of the Lord of Kanazawa Castle? ?The entrance of Myory
    u-jiMyoryu-ji is a Ninja temple in Kanazawa city. Inside of this temple, there are very many staircases and also separated many sm
    all rooms. [続きを読む]
  • Nagoya castle
  • Our journal visiting Nagoya Castle biggest in Toukai district. The gist is as follows:1. The reconstructed Hon-maru Goten same as
    the original. (Walls are decorated with drawings rich in real gold)2. The main tower reconstructed by SRC. (Facade is same as
    the original.) Newly replicated sliding doors Nagoya Castle has the great main tower and the residence of the Lord. These are bo
    th reconst [続きを読む]
  • Kakegawa castle
  • Kakegawa Castle is in front of the station where is the next Shinkansen train's station from Shizuoka to Shin-Osaka. Kakegawa
    city is located at approximately 250 kilometers east of Osaka city. To say another word, it's a halfway between Osaka and To
    kyo. This city is a typical rural city and has a population of about 120,000. And feature of this city is the fact that it used to
    be the castle-town [続きを読む]
  • Sumpu castle
  • Sumpu Castle is?Sumpu Castle was a unique castle because of its location and aim. So, we want to focus on its peculiarity. Suvival
    s are the main compound and Ninomaru compound surrounded by stone walls and wide moats but there is no original wooden building. T
    atsumi tower"Tatsumi tower" was reconstructed in 1989, "Higashigomon gate" in 1996, and "Hitsujisaru towe
    r" in 2014. These buildings were ma [続きを読む]
  • Sengoku battle ship
  • Battle ships in the Sengoku period There was no organized navy but only pirates in the Sengoku period. These pirates mainly fought
    naval battles as Japanese navy. And roughly speaking, Japanese pirates were separated in two groups who plundered the coastal are
    a of China and the Korean Peninsula, and who collected transit duties from merchant's ships which passed through the Inland S
    ea of Japan. Ba [続きを読む]
  • Fukuchiyama castle
  • Western region of Kyoto is mountains after mountains which aren't steep and high but endless. In this mountainous region, the
    re is the Fukuchiyama city which is one of the central cities in this district, and unique Fukuchiyama castle is there. Fukuchiya
    ma castle main towerWe already visited 4 castles among 12 remained Japanese castle towers, then we want to mention this castle, it
    's not one amon [続きを読む]
  • Inuyama castle
  • This article is short travel literature visiting Inuyama castle in which the oldest national treasure castle is studied in several
    ways. However, we're afraid that this basis is rather invalid to be the oldest one among the early modern castles.Inuyama ca
    stleMain tower of Inuyama castle is considered as the oldest of intact Japanese castle-towers. Nevertheless, its appearance doesn&
    apos;t make us feel [続きを読む]
  • Temples of Shogunate 3
  • For a straterIn this series, we explored several Zen temples as "Temples of Shogunate in Kyoto". These temples were in d
    eep association with Ashikaga shogunate which was established at Kyoto. Daitoku-ji temple and Shokoku-ji temple are this time&apos
    ;s target. What's different with temples we visited before?Karamon of DaitokujiOur way is to concentrate on one group of temp
    les which were related to Ashi [続きを読む]
  • Sight words: Cuisine
  • Mackerel sushiWe thought to write something when we had visited a certain famous Zen-temple in Kyoto.There was a Soba restaurant w
    hich building was exposed concrete at the corner of the crossing near the main entrance of the temple. Just entered it because we
    intended to eat at different place from always. Stood in front of the main door. Inside was dark. So we were afraid that it was cl
    osed today [続きを読む]
  • Sight words: Iga city
  • Sight words below might be obsolete words for young Japanese. But these are connected with Japanese history, so there is no loss i
    n your knowing these words. fig.1 A-da-u-chiWe found this word at Kagiya-no-tsuji in Iga city. If you are a big fan of Japan'
    s period dramas, you already understand what we want to say."A-da-u-chi" means revenge by killing the person killed your
    lord or nearest relation [続きを読む]
  • Ninja Mansion 2
  • Ninja separated into many groups. Then, do you know the most famous Ninja group?You can find the answer from this article. Iga Ninja?This time, we'll talk about Iga Ninja. Let us jump to the conclusion, this area's property caused to produce Iga Ninja. Visiting Kouka, we found it was an area where is the mouth of a narrow basin. If you wanted to go there in the old time, you would start Kyoto and [続きを読む]
  • Ninja Mansion 1
  • We serch, visit and explore a real Ninja mansion. Furthermore, we investigate the real role of the Ninja in Japanese history.Kouga
    NinjaWe think the Ninja was told so much biased and tremendous images. Where the real Ninja was born and what kind of roles he pl
    ayed in Japanese history? If we are questioned 'what Ninja is like,' we will explain as belows:Ninja mansion in Kouka ci
    tyFirstly, he was a [続きを読む]
  • Temples of Shogunate 2
  • "Myoshin-ji"We went to "Myoshin-ji" taking a JR line. JR Saga-arashiyama station is east of "Tenryu-ji&qu
    ot; in 10 minutes walking. Hanazono station, our next getting off point is two stations away in the direction of Kyoto station. Th
    e fare is 190 yen for 1 adult.Leaving the north entrance of it, we walked several minutes along the broadway in front of it to the
    east. And we found a three forked road, [続きを読む]
  • Temples of Shogunate 1
  • The Shogunate in KyotoKyoto city is famous as an ex-capital of Japan, but in reality it has another historical aspect. It's a
    position as a center of a samurai government?. Only few Japanese come to their mind that Kyoto once was a center of a Shogunate
    . To remember it, they need to be pointed out the fact. By the way where was "Bakufu" or a shogunate? And what was the n
    ame of the Shogunate in Ky [続きを読む]
  • Matsumoto castle
  • Matsumoto castle is the most beautiful one in Japan. There's no comparison among other Japanese castles. And for the visiters
    from all over the world, it is also obvious. This castle doesn't have minimum site for saying a castle area. We think this r
    esult makes domestic people a little angry. In Matsumoto castle site, there is only beautiful main tower and main compound. Matsum
    oto castle main towe [続きを読む]
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