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  • My Ideal Old House 友達の新しいお家を訪問。 in Japan
  • Morning morning from Port Elizabeth.My Japan blog continues...My hometown friend, let's call her Helen here (She would be lik
    e 'what?' if she knew I named her Helen), just moved into a new rental house and I had a chance to visit her new Queendo
    m ??Her previous place was amazing, but this one is also fantastic!Not just the coziness that the house and little bits she ow
    ns give, but the price of [続きを読む]
  • Coffee, Coffee, and Bitter Melon Tea お茶の時間 in Japan
  • Happy weekend!It's the second Saturday since I got back in Port Elizabeth.It's always sunny here. I can see and feel tha
    t summer is coming.I will post a few more blogs about my short Japan visit for a while.週末です、こんにちは!今日で
    なと実感する日々。しばらくは日本の一時帰国についてのブログを書こうと思います。P [続きを読む]
  • A Short Visit to Japan 日本に一時帰国2018年9月 今年はキノコが豊作
  • Hello hello hello!It has been forever, oh my goodness.Where have I been? hahaLet me explain....I was sick for a week and had a job
    that was very close to the dead-line and had to fly back home for a short visit due to my visa expiring.And now I am back in Port
    Elizabeth wooohooo!お久しぶりです!こんにちは。もう最後にブログ書いたのはいつだろうか。って
    いうくらいあっという間に10月も中盤。1週間くら [続きを読む]
  • Weekend Breakfast #4 週末の朝ごはん④
  • Happy Sunday!Yes, I know we talked about Keto diet yesterday.What happens now.....back to our sweet breakfast ??This is our life! haha日曜日です、こんにちは。昨日Ketoダイエットについて話したばかり。そう、なのに。すでにこれ。パンケーキの朝ごはん(笑) As usual, we don't have much food left in the kitchen and found some oranges and bananas....Okay, pancake time.Oranges go into the sauce.Bananas go [続きを読む]
  • Weekend Breakfast #3 週末の朝ごはん③
  • Happy weekend everyone!I know I say this all the time, but a week fly by so quickly.Weekends are just great!Here is to a nice star
    t of Saturday.Food makes everybody happy :)Unlike our usual sweet breakfasts...this breakfast was something savoury. こんにち
    に年をとっていくー。週末ってほんといいですよね。朝ゆっくり [続きを読む]
  • What I eat at home #3 おうちごはん③
  • Hello.My food diary again.Easy lazy simple always.おはようございます!またまたおうちごはん日記。簡単でぐうたらなレシピ(笑)Meal #1一個目・・・Roasted sweet potatoes with miso butter on top & Stir-fried broccoli and sardinesNot a great looking dish, I know hehe.But simple and tasty.蒸かしたさつまいもに味噌バターをのせたものアンチョビとブロッコリー炒め見た目はなんじゃこりゃ?だけ [続きを読む]
  • IRONMAN World Championship トライアスロンの世界大会 in Port Elizabeth
  • Helloooooooo!Wfff it's been a while since I last posted a blog about something.I haven't even been studying and just wor
    king and doing house work...not good.Time flies like a bullet train!こんにちは!ほんっとにあっという間に時間
    ることになったり、家の掃除や洗濯などいろいろで全く勉強が進んでいないー(汗)So, maybe [続きを読む]
  • Weekend Breakfast #2 週末の朝ごはん②
  • Good morning from Port Elizabeth.I'll continue with what we have for breakfast on the weekends because I've run out of topics ??おはようございます。 ネタがないので、昨日に引き続き週末中に週末の朝ごはんシリーズ続けたいと思います(笑)The other weekend, we wanted to have some crepes, and all I could find in the kitchen that was possible to turn into something was two bananas.Wish we had whipped cr [続きを読む]
  • Weekend Breakfast #1 週末の朝ごはん①
  • Happy weekend!Whoa, finally!I am still under the weather since last week and hopefully all the problems will clear out very soon.M
    y week contained with more online jobs and it really feels good to make money.You feel your worth seriously.I always wonder, what
    do people eat for breakfast on weekends?Sure, weekdays are hectic because everybody has to get to work, so they may have random bi
    ts to eat, [続きを読む]
  • Brioche 外での朝ごはん What to Eat in Port Elizabeth
  • Hello!The other Sunday, my bf and I went to have breakfast at this cute looking place called Brioche in Walmer, Port Elizabeth.We
    would pass by this restaurant all the time, and he had his eye on it the whole time. Finally, time to go to the "white and re
    d place".こんにちは。結構前の日曜日ですが(笑)、リスさんと私はポートエリザベスのウォ
    ルマーというエリアにあるBrioche(ブリオシュ)という可愛い感 [続きを読む]
  • Cleaning the Garage ガレージの掃除
  • Helloooooo.Now that I found a few online jobs, I'm falling off the wagon of posting blogs everyday.Oh well, this poor lady needs to make monaaaay!こんにちは。ちょっと前まで毎日のように書いていたから、なんだかブログを書くのが久しぶりな気がする。この間のブログに書きましたが、オンラインでできる仕事をちらほら見つけてやっているので、ブログを書く時間がなくなったのです(笑)単純、シンプル。貧乏人はお金を [続きを読む]
  • The Lunch Box Fridays 金曜日はお弁当の日
  • Fridaaaaaay!Fortunately my bf gets free lunch at work from Monday to Thursday every week.Lucky him, I wish I could have ready-to-e
    at lunch for me too hehe.I don't think it's common in all South African companies, but his company is very family-orient
    ed.So, I prepare his lunch only Fridays and always want to make it somewhat like a mysterious lunch box ?? If he tries to pee
    k through what I'm mak [続きを読む]
  • お金がないので仕事をみつけるぞ!&日本から持ってきたいもの
  • こんにちは。日本はお盆の真っ只中ですね!いつの間に。今日のブログは日本語のみ。これといって理由はないです(笑)今の南アフリカ滞在は日本人ならビザ申請なくもらえる観光ビザ3ヶ月間の予定。本当は国内で3ヶ月延長申請をして計6ヶ月間の滞在後に日本に一時帰国しようと思っていたのだけれども、けれども、いろいろ出てくる、出てくる、怠け者の甘さ(笑)甘さその①ソフトバンクのiPhoneのSIMをアンロックするのを忘れていた [続きを読む]
  • Raasoie インド料理の日 What to Eat in Port Elizabeth
  • Hello!My bf and I love Indian food, so we like to explore and visit Indian restaurant when we find a nice (interesting) looking on
    e.We fell in love with this one vegetarian Indian restaurant called, Myra in Bangkok, Thailand.My gosh, that was the bestest of be
    stest food that I've ever had in my entire life. I am not kidding!If you have a chance to visit Bangkok and have some spare
    time for trying [続きを読む]
  • Upcycling...What? たった3時間の命。
  • Konnichiwa!Yesterday, I posted a blog about my new drink, iced rooibos tea at home.We went to a CRAZY store to look for a bottle t
    o keep rooibos tea in the fridge and got a nice looking glass bottle for R19.99 ($1.50), very cheap.こんにちは。昨日は新
    ルイボスティーを冷蔵庫に入れて保存しておきたかったので、その専用 [続きを読む]
  • Home-made Drink #1 自家製ドリンク①
  • Howzit?(What's up? in South African English)I think that I love to drink more than I love to eat (when I say "drink"
    ;, I mean: soft drink, not alcohol)I get thirsty all the time to the point where my friends get worried about me and I'm know
    n as a very thirsty woman (Sounds bad ??) in my friends' circle.Being in South Africa, I get to drink as much Rooibos tea
    as I want because it's pretty expens [続きを読む]
  • Time to Exercise! そろそろ運動しましょうか
  • Good morrrrning!My blogs have been always about cooking, eating, and stuff....woo stuffed....I think it's time to "talk&
    quot; about exercise ??My bf used to weigh like a super skinny boy and he loves to hike and weight-lift.Me? Exercise?(coughs)W
    hat is exercise? I am far from those active gym enthusiasts out there.おはようございます。私のブログはいつも何
    かしら食べ物に関することになっていますよね。そ [続きを読む]
  • Homemakers Expo 無料券を無駄にしなかった日
  • Hello!We always miss out on free stuff, but this time, we made it!!Well, it was mainly because my bf's company was a particip
    ant of the event.Of course we intended to go and take a look, and say hi to his co-workers.It was very nice of them to provide him
    a complimentary ticket for me as well.It is usually about R50 ($3.70) for entrance and the same expo is also held in Pretoria, Jo
    'burg, and Cape [続きを読む]