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  • Pinball Museum/ピンボール博物館
  • Las Vegas heat is defeating us. ?? So we decided to check out this place called “pinball museum”. It was recommended by a Michael’s colleague. It’s supposed to be a lot of fun and there is no admission fee. Hey, kind of like Smithsonian “museums”. ?? ラスベガスの暑さ(43.5C) に完全に負けているもーちゃん一家です。じゃあ、涼しい所に行こうって言うんで、旦那の同僚に勧められた「ピンボール博物 [続きを読む]
  • Japan vs. Belgium in Las Vegas
  • Good try, Japan! 日本チーム、残念! We were walking around Las Vegas but it was so hot that we decided to go inside the C
    aesar Place. We found a bar area with a bunch of comfortable seats with huge screens playing the Japan-Belgium game. So we decided
    to sit down and watch. What do you know? Japan scores the second goal! I haven’t really been watching any World Cup games but i
    t was super exciting [続きを読む]